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Bespoke Post Curated EDC Essentials

One of the most satisfying pleasures in EDC is finding the exact tool to address your specific needs. But with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, not everyone has the time to put into researching the right gear for them. Not to mention that even the most dedicated EDCers can sometimes miss a great and potentially game-changing release from lesser-known brands. What if you could just skip the research phase and get right to the part where you get awesome gear in your hands? That’s where Bespoke Post comes in with their curated boxes. Each month you get carefully selected and unique items delivered right to your door, saving you hours of research and letting you get right to work.

Bespoke Post rigorously vets and tests everything they put into their Boxes of Awesome themselves. This includes gear for everyday carry, style and grooming personal effects, and even specialty interests like Barware, EDC, Outdoor, Travel, Home, and more. Whatever you’re into, chances are each box will offer a unique and interesting piece of gear you might've not known about. Just ticking a few boxes at sign-up will ensure that you never get a piece of gear you’re not interested in. Plus, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s coming each month beforehand, so there’s never any surprises. There are no commitments: skipping a box, swapping it out for another one, or adding even more eye-catching pieces from their online store is hassle-free. That way, you’ll never be charged for anything that you don’t want, and each Box of Awesome is tailor-fit to your preferences.

New boxes get released every month across a ton of categories. Bespoke Post are also adding EDC-centric gear all the time, including new items in their Flip and Gear categories. Past boxes have included everything from slim wallets and pocket knives, to obscure spices and cocktail aging kits and everything in between. So whether you want to step up in the kitchen, dress a little sharper, or replace your aging wallet or knife, a Bespoke subscription might be the easiest way to try out new stuff.

It’s free to join Bespoke Post and you can skip a month or cancel your subscription at any time. Each box comes with over $70 worth of gear, but because of their partnerships with the original makers your monthly subscription will only cost you $45. You get to save money with your Box of Awesome than if you tried to get each of its pieces individually.

If you want more quality gear with less research and for less money, consider checking out Bespoke Post for yourself by clicking the link below. As a special deal for Everyday Carry readers, you can get 20% off your first box with promo code EVERYDAY at checkout.

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This is a sponsored post presented by Bespoke Post.

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 Trending: GUS Mini Pill Fob

Trending: GUS Mini Pill Fob

Wallet, keys, watch, pen, knife, and phone—these usually constitute what we think of as our EDC setup. But there are some tiny things, like pills, mints, or other small items, that we also would like quick and easy access to on an daily basis. For that, a small pill fob made of medical grade stainless steel provides the right carry solution. With an inside length of 0.85" (22mm) and an inside diameter of 0.45" (11.5mm), the USA-made GUS Mini Pill Fob’s size sits in the middle of the brand’s  original Pill Fob and their diminutive Micro Pill Fob. This gives it enough capacity to hold four standard 325mg aspirin tablets, enough to handle an unexpected headache while out in the field. Beyond emergency medications like antihistamines, it’s also a great way to bring around a mint or two, making sure you’re prepared for that next meeting or date. Anything you store inside remains safe, thanks to the airtight and watertight o-ring seal. The Mini Pill Fob carries unobtrusively on your key chain or as a necklace pendant, ensuring you have access to your little payload of meds or mints, wherever you may go. Check it out at the link below.

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12 Awesome Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Dad’s Carry

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and one of the best ways you can show your appreciation for everything he’s done for you is to gift him something that’s not only unique, but something that’d be proud to own and excited to actually use. EDC gear is perfect for that, since every time he uses the gift, he’s reminded of you and the thought you put into giving him something more than just a standard greeting card. To make your search easy for you, we’ve put together this list of great EDC options for Father’s Day gifts, many of them with discount codes so you can save a bit as well.

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A lot of modern flashlights try and pack as many features as possible into the common two-button interface. While it allows for incredible customization and adaptability, sometimes your flashlight needs may lie more in the efficiency of simplicity. And few interfaces do it as well as a rotary interface: there’s nothing to navigate or program, you just twist to the brightness you need and you’re ready to go. Unfortunately rotary lights are an uncommon breed, which is why new releases like JETBeam’s RRT01 RAPTOR are all the more welcome. It’s an update to last year’s JET-RRT01 and offers tweaks to its features and design to make it an even more appealing light in 2020. This is a modern rotary flashlight done right.

As expected from a rotary light, and similar to last year’s model, the RRT01’s interface is driven by a magnetic rotating ring and activated by a forward clicky tail switch. It starts from off, and rotating through detents activates “on” and “High,” with Strobe and SOS hidden through quick twists past the detents. But for its main operation, you get stepless dimming from 1-950 claimed lumens by way of its CR123A, RCR123A, and 18350 battery compatibility paired with the original Cree XP-L emitter or a new option for the enthusiast favorite Nichia 219C. Using an 18350 battery allows for its full output (CR123A goes up to 420 lumens), and using the CR123A gives you an extended runtime of 80 hours on its lowest 1-lumen setting.

The IPX8-rated anodized aluminum body also comes with a few changes from last year’s model. The attached clip is now shorter and doesn’t overlap with the magnetic ring to offer seamless operation, and the tailcap is now extended with a skeletonized stainless steel tail for rope or lanyard attachments. The stainless bezel also comes with fewer crenelations, and is flush with the head for a cleaner profile. Overall, small tweaks to allow ease of operation and EDC, even while gloved.

JETBeam continues to keep the rotary flashlight alive with a solid release in the RRT01 RAPTOR, tweaked for performance and upgraded for enthusiasts without reinventing the (magnetic) wheel. Pick it up at the link below.

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New Leather gear
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Trending: Timex Expedition Scout 40

Trending: Timex Expedition Scout 40

The Timex Expedition Scout 40 is a quartz offering in the familiar combination of a 40mm-wide case combined with an easy to find and replace 20mm strap. This medium-sized version (there’s a larger 43mm variant) brings a healthy amount of wrist presence, without being too bulky, casual, or sporty-looking to bring to a work or business setting. The brass case comes in different finishes, and is rated water resistant to 50m, letting you take it for quick jaunts in the shower or pool. Mineral crystal glass covers the dial, which features different color and markings variations of the traditional 24-hour field watch aesthetic. A small date window blends easily into the details of the simple watch face. This highly legible dial combines with luminous watch hands and the brand’s signature Indiglo illumination to make it easy to tell the time, no matter the lighting conditions. A reliable and practical quartz watch never goes out of style, and the Timex Expedition Scout 40, with its many combinations of dial styles, case finishes, and strap options, lets you find one that would complement your EDC and fit in with your everyday environment. Check out all the options at the link below.

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WESN Ti Microblade

The titanium flipper remains relevant to this day as a premium option due to its great combination of ease of use, light weight, and remarkable durability. Combining titanium’s great strength to weight ratio with the convenience of flipper deployment results in a fast and functional EDC knife. The WESN Ti Microblade offers a new take on the design that focuses on pocketabilty and portability, without losing functionality. It gives you the utility and practicality of having a readily accessible knife at a fraction of the weight, and in a package that’s the size of a house key. It’s a great way to always have a working knife on you, no matter where you go.

The petite, yet potent Microblade is 2.25" when closed, and 3.75" overall with the blade deployed. The EDC-friendly 1.5" blade is made of heat-treated AUS-8 stainless steel, known for its toughness, rust resistance, and ease of maintaining a razor-sharp edge. The drop-point shape gives you some belly for slicing, as well as a sturdy tip for piercing and precision work. On a shorter blade like this, having that prominent belly helps maximize cutting edge to work with, making it capable for quick slicing jobs despite it being on the smaller side. Its ultra-compact design and shorter blade length allows for unobtrusive carry even in places with stricter knife laws.

Deploying the blade is a snap with the small yet pronounced flipper tab, and you can also slow-roll using the stepped thumbstud when you want to be more discreet. When opened, a sturdy frame lock integrated into the Grade 5 Titanium handles keeps the blade locked in and secure. You have a lot of options for carrying the Microblade: the handle features a pocket clip, allowing you to secure it in your fifth jeans pocket, as well as a keychain hole that allows you to attach a lanyard for easy retrieval from inside your pockets, or a split ring so that you can integrate it with the rest of your keys.

The latest version of the Microblade features G10 handle scales in an OD Green colorway, providing some visual contrast to the warm-hued Gunmetal color used on the titanium framelock. The durable glass-reinforced resin features high impact strength, chemical and temperature tolerance, and provides a bit of texture for an enhanced grip.

At 1.0 ounce and with a compact form factor, the WESN Ti Microblade carries well as a fifth pocket knife, a keychain knife, or as a lightweight backup blade. It’s barely there when you don’t need it, yet the design and materials deliver high performance for when you do. Additionally, WESN’s Lifetime Warranty ensures that it remains that way. Check out the version with G10 handles, as well as other handle scale options, via the link below. Also, take advantage of the product code EDCXSHEATH for a free leather sheath when you get your own compact Microblade.

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