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Vincero Watches 6th Anniversary Sale

If you’re looking to add a stylish new EDC watch to your collection this summer, consider getting yourself a Vincero watch. Vincero prides themselves on making quality timepieces with the attention to detail you get with small-batch runs, but at prices that won’t break the bank. The secret to their success is their unique production model, which exercises control over every step of the creation of their watches. Vincero watches feature a sleek, bold, and classy design language that will suit your style whether you’re out on the town or headed into an important business meeting. Plus, they integrate premium materials and reliable watch movements into their designs, making them a cut above what you can find at the same price points. And the best part is that right now Vincero is putting on a massive site-wide 6th anniversary sale, making the value of owning a Vincero watch that much more of a great deal.

While you’re perusing what Vincero has to offer, you should take a look at two of their latest watches in particular. The first watch is called The Outrider, and it’s inspired by the classic military field watches of old. It features a rock-solid Seiko Japanese mechanical quartz movement that’ll keep on ticking where those vintage watches would fail due to rough handling, and the 10 ATM water resistance and sapphire crystal construction make sure it can keep up with the bumps and mishaps of everyday life. The highly legible Arabic numeral legends make for a quick read at a glance, and it comes with a chronograph complication for all of your timing needs. When things get dark, there’s lume on the hands, hour markers, and bezel for easy low-light use.

The other watch worth a spot on your wrist is The Apex, and as its name implies it is built for speed. It has a sleek racing watch design that features a sporty look, with a 316L surgical stainless steel case, a tachymeter complication on the outer bezel, and a chronograph as well for keeping track of your fastest lap. To keep with the vintage theme, Vincero opted to place a Seiko Mecha-Quartz movement inside of the timepiece, giving it the beating heart of a modern accurate watch but the feel of an older mechanical when it comes to operation. And the best part is you can choose from five different colorways including a gunmetal canary look that’s reminiscent of the dashboard of a car lighting up in the dark.

Last but not least is The Icon, their flagship dress watch design, styled up to the nines while backed by a Seiko automatic movement. It features classic slim indices and hands, with a date window at the 6 o'clock position to accent its dial. The bold case comes in 41mm and a variety of 316L stainless steel case and strap combinations (including top grain Italian leather), with a 10 ATM water resistance to withstand inclement weather while you're on the move. From the boardroom to a formal dinner, The Icon is the stylish accent to any ensemble.

Whichever Vincero watch you choose during this sale, you’ll be able to save at least 20% off the purchase price on every order. That amplifies to 25% off when you spend up to $250, and 30% off when you spend over 500 dollars. It’s the biggest sale in Vincero’s history, and they’ve made it especially easy for you to save now because there are no coupons or codes to remember. Just click the link below and pick out one for yourself today.

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Fenix E01 V2.0 Keychain Flashlight

Fenix E01 V2.0 Keychain Flashlight

Having a small and reliable flashlight on your keychain provides a measure of comfort and security that you’ll always have a useful light wherever you go. The Fenix E01 and E05 have proven to be popular choices in the early days of EDC keychain flashlights, and this year, the brand has come up with a modern upgrade for its classic pocket flashlight. The Fenix E01 V2.0 is a compact AAA flashlight that’s meant to hang with your keys and provide you with useful illumination anytime and anywhere you need it. With its compact deisgn, convenient power source, and useful everyday output, it’s the perfect backup essential for your EDC.

The Fenix E01 V2.0 comes ready to use with an AAA alkaline battery in the box, and it’s also compatible with rechargeable Ni-MH batteries, giving you a higher output and sustainable reusability. It powers the light’s Cree XP-G2 S3 LED to a maximum 100 lumens with up to 114 feet of throw. It’s able to hold this for 50 minutes off a topped off battery, and gives you a good burst of light for everyday use. From off, tightening the head gives you a 5-lumen Low mode with a 25-hour runtime, while a quick twist off and on again accesses the 25-lumen Medium good for just under 5 hours. One final twist ends up at the 100-lumen High. The V2.0 has come a long way from the 13-lumen, single output of the original.

Tthe E01 V2.0’s 2.62" long CNC-machined aluminum body comes shorter than its predecessor, boasting IP68-rated protection that allows it 6.5 feet of submersion for 30 minutes—more than adequate for the splashes and accidental dunks of a keychain light. It’s also passed a 1.5-meter drop test to ensure continued use and operation even with the worst tumbles with your keys. To that end, a wider and more robust loop has been built into the tail end of the light, making it easy to slip the included split ring through. As usual, a spare o-ring is included to help maintain the light’s waterproof rating over time.

Small, practical, and affordable, the Fenix E01 V2.0 keychain flashlight continues the strong tradition of these lights as an easy addition to anyone’s keychain setup. It’s a no-brainer backup light that disappears into your pockets and completes your EDC kit. Grab it in either a stealthy black or a handsome dark blue colorway at the link below.

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Bluffworks Packing Cubes

A packing cube is one of the most convenient items you can take with you when you travel, whether for short trips or extended vacations away from home. Bluffworks has innovated on the design of the everyday packing cube with the ability to compress to the size that you need so that it’s always “just right.” And with its transparent window you can always see what’s inside without having to unpack completely. It’s the best way to dial in your packing perfectly, just like the rest of your EDC.

If you’re not familiar with what they do, the idea is simple: they allow you to organize what you pack into a bag so things like clothes and other small items don’t lie loose inside making it hard for you to find what you need when you get to your destination. But that simplicity can be a downside too: if your packing needs fall between sizes, you’ll have to mix and match, which isn’t always the best option. The cinching strap built into the Bluffworks Packing Cube makes it unique in the market. You can either use the whole capacity of the cube or you can cinch things down and compress it to a much more compact size suitable for the gear you place inside.

There are two sizes to start from: a large 10.5 liter bag for bigger items like shirts and pants, and a smaller 3.9 liter that’s great for intimates and toiletries. There’s also two models available for the bags: a Pro design that integrates more structure into the design, and a more unstructured Sport that increases packing capacity. Both options are made out of lightweight and durable ripstop nylon polyester, and they’ll stand up to more than a few trips and a life on the go.

The unique design of the Bluffworks Pro and Sport Packing Cubes makes them a compelling option for those of you frequent travelers out there who need a bit more versatility out of your gear. You can secure one (or more) of these packing cubes today by making a pledge on Bluffworks’s Kickstarter campaign at the link below.

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Trending: Fox Knives Vox Suru

Trending: Fox Knives Vox Suru

The Fox Knives Vox Suru stands out as a premium choice for a compact pocket knife, featuring designer Jesper Voxnaes’s distinct aesthetics, a robust build made for actual knife work, and great ergonomics. While the specs seem to be for a small knife with a 2.32" blade tucked into a 3.51" handle, it flips open into a usable form factor thanks to the dual finger choil design. Opened up, the Bohler N690 blade comes in a practical drop point shape that features excellent edge retention and superior corrosion resistance. Flick it out using the flipper tab, or slow roll it using the thumb cutout to be more discreet. Retraction is easy and reliable thanks to a steel lockbar insert reinforcing the framelock mechanism built into the beefy aluminum handles. The pronounced cutout on the handle mirrors the finger choil on the blade to give you a good grip, while milled holes keep the weight down to 3.0 ounces. A simple yet elegant wire clip facilitates pocket carry, and a lanyard hole in the backspacer allows you to add some cordage or your favorite bead. The Fox Knives Vox Suru lets you bring along a useful premium steel blade in a compact carry package that doesn’t sacrifice ergonomics. Check it out at the link below.

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EDC Update 08/06/2020 Black & Shiny
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Nextorch GT-AAA Pro Signal Light

Nextorch GT-AAA Pro Signal Light

"The “Glo-Toob” is designed to help spotters find you in an emergency. Its LEDs are visible from every angle, and can be set to high, low, and strobe modes. It’s made from aluminum and polyester resin, and is 100% waterproof. Pre-order price available for a limited time from Drop, and includes a free GTK accessory clip for..." (via The Awesomer)

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Trending: CRKT Piet

Trending: CRKT Piet

CRKT partnered with custom knifemaker Jesper Voxnaes to put together this sleek EDC knife with a formidable 2.689" drop point blade that’s easily deployed with either hand thanks to the big eyehole opening. The trending knife comes with a glass-reinforced fiber polyamide scales make for a lightweight 2.5 oz package, but it’s also sturdy with a stainless steel liner lock and a gorgeous blue backspacer (a signature design from Voxnaes) that contrasts the rest of the knife’s design. Check it out at the link below.

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Sharp Bros Seven Sins Automatic Watch

If you carry a sharp knife and have an eye for sharp looks, you’ll appreciate a watch that cuts a striking appearance as part of your everyday carry. Take the new Seven Sins automatic watch from the appropriately-named Sharp Bros, for example. The Seven Sins is a bold, precision-crafted ode to the automatic knife, with a quality mechanical automatic watch movement at its heart and a great switchblade design at the center of its unique look. As the watch’s name itself implies, it’ll be your source of pride and the envy of others when they see it on your wrist.

Sharp Bros made it their mission to build high quality watches that aren’t just your run of the mill timepiece: they’re works of art with a striking aesthetic that makes a statement. And they pride themselves on their craftsmanship, sparing nothing on the design of their flagship Seven Sins watch. Its beating heart is a precision Seiko NH35 automatic mechanical watch movement that features 24 jewels and a 41-hour max power reserve. As an automatic movement, it gets the energy it needs to keep on ticking by the simple act of being worn everyday, and with its unique bold looks that’s easy to see happening. The face of the watch is deep black, and the watch hands are represented by the handle and blade of a switchblade dagger. Other aesthetic details like its contrasting red sweeping seconds hand and high legibility hour markers make it easy  to tell the time at a glance.

All of the time-keeping indicators feature Lumibrite accents for low-light readability and a bit of flair when the night is young. But the extra bit of embellishment that makes the watch (and gives this unique timepiece its name) is the decorative window that shifts between the proverbial seven deadly sins as you go about wearing it. The 316L stainless steel case is highly durable, and so is the sapphire crystal which will stand up to the bumps and scratches of everyday life. Its 42mm case size offers ample wrist presence, and the lugs have a width of 22 millimeters. If you like the diver aesthetic you can wear it with the metal bracelet, and Sharp Bros includes all you need to tailor the length of it to your wrist. If you prefer to wear it with a NATO or Zulu strap however, they also provide you with one and the ability to attach your own preferred strap as well.

Whether you’re naughty or nice (probably a bit more naughty, though), the Sharp Bros Seven Sins automatic watch is a bold watch worthy of your EDC consideration. Especially if you love carrying an automatic knife, its switchblade-inspired looks are a perfect accompaniment to your ensemble. And for a limited time, you can use code 'EDC20' to save 20% on your purchase of this watch on the Sharp Bros website at the link below.

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