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Zelos Hammerhead 2

A good watch on your wrist is as important as any other item in your EDC. It should be reliable, built to last, and functional for your needs. Zelos’ update to their popular Hammerhead model improves on an already solid dive watch, making it even better with some thoughtful tweaking. Tested to withstand up to a whopping 1000m of water pressure, this helium-escape valve-loaded dive watch is ready for practically anything you can throw at it. With the Hammerhead 2, Zelos achieved a technological and design first for the watch industry as well, making it a unique and compelling addition to your EDC.

Zelos stood out from other watch brands by using real meteorite in their watch dials. But with the Hammerhead 2, they’ve made the first watch ever to feature a rotating timer bezel made with real meteorite. In addition to the meteorite, the Hammerhead 2 has an impressive set of specs to match. The cushion-shaped 316L Stainless Steel or CUSN8 Bronze case is precision machined for sharp transitions between the case’s angular bevels. The gasket seals, crown design, and helium escape valve will let you take the Hammerhead 2 down to impossible depths of 1000M—able to handle further than you'd ever dive. On the case, you’ll find a mix of brushed and sandblasted finishes, giving it an interesting visual appeal that looks unlike any other watches in the price range. The time is easy to read, thanks to a chunky, yet modern set of hands that are treated with alternating C3 and BGW9 luminous paint - the industry standard for a bright and long lasting glow.

Inside the watch, you’ll find a reliable and affordable Seiko NH-32 movement, or for a slight premium, a higher quality ETA 2892 Swiss movement. Protecting the dial and everything inside, there’s a high domed sapphire crystal that has an inner anti-reflective coating to increase legibility. The 44mm case will have some serious presence on the wrist, but the 48mm lug-to-lug distance keeps the size in check so it won’t overhang on most wrists.

In a sea of bland divers, the Hammerhead 2 really stands out as something new, modern, and different. You can pick up your own Zelos Hammerhead 2 at the link below, starting at a rather reasonable $369, going up to $799 for the fully decked out meteorite version with upgraded movement.

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This is a sponsored post presented by Zelos Watches.

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3 Holiday Gift Ideas from Kershaw for the Knife Nut on Your List

Even if you like giving practical gifts, you can do a lot better than a new sweater or a pair of socks this holiday season. Any gear enthusiast on your list can appreciate a new EDC knife to carry, use and admire every day. And this year’s offerings from Kershaw are sure to please. Kershaw produces innovative models year after year, both award-winning Kershaw Originals, as well as collaborations with respected knife designers. In this quick gift guide we’re highlighting three of our favorites from this year for their premium materials, unique features, and storied design appeal.

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His Dark Materials II
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Dango D007 Goldfinger Limited Edition

When the occasion calls for you to suit up, it’s all about putting together the smartest ensemble of gear. And when it comes to sophisticated and functional wallets, Dango's multi-function cardholders have always filled that niche. Their latest release, fittingly named the D007 Goldfinger, takes it to the next level with a compelling combination of luxe aesthetic a secret spy would love and gadget utility that keeps your essentials and ideas both close at hand and sleekly secured. All in a compact form factor that's sure to make a stylish statement in any gentleman's pocket.

The D007 has all the elegant hallmarks of a wallet befitting a super spy. The polished gold anodized aluminum chassis provides an exotic accent to the wallet’s exterior, especially when set against its plush, jet black leather bifold section with 4 pockets, each holding up to 4 cards. The D007 uses Dango’s signature silicone strap for securing its contents on its chassis side, while mil-spec stainless steel bolts ensure the integrity of its construction. Adding even more utility to the leather section are its special slots for the Dango pen and P01 Notes mini notebook. It’s the perfect addition to your wallet, especially when immediate recording of ideas and details is all part of the day’s work.

The pen itself is machined in the USA from 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum, anodized for maximum resilience and given a polished gold finish to match the D007’s chassis. It takes the robust Schmidt 4889M pressurized ink refill which allows writing in even the harshest environments and extreme conditions, sized right for integrating into the wallet. But a pen is only as good as the surface it writes on, and the Dango notebook makes the most out its space in the D007. Each notebook is handmade with stitch binding for flexibility and durability, with a natural finish card-stock cover to protect its pages.

Whether you’re a world-class agent intelligence gathering for a mission or simply making the most out of your everyday essentials, the Dango D007 Goldfinger Limited Edition Wallet is the utility gadget you should never leave home without. Learn more and pick one up from Dango at the link below.

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Last Day in the Office Before Vacation Carry
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My All Black EDC.
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Gift the Perfect Knife for the Holidays with MyDeejo

The best tools are not the expensive items you left on your bedside table, it’s the gear that you have right now in your pocket. Deejo knows that an EDC knife is only useful if its there when you need it, which is why it prides itself on their ultralight knives. The barebones aesthetic of the Deejo knives are for more than looks, and they’re known for being easy to use, easy to pocket, and easy to make the perfect custom gift thanks to MyDeejo.

When you get a Deejo knife, you get the option to completely customize it right down to the “tattoo” design on the blade. Want a lighthouse on your blade? You can do that with the click of a button. Or you can keep it simple with just a small personal engraving on the blade—it’s all up to you. The blade options aren’t the only parts that are customizable either. You can choose from a selection of different materials for the handle including wood or carbon fiber, as well as different blade materials like black-out titanium. Whatever knife you’d like to make, there’s a MyDeejo option for you.

Designing your own knife is just the beginning, since they’re meant to be used and not kept in their box. The skeletonized design makes it super lightweight and easy to carry, with the smallest option weighing 15 grams while the largest weighs in at 37 grams. The 3.7” stainless steel blade is a great size for EDC too, giving you plenty of edge to let you slice through what you need whether you’re in a suit or sweats. Its curved design helps you maintain complete control throughout the cut, and the secure liner lock keeps any accidents from happening.

But MyDeejo isn't just about building an ideal knife for yourself. There's nothing that makes an excellent gift more than giving something useful to your loved ones, especially when it's tailor-made to their style and preferences. By building them something special, something nostalgic, and meaningful, it's a great way to show you care. And with all the options available for a Deejo knife, it's the best way to build something extra thoughtful for a perfect present.

Whether you’re looking to gift someone a new heirloom with a meaningful design or want to treat yourself to something that’s entirely your own, the MyDeejo custom knives are a great option. From decking out your own viking-inspired knife or keeping it minimal with your favorite saying, your knife carries your story. Hit up the link below to start building it out for yourself.

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3 US-Made Essentials to Level Up Your EDC

3 US-Made Essentials to Level Up Your EDC

In an emergency situation, access to two types of light are essential: a flashlight to see you through when the sun goes down, and fire for the most dire survival scenarios. But to truly be prepared for the situation at hand, you'll need quick access to both options, including a solid grip on your light, plenty of extra batteries nearby, and ensuring you have fire when you need it most. In the dark, the last thing you'll want is to drop your light or have to rummage through your pack for fresh batteries, and a dried up lighter is dead weight.

That's why Thyrm designed their products to give your emergency setup that extra edge when it matters most. Their CellVault battery cases make it much easier to carry spare batteries, SwitchBack flashlight rings grant fast, secure access to your EDC light, and their PyroVault ensures your favorite lighter always has fuel in the tank. All of their products are made in the USA from premium high-impact plastics with some thoughtful design that easily integrates and matches your EDC.

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