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Leatherman Tool Maintenance Kit

Leatherman Tool Maintenance Kit

Helping us deal with the most brutal, dirtiest jobs, our tools are designed to take a beating. But no matter how durable or well-built they are, our tools still require some proper care and maintenance once in a while. After all, our tools can only help us if they’re working correctly. And Leatherman’s Tool Maintenance Kit is here to do exactly that.

The Leatherman Tool Maintenance Kit contains everything you need to clean and maintain your multi-tool, so it always performs optimally. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Cleaning Mat: The cleaning mat provides a high-grip surface to keep your tool in place.

Cleaning Brush: The included cleaning brush can be used to get into tight, hard-to-reach surfaces.

Cleaning Pick / Cleaning Swabs: Dirt has a nasty habit of becoming harder to remove the longer you neglect it. The cleaning pick and cleaning swab help remove stubborn stains or impacted dirt that won’t come off quickly.

Blade Sharpener: Knife blades can dull with repeated use. You can use the included Blade Sharpener to touch up any edges that might need sharpening.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth: Once you’ve finished scrubbing your tool with your favorite solvent, you can dry it off with the included Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

Lubrication Oil: Lastly, lubricating your tool is the final step in the cleaning process. You can use the included Lubrication Oil on any pivot points or locking surfaces, ensuring that your tool continues to operate smoothly.

Housing these cleaning essentials is a compact and durable nylon case. With a width of 8.5” and a height of 2.2”, the Leatherman Tool Maintenance Kit can be left in your car or your garage without taking up much space. The carrying case also includes extra pockets to hold your multi-tool or pocket knife, keeping it safely in storage until you need it.

If you feel you’ve been neglecting your tools, it’s not too late to get them back looking, feeling, and working good as new. Grab your Leatherman Tool Maintenance Kit at the link below.

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Customize Your Deejo Pocket Knife With More Designs Than Ever

Deejo is a French cutlery brand that creates ultra-lightweight knives that you can customize on their website, providing a plethora of options and personalized details to make a knife truly your own. Turning the everyday pocket knife into a stylish accessory and a unique heirloom drives the company’s designs and offerings, supported by the belief that a lightweight knife that you love and use often is more likely to offer utility and give you the pleasure of ownership over an expensive one that lives in a drawer.

Seven years of innovation have led to the brand having a strong online and in-store presence and over 6,000 points of sale worldwide. They've launched even more new and original tattoo designs in 2022 to be added to the choices you can have etched onto the blade of any of their svelte and featherweight models, so it's the best time ever to treat yourself to a custom new knife, give a unique gift, or to celebrate new milestones ahead.

Customizing your knife is easy on the MyDeejo site, where you are greeted by a simple and responsive interface that visually reflects all your current design choices from the number of options available. It’s best to begin with the overall size of the knife so it’s easier to preview what your final design will look like. You have a choice of three options: a 7 cm long model that weighs 15 grams, a 9 cm one that weighs 27, and a large 11 cm long model that still only weighs 37 grams. These cover different use profiles, from letter opener to backup knife to primary EDC blade.

After choosing the size of your custom knife, you have plenty of options for blade finish, handle scales, and etching on the blade. You can choose a classic Mirror finish, a subdued Grey Titanium one, or a stealthy Black Titanium finish for the tough and corrosion-resistant 420 stainless steel blade. Last but not least, you have over 50 options for designs that you can have etched on the blade, giving your knife a distinct aesthetic. Included are the 12 new knife tattoos introduced this year, which feature artwork related to Goal, Mountain, Moon Phase, Pharaoh Skull, Samurai, T-Rex, Sailing, Viking Vegvisir, Whale, Butterfly, Chinese Dragon, and Immortal, among all the other choices already available.

You also have the option of engraving yours or the name of a gift recipient on the handle itself. This or a memorable phrase or quotation makes the knife unique and personal. All your choices are previewed on a 3D rendering of your chosen design that you can scale or rotate, letting you review and make any last-minute changes before you pull the trigger on your order. You can also share your design on social media and let your friends see your handiwork.

Last but not least are new choices for the perfect handle to match your custom blade. New for 2022 are options for Blue Beech Wood and Camo, along with popular options like carbon fiber weave or animalistic scales. Once you order, it normally takes Deejo two business days to build your custom design and ship it. Aside from a full custom option, you can also check Deejo’s pre-made combinations that are ready for purchase and shipment.

Getting a svelte and sleek gentleman’s knife done right, with your own unique design choices, has never been easier. And this year, new knife tattoos and handle selections bolster their already plentiful design choices, so you now have more options than ever to choose from. Check out the link below to start creating one of your own.

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Trending: Olight i5T EOS Flashlight

Trending: Olight i5T EOS Flashlight

With the success of their AAA-powered i3T EOS Flashlight, Olight took the next logical step and recreated it in the popular AA platform. The Olight i5T EOS is an AA-powered pocket light with a sturdy build and a simple user interface. Its 95mm long black-anodized aluminum body shares the same spiral grip pattern as the rest of the lights in the family, like the M1T Raider. Powered by a regular, easy-to-come-by AA battery, the i5T EOS pumps out up to 300 lumens on High with two clicks of its rubber-covered, mechanical tailswitch.

After three minutes, a timed stepdown brings down the Osram P9 emitter to 150 lumens to help conserve your battery. It can hold that setting for 25 minutes. A single click gives you the 15 lumen Low mode, which it can hold for 20 hours, while a quick tap gives you momentary Low for quick bursts of manageable illumination. The blue bi-directional pocket clip keeps the Olight i5T EOS on point in terms of branding, and allows you to stow it in a pocket or use it clipped to the brim of your hat. Check it out at the link below.

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Skullcandy Gaming Headsets

Skullcandy Gaming Headsets

Whether it’s detecting the direction of quiet footsteps or relaying clear instructions to teammates, the world of gaming arguably has one of the most demanding uses of audio peripherals. Gamers–competitive gamers in particular–demand the best from their gaming headsets. Not only do these headsets need excellent sound separation, effective noise cancellation, a wide soundstage, and background noise removal, but they need to be exceptionally comfortable as well, as they’re usually worn for hours on end. Skullcandy is no stranger to the challenge. It’s back with three all-new gaming headsets emphasizing the three essential aspects every gamer wants from their headset: exceptional audio clarity, seamless communication, and long-use comfort.

Leading the pack is the flagship Skullcandy PLYR, the ideal solution for gamers looking for the flexibility of both wired and wireless play. It boasts Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity for enhanced power management and crystal clear audio for gamers who don’t want the added distraction of dangling cables during intense sessions. It features significant 50mm drivers housed in comfortable memory foam ear cups with a noise-isolating fit. The ear cup material is made from moisture-wicking and breathable spandex for added comfort during hours of play. Easy-to-reach controls enable gamers to quickly mute and adjust the volume on the fly, while the removable mic comes with a status LED to indicate whether the user is muted or not.

To make the gaming experience as immersive as possible, Skullcandy uses a technology called Enhanced Sound Perception (ESP). Similar to Skullcandy’s Personal Sound technology but re-engineered specifically for gaming, the user is asked to take a hearing test via the Skull-HQ PC app to tune the drivers specific to their unique hearing. Think of it as prescription glasses, but for your ears. PLYR also features Clear Voice Smart Mic, which uses AI to isolate the speaker’s voice and cut out background noises such as keyboard and mouse clicks or loud fans, saving your teammates from any unwanted noise coming through comms.  

Not ready to make the jump to wireless? The SLYR Pro is for gamers looking for a premium, wired-only gaming experience. It still offers the same tech as the PLYR such as ESP and Clear Voice Mic, but instead includes both a USB-C to USB-A and a 3.5mm aux cable which eliminates any possibility of latency brought about by wireless protocols (even if Skullcandy already claims latency as low as 20ms using their own Ultra-Low latency Wireless Transmitter).

Rounding out the collection is the Skullcandy SLYR, aimed at more casual players seeking an entry-level solution. While lacking the ESP and Clear Voice Smart Mic technology found on the PLYR and SLYR Pro, it still features the large 50mm audio drivers, detachable bi-directional boom mic, and comfortable memory foam ear cups.

PLYR, SLYR Pro, and SLYR are all compatible with multiple gaming devices such as your PC, Sony Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox, or mobile phone. But that doesn’t mean these headsets are only helpful for gaming. Skullcandy’s noise canceling technologies are just as useful for online meetings or conference calls as they are on a virtual battlefield, giving you no reason not to check them out at the link below.

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Trending: G-SHOCK GW-M5610-1ER

Trending: G-SHOCK GW-M5610-1ER

It’s been 30+ years since the original G-SHOCK DW-5000C was released back in 1983. While many things have changed since then, a lot has remained the same—don’t fix what isn’t broken, after all. And that’s exactly the case with the G-SHOCK GW-M5610-1ER. While it has been modernized to meet today’s standards, it preserves the DNA of the original, since only watches modeled after it can use the 5600 designation. The modern 5610 starts off with a shock-resistant case made out of resin, to protect against impact and vibration. Like its predecessor, this is a squared case, measuring 46.7 x 43.2mm.

For its functions, you’ll find the now-standard stopwatch, timer, daily alarms, world time, calendar, and even a radio signal receptor in this GW-M model, all powered by a solar cell. Another unique feature is its full-auto illumination, which activates it when it’s in low-light conditions and deactivates the backlight there’s enough surrounding light. Finally, 200 meters of water resistance seal the deal with this durable timepiece. Pick one up this modern classic at the link below.

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Aer City Pack Pro

Aer City Pack Pro

Whether you’re just beginning your EDC journey or have been here for a while, you’ve most likely gone through your fair share of bags and backpacks. If there’s one thing we’ve realized early on here on the site, it’s that not all backpacks are created equal. And Aer has undoubtedly made a strong case for why they belong in the upper echelon.

With its sizeable 24-liter capacity encapsulated by Aer’s well-known modern aesthetic, the City Pack Pro is Aer’s latest entry in their City Collection. Designed for urban exploration, the City Pack Pro emphasizes easy-access pockets, comfort, and all-weather durability–all characteristics you’d want in an everyday bag for going around the city.

Aer has put a lot of thought into the City Pack Pro’s compartments. The main compartment features a full clamshell style opening, giving you plenty of flexibility to pack your items neatly instead of stuffing them through the top. It comes with an isolated, suspended sleeve for laptops up to 16”, with thick padding and soft fleece lining to prevent scratches and abrasions. Other clever packing details include a front admin pocket for everyday essentials such as pens, sunglasses, or portable headphones (redesigned from Aer's previous bags so it takes up only half of the front compartment, making the slash pocket more usable), a vertical side pocket with a built-in carabiner for keys or a multitool, a quick-access top pocket with soft lining for sensitive items, and an exterior water bottle pocket that comfortably fits a 20 oz water bottle.

Comfort is a top priority with the City Pack Pro, as evidenced by thick, well-padded straps and a contoured back panel made from breathable fabrics, all tied together by a sternum strap with a magnetic buckle. With a length of 18”, a width of 12”, and a depth of 7.5”, the City Pack Pro maintains a slim profile even when fully packed, perfect for navigating crowded areas or squeezing into public transit.  

Available in gray or olive colors, the City Pack Pro protects from the elements with its 1680D CORDURA ballistic nylon construction. Or you could take things one level higher by opting for the premium X-Pac version, which uses the VX-42 sailcloth, an extremely durable, waterproof laminate made from four layers of hard-wearing materials. Quiet YKK zippers are used throughout the bag, with easy-to-grip tabs to make opening and closing the compartments easier. Lastly, the City Pack Pro features a luggage handle pass-through strap to conveniently secure it to luggage handles when traveling.

With its intelligent layout, rugged and durable construction, and attractive exterior styling, Aer’s City Pack Pro should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for your next tech and EDC-friendly backpack. Check it out at the link below.

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Benchmade Bugout Review

Benchmade Bugout Review

The venerable Benchmade Bugout has become one of the EDC community's favorite pocket knives in the recent past. The Bugout is a lightweight EDC knife with superior ergonomics and premium stainless steel construction that makes this an excellent knife for hard use and everything else in between.

With the continued popularity of the Bugout, Benchmade has made multiple variants of the knife that swap out things like handle scales and overall blade length, but the recipe for success is present at every point. And the Bugout's reputation for quality is well-deserved because each knife comes with the care and attention you expect from a made-in-the-USA blade crafted to exacting standards. The Bugout will be more pricey than other options on the market (or the aftermarket), but it is worth the price.

In this knife review, we'll introduce you to the Benchmade Bugout and the ultralight Mini Bugout and explain why these pocket knives are so good for everyday carry.

PRO TREK PRG-340 Climber Line

The tool watch has come a long way since the days when an adventurer aimed to summit a mountain and only needed it to keep track of time. Nowadays, if you do something difficult, you’d expect more from the device on your wrist. You probably won’t reach for a piece of jewelry; you’d go for a PRO TREK. The PRO TREK PRG-340 has everything you might need and then some. It has features that can come in handy whether commuting to work or thru-hiking. And yes, it tells the time too.

The first thing you notice about the PRG-340 is its display. It’s big and easy to read in the hopes that you get the information you need with nothing more than a glance. The LCD also has a very bright LED backlight for when lighting isn’t in your favor. Speaking of the display, the PRG-340 has two of them. The duplex LCD is divided based on function. The primary display shows time and other important information, while the secondary display overlays the compass graphics.

Scratch-resistant mineral glass protects both displays, as you’d expect from a PRO TREK. The movement also comes with Tough Solar functionality, the brand's unique method of powering a watch with solar energy. With minimal light, the PRG-340 can last up to 7 months, so even if you don’t wear it every day, you won’t have to worry about it the next time you pull it out of your watch box. You might not expect that they used biomass plastics to make the case, case back, and band, with the case itself coming in at 51.7mm of impressive wrist presence. It uses materials sourced from corn and other plant matter. The hope is to reduce the environmental impact by using materials that can be recycled or reused to make different products. The PRG-340 weighs 54g with a resin band and 87g when opting for a titanium one.

You get all the standard features you’d expect from a PRO TREK, like one-touch Triple Sensor Technology (bearing, altitude/barometric pressure, temperature), world time, stopwatch, countdown timer, and up to 5 alarms, but you also get so much more. Surrounding the displays is one of the critical features of this watch: the rotating compass bezel. Combined with the secondary compass overlay, you can use the PRG-340 to gather your bearings at a glance. Plus, the watch can lie completely flat, so if you also have a map, it can act as a traditional compass to help you determine which direction to go. Compass aside, the PRG-340 also has a built-in thermometer and barometer/altimeter, all accessible via dedicated function buttons so you can get to them even while wearing gloves. While that may seem small, not having to navigate through dense menus is a game changer.

The PRG-340 comes in three band options: black biomass, green biomass, and titanium. It can handle even the most extreme elements regardless of which model you choose. It’s water-resistant down to 100 meters, and low-temperature resistant (-10C/14F). Whether you’re looking for a tough watch to wear daily or want an adventure watch that you won’t have to baby, the PRO TREK PRG-340 is worth your consideration.

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Trending: Chums Surfshorts Wallet

Trending: Chums Surfshorts Wallet

In a sea of over-engineered, nigh-indestructible offerings, some selections shine through with uncomplicated and functional designs. This week’s trending Chums Surfshorts Wallet is one such option whose simplistic build would be a good fit for any active lifestyle. At 4.5”x3” this minimal wallet fits into small pockets, and ripstop nylon construction keeps it lightweight yet durable. Two zipper pockets accommodate a handful of cards and cash, one of which has a separate card window for IDs. Finally, the exterior features a key ring that can be tucked into its own pocket for easy access. Choose from one of 16 vibrant colorways from the link below.

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Vital Carry Spike Bar

Vital Carry Spike Bar

It’s easy to go about your day without giving a second thought to all the small tasks you do with your hands. From loosening stubborn knots and tearing open a difficult bag of chips to prying staples from documents and removing a stuck battery, these jobs are often simple enough to “brute force” with our hands and fingers alone without the use of a tool. Sure, we could use a pocket knife if we had one close by, but there’s always a chance of damaging the knife tip, and it simply wouldn’t be worth it. So, painful finger prying it is.

Categorized under “things you never knew you needed until now” is the Vital Carry Spike Bar. Weighing less than 2 oz, the Vital Carry Spike Bar features a titanium spike that serves many uses. Besides prying things open and poking holes in whatever needs poking, you can use it as a plumb-bob or awl for your next construction project, a can opener, an ice pick, or a leather/sheet puncher. You can also use it to press small reset buttons or as a tool for adjusting tire air pressure through the valve stem.

Measuring a mere 3.25” long with the spike out and 2.7” with the titanium spike stored inside the 6061 aluminum or copper case, the Vital Carry Spike Bar is easy to add to any key chain or organizer thanks to the included keyring, allowing you to keep it handy whenever you need it. And you absolutely will need it.

With its lifetime warranty, solid construction, and a multitude of practical uses, there’s no reason to miss out on adding the Vital Carry Spike Bar to your everyday carry. Grab yours from the link below.

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Fenix E-Star Self-Powered Flashlight

Fenix E-Star Self-Powered Flashlight

"This hand-powered flashlight won’t ever leave you in the dark, even if its battery runs out. The Fenix E-Star is the perfect addition to your emergency kit, outputting up to a 100-lumen beam with the squeeze of your hand. Pumping its handle loads up its supercapacitor, providing about 2 minutes of light for 20 seconds of..." (via The Awesomer)

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Prometheus Design Werx SPD CAS OTF Automatic Knife

Prometheus Design Werx SPD CAS OTF Automatic Knife

A good pocket knife has been a must-have everyday carry tool for generations. It’s one of those items you can pass down for generations to come, as they can be both a family heirloom and a practical everyday tool. The Special Projects Division of Prometheus Design Werx (PDW) is announcing a new knife for the modern EDCer. This isn’t your grandfather’s pocket knife, but it sure will give that knife a run for its money.

The Special Projects Division CA.lifornia S.pecial O.ut t.he F.ront automatic knife has the perfect combination of high-quality materials and a sleek design, as you’d expect from PDW’s elegant, but functional, design language. The spearpoint blade measures only 1.9” in length, making it legal to carry in the state of California (hence the name). As California has some of the strictest knife laws in the United States, this compact blade is also likely to be legal in other states. That said, make sure to double-check your local knife laws to be sure.

Made with Bohler M390 steel and grade 5 titanium, the California Special OTF is solid and lightweight at only 1.9oz (53.9g). Everyday tasks like opening boxes are no match for it, and thanks to its overbuilt construction, you can trust that it’s tough enough to hold its own against not-so-average cutting tasks as well. The blade deploys with a quick toggle of the titanium switch built into the handle.

Speaking of which, the handle was also made with deliberate intention. To get the precise contour on it, each one takes three times as long to make on the CNC machine. Then there’s a circular glow-in-the-dark Hyperglow ring so you can locate the switch in low-light situations. It has handy jimping on the sides that provides extra grip to prevent slipping, and there’s a lanyard hole for attaching paracord or custom lanyard beads.

The California Special OTF automatic knife has a 2-tone finished blade and comes in many color options for the anodized aluminum handles, so you can pick whichever one best suits your style. You can choose from a stealthy grey, OD green, or limited edition orange or red. Whether you live in California, want a legal pocket knife to add to your EDC, or are simply a fan of impeccable high-quality gear, this is a knife worth checking out. It’s available starting today for $195.

Check Out the SPD CAS OTF in Dark Gray

Check Out the SPD CAS OTF in Green

Check Out the SPD CAS OTF in Red

Check Out the SPD CAS OTF in Orange

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