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Aviator Slide Wallet

Ditching an old, bulky back-pocket bifold wallet is usually at the front of your mind when you’re starting to upgrade your EDC essentials. But making the leap to a more minimalist front-pocket wallet can be harder than you might think. For starters, the sheer amount of options you have to consider are legion. And even more troublesome is the fact that most slim wallet designs actually sacrifice more than carrying capacity: they’re just plain hard to use every day. But from every difficult situation often comes innovation. Take the newly-updated Aviator Slide wallet, for example, which gives you a practical wallet that’s slim and sleek, and with the ergonomics that make it a joy to use, and not a hassle.

The new Aviator Slide adds a convenient pull-tab to their handy card slide design. This lets you pull and fan out up to 20 standard-sized payment and identification cards without having to fumble around. And unlike with other wallets, the metal panel design sandwiched together with a secure elastic strap (that doubles as a cash holder) ensures that none of your cards fall out accidentally. There’s even a dedicated compartment for coins for added convenience.

Another thing that sets the Aviator Slide apart is its immense customizability. There 650 different options available for you to pick from when you customize your own design to suit your needs. For example, you can pick the material of your choice when it comes to the core of the wallet, with options available for aircraft-grade aluminum, titanium, and lightweight carbon fiber. With any choice, however, you benefit from quality German engineering and handmade precision manufacturing, giving you a highly-personalized wallet that’s as aesthetic and luxurious as it is practical in daily use.

With such a rich feature set paired with a beautiful design, and Aviator’s commitment to craftsmanship with a lifetime warranty, the Slide makes a strong and unique contender for your next EDC wallet. Click the link below to customize your own Aviator Slide, and you can enjoy free shipping worldwide as an added bonus.

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Good Ink pen made by Camlin
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Seven Light carry
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Tactile Turn Side Click

Just about everyone loves a good clicky ballpoint pen for everyday carry. Aside from its practicality, the click mechanism represents a bit of fidgety fun you can have as you go about your business. But while you’re sure to be familiar with the standard rear-click pen, you might find it interesting to know that side click pen mechanisms exist too. With these great EDC pens, the side placement of the click mechanism makes for easy actuation without having to completely change your grip on the pen. The new Tactile Turn Side Click Pen features an ultra-snappy all-metal side click pen design that’s entirely made in Texas, making it a sleek, solid new addition to your stationery EDC.

Like all of Tactile Turn’s line of everyday carry pens, the Side Click maintains the elegant, simple, and sleek minimal lines that the brand and chief designer Will Hodges is known for. Similar to their highly-successful Bolt Action Pen, the Side Click actuates as it sounds, via a click mechanism on its side. Unlike off-the-shelf click mechanisms though, the Side Click’s is made entirely of metal, giving it a satisfying snappiness in click response when deploying the pen. Like the internals the exterior of the pen is made of metal, and it’s available in three premium materials: titanium, copper, bronze, and zirconium.

It’s also available in the length of your choice, from the standard 5.8 inch long model all the way down to a smaller 4.6 inch everyday carry mini note taker. If you’re looking to add a unique touch of flair, you can get the clip upgraded to a snazzy titanium Damascus attached to the body with two Torx screws for a secure fit. Custom engraving available on either side of the pen allows you to make it your own. And as far as actual use for writing, the addictive click mechanism and the wide variety of compatible ink cartridges makes the Side Click a joy to use.

The high-quality innovative Side Click is more than your next daily driver EDC pen, it’s built to last and passed on to the future. But while you have it in your hands, you’ll have a blast writing with it and fidgeting with the side click mechanism for years to come. Check out more details about what makes the Tactile Turn Side Click pen so unique and well-suited for your own set of everyday carry gear and buy one today at the link below.

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Uniform Pocket Dump
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There are affordable knives, there are high-performing knives, and there are knives that look just that good. It’s always a treat for EDCers when those three paths intersect, and the CIVIVI Dogma is one of those knives that lies at the crossroads. It’s a value-packed liner-locking flipper that features distinct aesthetics and smooth ceramic bearing performance in an affordable package. Combined with a long-wearing D2 steel blade, this new-tech-meets-old-school-looks design is a solid choice for your next EDC knife.

The Dogma’s 3.5" long satin-finished blade snaps out via flipper tab and achieves smooth deployment and retraction thanks to the ceramic ball bearings in the pivot. Once out, you’re treated to a Bowie blade that’s hollow ground from D2 steel. The steel choice gives it a tough and wear resistant edge that can hold its sharpness for a long time, while the design and grind gives the blade good slicing performance. A small elongated cutout on the blade gives it a visual accent that fits well with the knife’s bold design, whether open or closed.

There’s ample space for a good grip on the 4.25" long handle, adorned on both sides with textured and machined G-10 scales that resemble old school knife designs that used to have wooden handles and metal bolsters at the pivot. Instead of those materials though, it’s G-10 through and through, accented by the familiar CIVIVI logo on the showside pivot. The whole handle design gives this modern EDC flipper a classic flair and an aesthetic that distinguishes it from the rest.

When you’re done using the knife, disengaging the liner lock lets the blade drop shut with a smooth action thanks to its bearings. Tucking it into your pocket means engaging the deep-carry skeletonized pocket clip, attached to the scales with screws that are flush with the handle, preventing snags on clothing during stowing or retrieval. Because there are matching cutouts and screw holes on the other side, you can switch the clip over for ambidextrous carry.

The CIVIVI Dogma is a smooth-operating package with a drop-shut D2 blade at an affordable price. It’s a great first knife for the budding enthusiast, while also being a worthwhile addition to any collection. You can get it with four different colors for the G-10 handle scales: Black, Blue, Gray, and OD Green. Grab one via the link below.

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My 90s ThrowBack EDC! what's yours?
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Trending: Seiko Solar SNE329

Trending: Seiko Solar SNE329

With a 43mm wide stainless steel case and large markings on its sunray blue dial, the Seiko SNE329 brings a bold statement and a lot of wrist presence to the table. Taking the legibility of the military field watch aesthetic, it features prominent numbers and minute markings, all painted with luminous LumiBrite paint. A day/date window blends into the 3 o’clock marker, and slim sword-style hands further emphasize the oversized numerals that dominate the dial design. Together with the large luminous triangle at the 12 o’clock position, dial orientation with this timepiece is a breeze in the dark. The coin-edged bezel breaks up the large details, and provides a small visual highlight in the form of a triangle marker also at 12 o’clock. The SNE329 runs on Seiko’s own V158 movement, providing quartz accuracy while running off a rechargeable battery powered by photovoltaic cells. The brand’s own Hardlex crystal glass and a matching blue nylon strap round out the rest of the package. If you’re looking for a big and bold EDC watch that you don’t have to worry about batteries for, the Seiko Solar SNE329 delivers. Check it out at the link below.

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Dango EDC Tray

For the father with a good EDC setup but no real place to park all of it when he gets back home, or for the one just starting to build his own, wallet and EDC goods supplier Dango has a few items they have hand picked to cater well to all types of recipients for this coming Father’s Day. Between a desk accessory where he can store and show off his carry and essential accessories to help him carry smarter and better, we hope you’ll find the perfect gift for Dad below.

Foremost in their list is the EDC Tray with DTEX Pads. If your dad is one who believes in the adage: “a place for everything and everything in its place,” this would be right up his alley. This tough and durable aluminum tray is precision CNC-machined in the United States from solid billet, and gives Dad a place to unload his pocket payload at the end of the day. Four separate compartments provide dedicated spaces for his EDC essentials, letting him store and organize his pen, phone, wallet, watch, keys, and others in a neat and tidy way. Each compartment has a cut-to-fit removable DTEX pad that affords his gear some extra protection and cushioning, while the tray’s inherent heft and anti-slip rubber pads keeps all of it firmly in place and safe from accidental bumps in the night. Speaking of which, integrated cable management routing and cutouts maintain the organized and uncluttered look while he charges his gadgets overnight. With its sturdy build and industrial design, this solid catch-all is a great way to store and display his all of his cool EDC gear.

If Dad still has some gaping holes in his daily carry, what better to populate his Dango EDC Tray with than some cool everyday carry staples from the same brand? Here are some suggestions on what to fill his tray—and pockets—with, as a great start to an awesome EDC setup.

Dango Maverick M1 Rail Wallet: Highly functional and innovative wallets are what put Dango on the map, and the Maverick M1 Rail Wallet presents a new minimalist take on the traditional badge or ID holder. It can hold up to 9 cards with its combination of an RFID protected back cavity for sensitive cards, and a quick-release mechanism on the front that makes it easy to access and present others—such as badges, IDs, building access cards, or public transit cards. A silicone band helps keep everything together, and lets Dad carry loose cash or some additional cards in an easily accessible way.

Dango Chassis Clip (For all M1 Wallets): This accessory clip screws securely onto the chassis of their M-series wallets, expanding capacity by holding up to 10 bills folded in half, and increasing functionality by providing a bottle opener and the ability to attach your wallet to you belt or bag strap, thus providing quick access to your cash and cards. This makes it a perfect complement for the intended use of the M1 Rail Wallet, and is an easy upgrade that makes your Father’s Day gift instantly better.

Dango Capsule Wide: This waterproof and food-safe container lets Dad easily carry and organize small everyday items like medication, spare keys, loose change, memory cards, and mints. At 58mm wide and 21mm thick, it’s small yet spacious enough for some first aid essentials or even some fishing bait and small outdoor gear, should Dad be more adventure-inclined. The removable stainless steel clip and integrated loophole provide multiple carry options, letting this multi-purpose storage capsule clip onto a belt or bag strap, be easier to retrieve via an attached lanyard, or get secured onto other gear using tethers or slings.

Dango Coin Capsule: This very modern take on the classic coin carrier or purse lets Dad carry up to $5.44 in a combination of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. The handy 60mm x 27mm aluminum container perfectly complements any of Dango’s sleek-looking wallets, and the integrated belt clip spares him from the now unnecessary pocket bulk and jangle, letting him carry his coins in an organized, accessible, and silent way.

Dango DV-01 Dive Watch: This stainless steel timepiece packs all the wrist presence a dignified man deserves, with its 45mm wide case, sapphire crystal, luminescent dial, and patented interchangeable lugs that let Dad easily swap bracelets and straps, tailoring the look to any occasion. Beyond aesthetics, the fully functional rotating bezel, 200 meters of water resistance, and a Swiss Ronda Quartz Movement that runs on a 45-month battery provide him with the performance to match.

Treat Dad (and maybe yourself as well) to a whole new EDC setup this Father's Day by taking advantage of a 20% savings on the Dango EDC Tray--as well as all the other goodies listed here--using the code FD20 on their website on checkout. Get started on the generosity with the link below.

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