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Gatorz Delta Series Tactical Sunglasses

Spring has sprung and with sunny weather in our forecast, it’s important to have a quality pair of sunglasses for everyday carry. It’s easy to see the benefits of wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes from harsh glare and UV rays from the sun, but you might’ve given up on EDCing a pair after having a few pairs break on you in the past. In that case, you’ll want a high-quality pair of sunglasses that look great and are built to last like the rest of your everyday carry gear. That’s where the new Delta series of sunglasses from Gatorz delivers: they’re a versatile pair of sunglasses built with military-grade material made for tactical situations, but still look good and perform well whether you’re exercising, running errands, or out on the range.

Unlike most sunglasses, a pair of Gatorz Delta sunglasses has more than just high fashion in mind. It starts with a frame that’s made out of military-grade aluminum and fully adjustable for a comfortable fit that won’t get annoying even if you don’t take them off for most of the day. There’s also the impact-resistant lenses made to take hits from hot brass at the rifle range or small pebbles while you’re on a motorbike. In every regard, the Gatorz Delta sunglasses are made to keep up with a highly-active lifestyle.

But unlike a lot of more “tactical” sunglasses out there, the Gatorz Delta sunglasses have a fun and casual practical-to-tactical look that works well for your weekend excursions, whatever they may be. The unisex design makes them a great option for everyone, and there’s a wide range of lens tints and frame colors to pick from. We especially like the high-contrast sunburst polarized lenses with the matte black frames as they’re perfect for a beach day.

So whether your travels take you downrange or downtown, check out Gatorz new line of Delta sunglasses. They boast made-in-the-USA quality,  come with a lifetime warranty, and great looks to boot. Buy a pair for yourself today at the link below.

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This is a sponsored post presented by Gatorz.

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StatGear Hygiene Hand

Now more than ever it’s important to avoid touching high-contact surfaces like door handles, elevator buttons, and payment terminals with your bare hands. That’s because all it takes is accidentally touching your face to put you at risk of infection. And access to hand sanitizer or a hand washing station can be limited in these trying times. The team at StatGear knows this firsthand as they’re based in New York City, an area hit especially hard by the coronavirus outbreak. That’s why they’re returning to Kickstarter with their latest creation, the Hygiene Hand. It’s a clever keychain solution that can help you handle high-contact surfaces while minimizing exposure to germs and viruses. If you’re looking for ways to switch up your EDC to protect yourself and others while practicing social distancing and quarantining, adding the StatGear Hygiene Hand to your kit can come in, well, handy.

StatGear has a long history of developing and delivering quality EDC products via crowdfunding, and their new Hygiene Hand was developed as a result of their company being located right at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in New York City. The StatGear Hygiene Hand is a keychain tool made out of brass, which is inherently antimicrobial unlike other materials like stainless steel where viruses can thrive for days on end. You should still wash the tool, and your hands, thoroughly after use because it’s not an end-all and be-all solution to prevent you from getting sick.

But with the hook design of the Hygiene Hand, you can at least avoid direct contact with door handles and call buttons. And because the tool has a stylus tip, you can use it on touchscreens like on ATM and point of sale terminals when you have to go out to run errands for yourself and the ones you love. The StatGear Hygiene Hand’s utility isn’t just limited to a pandemic situation, either. You can keep it with you for the years to come when you just don’t want to touch surfaces in grimy situations. And because the brass composition of the tool will develop an attractive patina over time, you can see it as a memento to remind yourself that you got through such a momentous time in human history by having the right everyday carry tools on hand.

To secure a Hygiene Hand for yourself today, you can make a pledge to StatGear’s fully-funded Kickstarter today at the link below.

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This is a sponsored post presented by StatGear.

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Trending: Böker Plus Gnome

Trending: Böker Plus Gnome

For this week’s Fixed Blade Friday, we focus on a diminutive knife made by Danish custom knifemaker Jesper Voxnaes, known for his distinct design language and collaborations with EDC brands. The Böker Plus Gnome is a compact and classy neck knife that, even at just 4" long overall, delivers plenty of utility and performance for EDC.

The contoured handles provide a comfortable two-finger grip, thanks to the large finger choil that helps you control the knife while in use. The scales themselves are shaped from Micarta combined with red fiber inner layers for a bit of contrast and style. The Gnome’s 2" satin-finished sheepsfoot-style blade is useful for light cutting and slicing tasks, and the 440C stainless steel it’s ground gives it high resistance to wear and corrosion—perfect for a knife that you’ll likely be having on you at all times. The included Kydex sheath protects the blade and lets you loop in cord to make this a neck knife or to mount it on your gear. At 2 ounces, the Böker Plus Gnome is a tiny companion you wouldn’t mind taking along for those times that you need a small but reliable edge on hand. Check it out at the link below.

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