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Nodus Compact Coin Wallet

"A handsome alternative to open minimal wallets, Nodus‘ Italian leather wallet has an RFID-shielded zipper pocket that holds cards and cash, along with a coin pocket, a spare key pocket, and..." (via TheAwesomer)

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Gerber Edict Green

Gerber's original Edict was designed for the people who needed a tough knife for even tougher situations. First responders, military, and law-enforcement could make use of the Edict's heavy-duty materials and design for reliable performance in the field or during emergencies. By taking the original Edict's rugged fit and finish and tweaking it for everyday use, Gerber have refreshed and updated the knife to fit right at home in your EDC.

Two standout features remain in the new Edict: its hefty, high-performance blade, and its rubberized handles that give exceptional grip. Its 3.6” blade features Crucible 154CM steel, giving it excellent edge retention in a drop point shape more ideal for everyday tasks that need longer and more precise slices or cuts. The Edict's handles come with a lightweight FRN core wrapped in a diamond texture overmold to give it the extra grip for hardier cutting jobs. Dual thumbstuds and a lockback mechanism let these two parts come together in a robust whole, giving you a knife that can cut with the best of them from either hand.

And while the Edict is larger than the usual EDC knife, it's relatively light weight at 3.6 ounces. An included pocket clip and lanyard hole still let you EDC the knife in your pockets or strapped to your kit.

The Edict's a rugged knife made in the USA for the people who need it the most. Pick up the new green EDC Edict from the link below, and be sure to check out the original black Edict Tanto for more tactical needs.

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Back to College Essentials

Like it or not, summer is coming to a close and a new school year is right around the corner. Whether you’re a freshman venturing out on your own for the first time or a senior looking forward to graduation, now is a good time to start thinking about some of the essentials you might need. But why battle your way through the crowds of moms at the mall when you can skip the long lines and order everything from eBay straight to your door. It is 2017 right?

Luckily, eBay has everything from desks to backpacks and 68% of their items ship for free, so you can save some of your money for other things like expensive textbooks and ramen. In this back to school college we’ve gathered some of the most useful items to add to your school kit so you’ll be ready for whatever college throws your way.

This is a sponsored post presented by eBay.

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Flipside 4 Wallet

While we talk a lot about wallets here on the site, sometimes we overlook an important aspect in the pursuit of keeping things light and minimal. That is, actually protecting your cards and cash. Sure, a minimalist wallet keeps your pockets light, but that won't mean much if you get drenched in the rain or get exposed to rough conditions in your line of work. If you need several layers of protection to keep your essentials safe while still compact enough for EDC, the Flipside 4 has the rugged features that put the “wall” in “wallet.”

One look at the Flipside 4 and it's immediately apparent that it isn't trying to be slim as possible. The crush-resistant design and structuring gives you extra tough protection to ensure nothing inside the wallet takes the slightest dent. High-strength polycarbonate and aluminum give it a scratch-resistant texture on top of its durability and light weight, while also integrating RFID protection. A push of its front locking button flips it open, giving you access to its internal card and cash slots. The Flipside 4 can hold up to 7 cards across its 3 slots, with space for up to 10 bills in its cash compartment. Smooth edges and light weight (3 ounces while empty) let the Flipside 4 slip easily into your pockets, while also being compatible with other Flipside attachments for added functionality and expansion.

When you need maximum protection for your crucial currency, the Flipside 4's got things on lock. Pick one up in your choice of color from the Amazon link below.

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