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WESN Ti Microblade

The titanium flipper remains relevant to this day as a premium option due to its great combination of ease of use, light weight, and remarkable durability. Combining titanium’s great strength to weight ratio with the convenience of flipper deployment results in a fast and functional EDC knife. The WESN Ti Microblade offers a new take on the design that focuses on pocketabilty and portability, without losing functionality. It gives you the utility and practicality of having a readily accessible knife at a fraction of the weight, and in a package that’s the size of a house key. It’s a great way to always have a working knife on you, no matter where you go.

The petite, yet potent Microblade is 2.25" when closed, and 3.75" overall with the blade deployed. The EDC-friendly 1.5" blade is made of heat-treated AUS-8 stainless steel, known for its toughness, rust resistance, and ease of maintaining a razor-sharp edge. The drop-point shape gives you some belly for slicing, as well as a sturdy tip for piercing and precision work. On a shorter blade like this, having that prominent belly helps maximize cutting edge to work with, making it capable for quick slicing jobs despite it being on the smaller side. Its ultra-compact design and shorter blade length allows for unobtrusive carry even in places with stricter knife laws.

Deploying the blade is a snap with the small yet pronounced flipper tab, and you can also slow-roll using the stepped thumbstud when you want to be more discreet. When opened, a sturdy frame lock integrated into the Grade 5 Titanium handles keeps the blade locked in and secure. You have a lot of options for carrying the Microblade: the handle features a pocket clip, allowing you to secure it in your fifth jeans pocket, as well as a keychain hole that allows you to attach a lanyard for easy retrieval from inside your pockets, or a split ring so that you can integrate it with the rest of your keys.

The latest version of the Microblade features G10 handle scales in an OD Green colorway, providing some visual contrast to the warm-hued Gunmetal color used on the titanium framelock. The durable glass-reinforced resin features high impact strength, chemical and temperature tolerance, and provides a bit of texture for an enhanced grip.

At 1.0 ounce and with a compact form factor, the WESN Ti Microblade carries well as a fifth pocket knife, a keychain knife, or as a lightweight backup blade. It’s barely there when you don’t need it, yet the design and materials deliver high performance for when you do. Additionally, WESN’s Lifetime Warranty ensures that it remains that way. Check out the version with G10 handles, as well as other handle scale options, via the link below. Also, take advantage of the product code EDCXSHEATH for a free leather sheath when you get your own compact Microblade.

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Fenix E20 V2.0 EDC Flashlight

When it comes to EDCing a flashlight, having a balance between ease of use and a pocket-friendly design is key. And for some EDCers, simpler is better. Even with many modern day lights boasting programmable modes and uncommon battery cells, a no-frills, no-fuss light that works reliably can be just as effective, especially if you’re after a light you can depend on during an emergency. That’s what makes the updated Fenix E20 V2.0 EDC flashlight so special: it’s compact, thin, and lightweight, making it not a burden to bring around with you everyday in the pocket or bag of your choice. Its easy single tailswitch operation, and use of two normal AA alkaline batteries makes for a no-hassle, competent everyday carry light that you can count on.

Now in its second iteration, the new Fenix E20 V2.0 features a Luminus SST20 LED module that puts out a 350 lumen max light output that’s quite generous considering it’s designed to use two regular easily-found AA alkaline batteries. If you prefer to use rechargeable batteries, the light is also compatible with Ni-MH AA cells as well. The practical light output makes the Fenix E20 great for EDC utility and inspection use in the dark where other EDC lights might feel disorienting to use. The flashlight leverages an ultra-thin optical lens to spread emitted light into a useful manageable 85 degree angle beam out to a max throw of 413 feet.

Because the Fenix E20 uses a single reliable tail switch at the back of the light that’s rated for at least 100,000 actuations, operating the light is easy. The tailswitch turns the light on and off, and it also lets you cycle through four different brightness levels. This includes an eco mode that brings things down to a low 5 lumens for extended runtime when you need it.

At just 5" long and 0.68" in diameter at the head, the Fenix E20 feels similar to carrying a pen on your pocket, and it has a durable pocket clip that makes doing so pretty easy. And because the light is precision machined out of high quality 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum, it weighs in at just 1.48 ounces unloaded. With its IP68 rated water-resistance which allows the light to remain submerged for up to 30 minutes to a depth of 2 meters, it’s ready for the worst rain you can encounter on your travels both near and far.

It’s rare to see such a combo of easy carry options, simple operation, and reliable yet useful light output from an everyday carry flashlight, and it’s easy to see why the new Fenix E20 wowed fans at SHOT Show 2020. And now you can grab one of these great EDC LED flashlights for yourself today at the link below. First time customers can also save 20% using promo code EDCNEWMEMBER at checkout for a limited time only.

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Trending: Victorinox Compact

Trending: Victorinox Compact

The Victorinox Compact presents a refined option in their medium-sized 91mm format, and features 15 useful tools fit for out-and-about urban EDC. Its signature red Cellidor scales house the standard toothpick and tweezers on one side, as well as a small straight pin and a ballpoint pen on the other. Aside from the standard 2 3/8" blade, it also includes a pair of spring-loaded scissors, and it’s the thinnest of its mid-sized brethren to carry one. Also included are a combination can and bottle opener with integrated wire stripper and screwdriver functions, a corkscrew that combines with a detachable mini flathead screwdriver, and a parcel hook with a nail file on its spine. As usual, the mounted key ring counts as one of its functions, as it allows attachment to your key chain or tether. If you’re looking for urban EDC functionality in your SAK, the Victorinox Compact offers a compelling combination of tools for daily use. Check it out at the link below.

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Dango Capsule Wide

For most of us, each item in our EDC serves a clear purpose on its own: a knife for cutting, a pen for writing, a watch for telling the time, and so on. It makes sense to have these “main ingredients” in our EDCs as things we rely on every day — but what about all the other miscellaneous things we keep on us just in case? Nice-to-haves like extra batteries, spare change, or even medication can be hard to carry effectively, despite (or in some cases, because of) their small size. That’s why Dango devised their family of EDC-worthy Capsules, a set of sturdy containers dedicated to keeping your “smalls” in proper order. Whether it’s spare change for the parking meter, a spare key in case of a lockout, or even emergency matches you need to keep dry—if it’s small, chances are the Dango Capsule Family can store and protect it.

The newest addition to the Capsule Family sets itself apart from the more common pill-shaped containers with its wide and shallow form factor. This made-in-USA, food-safe, and waterproof container gives you a nifty way to carry and organize your small EDC items. Measuring 58mm x 21mm, it provides enough storage for a everyday items like a spare key, loose change, and mints. It’s also suitable as a go-anywhere container for emergency or outdoor gear like first aid essentials or even fishing bait for the more adventurous EDCers. Accessing your gear is a matter of simply twisting off its threaded screw-down lid. On the back, is removable stainless steel clip that lets you keep the Capsule Wide within easy reach—clipped onto your belt or the strap of your EDC pack. If you’re looking to let this settle in your pocket or in your bag, an integrated loop hole allows you to attach a lanyard, or secure it with a tether, ideally with one of Dango’s very own metal-clasped tethers or slings.

The Capsule Wide was also designed to be able to carry two of the regular-sized Capsules. At 13.5mm x 21.8mm, the Dango Capsule shares the same lightweight anodized 6061 Aluminum construction. They are food safe so you can carry pills or medicine, and are waterproof to 1000 feet to keep whatever you store safe and dry. This one closes with the Quad Loop Secure Cap that lets you tether it in different ways to your pack or gear, and Dango has thoughtfully included a Dual Loop to get you started. The Capsule family includes the upscaled Titanium Capsule, for those looking to get their EDC Ti fix, as well as the Capsule XL which ups the size to 19mm x 75mm, allowing you to carry backup cash, matches, charging cords, or—like the Capsule Wide—two regular Capsules for more storage and organization options.

It’s rapidly growing, but let’s not forget the original member of the family, the Coin Capsule. It’s a modern take on the coin carrier to complement your favorite minimalist wallet. This handy 60mm x 27mm aluminum container accommodates up to $5.44 in a combination of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. A belt clip and lanyard attachment point give you multiple ways to keep your coins handy, organized, and silent — no more pocket jangle.

All of the Capsule products are made in the USA and designed to be tough and easy to carry companions to help you bring all your small items everyday. You can get Dango’s new Capsule Wide in Satin Silver or Jet Black, with the option to include their Tether and Clip at the link below.

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Deal Alert: Limited Edition Olight Flashlights

Deal Alert: Limited Edition Olight Flashlights

If you need a solid flashlight with cutting edge features, simple and efficient interfaces, and options to suit your needs large and small, then Olight may have the perfect light for you. And rather than the plain old black colorways you would see in other lights, they’ve also made a point to regularly release limited edition colorways to add a big splash of color and unique aesthetic to your EDC. In today’s one-day sale, we’re taking a look at four of these lights, all of them on a deep discount and limited while supplies last. Read on below to check out the lights you can grab right now!

S1R II Baton

Olight's S1R II Baton in this striking purple colorway comes as an upgrade to their original S1R, a light made popular due to its convenient magnetic charging and intense output for a pocket flashlight. While it uses the same Cree XM-L2 LED as its predecessor and is also able to use a CR123A lithium primary, it now runs off of an included IMR 16340 rechargeable battery. You do lose some runtime due to the smaller capacity, but the S1R II is now able to push out a top end of 1000 lumens on Turbo Its 4 other modes, including a Low setting that gives 0.5 lumens up to 8 days and direct access to Strobe, is navigated with the S-series's tried-and-true single side button interface. It sports a new, more aggressive knurling, as well as the new 2-way clip Olight have been rolling out with their newer lights. Grab it by itself or with the I1R keychain light as a bundle.

Seeker 2 Pro

The Seeker 2 Pro Olight's first light to boast a 21700 battery, an upgrade to the usual 18650 battery in its class that lets the Seeker 2 Pro achieve this next-level performance. The Seeker 2 Pro's custom 21700 battery measures only a few millimeters larger than an 18650 cell, but it ups the capacity from 3600mAh to 5000mAh for much longer runtimes while keeping a sleek silhouette. Thanks to its battery's excellent capacity-to-size ratio, the Seeker 2 Pro stays compact at just over 5” in length. It's up for grabs in this limited edition Olight signature blue colorway, and you can opt to grab the AAA i5T in a limited Desert Tan as well.


Last but not least is Olight’s premiere tactical light, the PL-MINI 2, in this limited Valyrie Gunmetal Grey. It’s a compact rechargeable light with a 600-lumen output with an adjustable rail to fit a variety of platforms. It comes with a quick mount/detach system for ease of installation, and comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery to top up when you’ve used up its 60-minute runtime. The PL-MINI 2 also comes in a bundle with the i5T Desert Tan to round out your EDC.

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Trending: MecArmy CMP Ti Compass

Trending: MecArmy CMP Ti Compass

In an age when we have GPS functionality in our phones, it’s hard to justify bringing a traditional magnetic compass. But not all places have signal, and  you may not always have your smartphone on you, especially if your travels take you off-grid. Plus, if your compass is this handsome and handy, you’d find a way to take it with you everywhere. Light and compact at just 9 grams and 1.08 inches tall, the MecArmy CMP-2T Titanium EDC Compass makes for the perfect outdoor accessory. Encased in an IPX5-rated, teardrop-shaped body, this tiny compass is small, yet tough enough to include in your daily carry or as part of your survival kit. The D-shaped keyring at the top lets you easily attach it to your keychain, and you can also use it as a pendant with the included beaded necklace. Up front, the compass markers feature a luminous coating that glows in the dark for up to six hours after exposing it to a light source for one to three minutes. On the flip side, the caseback features MecArmy’s logo and branding engraved onto the CNC-machined titanium casing. Keeping this tiny compass on you, whether it’s on your neck, with your keys, or stowed away in your kit, will ensure you never lose your sense of direction during your adventures.

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