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My first post- Black out edition
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Customize a Deejo Pocket Knife with MyDeejo

EDC is by nature highly personalized—people not only have different personalities but different needs as well. And it isn’t just the combination of items that we should be able to customize. Why not the tools themselves? Pocket knives in particular can be tough to dial in, with plenty to consider from how it performs, to how it looks, and much more. So why shouldn’t you be able to build your knife from the blade (or the hilt) up?

MyDeejo is the unique online customization service offered by Deejo. Here, you get the advantages of a slim and sleek Deejo knife paired with hundreds of combinations of options to customize a design that's truly yours. You have a classic, ultra-thin blade of 420 stainless steel with an integrated liner lock to keep the knife strong, but still light. A skeletonized handle also contributes to the weight (or lack thereof), and the holster you get with every purchase makes it perfect for EDC. As for handling, you get easy one-handed deployment thanks to a large pivot and friction opening.

But all this is just what you have to start with. Get on MyDeejo, and you can really start to play. The process is simple—just follow these 5 steps using the site’s 3D interface to build up your dream pocket knife.

Step 1: Choose the size and weight of your Deejo knife. You have three options for this step: 0.53 oz (2.76”), 0.95 oz (3.54”), or 1.31 oz (4.33”).

Step 2: Decide on the finishing of your blade. You can choose between mirror, titanium, or black titanium.

Step 3: Select your handle. You can go with naked, color, carbon fiber, or wood.

Step 4: “Tattoo” your Deejo. The customization tool lets you play with over 60 illustrations so you can tailor your knife to your personality. These illustrations include tribal patterns, art deco, animal themes, outdoor and location themes, and more. Even today tattoos are being added, so check out new designs like "chef," "shark," "corsair," and "good luck."

Step 5: Engrave. Make this blade truly unique to you (or for a special someone) by specifying a name or phrase to engrave onto the handle.

Step 6: Order and enjoy. You’ll have noticed that the price changes with your customizations, so you get real-time updates on the value of your knife. So finalize your design with the 5 steps above, hit “Order,” fill up the necessary information, and wait for your Deejo to be arrive at your doorstep. Then show it off as your unique-to-you EDC.

You can step up your own EDC with the unique flair a customized knife from MyDeejo affords, or you can whip up the perfect gift for that special person in your life. Check out how to customize a Deejo pocket knife with MyDeejo at the link below.

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Trending: Bellroy Apex Slim Sleeve Wallet

Trending: Bellroy Apex Slim Sleeve Wallet

The Bellroy Apex Slim Sleeve takes on the classic leather bifold with a fresh and modern design. Instead of traditional stitching that can bulk up the wallet, they’ve gone with a cutting-edge construction method: heat and pressure bonds pieces of premium leather together to create a sleek and seamless form. It results in a water-resistant, 3D-formed shape that depends on no stitches at all—stitches that can fail and lead to the unraveling of the wallet. This method allows the Apex Slim Sleeve to carry up to eight of your identification, credit, and travel cards in a form factor that, at 102 x 74 x 17mm, is only slightly bigger than the cards themselves. The wallet’s pre-molded form also integrates RFID-blocking technology to keep your information safe from theft and fraud. If you’re looking for a slim and minimalist alternative to the leather bifold, without giving up its familiar form but improving functionality, check the Bellroy Apex Slim Sleeve at the link below.

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Deal Alert: Olight Flash Sale

Deal Alert: Olight Flash Sale

If you need a solid flashlight with cutting edge features, simple and efficient interfaces, and options to suit your needs large and small, then Olight may have the perfect light for you. In addition to the black colorways you would see in other lights, they’ve also made a point to regularly release limited edition colorways to add a big splash of color and unique aesthetic to your EDC. In their latest Flash Sale, we’re taking a look at their latest releases, all of them on a deep discount and limited while supplies last. Read on below to check out the lights you can grab right now!

Warrior X Pro Desert Sunset

The Warrior X Pro runs on a new and propriety power source, a customized 21700 battery with a 5000mAh capacity. This allows the light to achieve a maximum of 2,100 lumens and 500-meter beam distance from its new neutral white LED, while having a slightly bigger profile than a large permanent marker. The battery charges inside the light through the use of Olight’s MCC3 magnetic USB charging cable, which provides faster charging than previous generations at a 2A charge rate, and is backward compatible with older Olight models. This special color calls to the desert's setting sun, offering a limited edition, copper-toned, compact powerhouse of a flashlight.

Baton 3 Premium Edition Orange

While it might be the size of your pinky finger, the latest iteration of the popualr Baton series is no joke. In its 2.48“ body, you’ll find a customized 550mAh 3.7V IMR 16340 rechargeable battery that powers up to 1,200 lumens of maximum output for up to 166 meters. This premium edition is actually a small bundle that includes a unique, AirPods-style wireless charger for your light. With it, you can charge your flashlight up to 3.7 times, and with a 20 day maximum runtime on its lowest setting, you’ll have plenty of battery life to go around. A dual-direction pocket clip will give you options for a deep pocket carry or for attachment to a hat for hands-free work. This flash sale features a limited edition, hi-vis orange colorway.

i5T EOS Stardust

Powered by a regular, easy-to-come-by AA battery, the i5T EOS pumps out up to 300 lumens on High with two clicks of its rubber-covered, mechanical tailswitch. After three minutes, a timed stepdown brings down the Osram P9 emitter to 150 lumens to help conserve your battery. It can hold that setting for 25 minutes. A single click gives you the 15 lumen Low mode, which it can hold for 20 hours, while a quick tap gives you momentary Low for quick bursts of manageable illumination. This easy-to-use and pocket-friendly light dons a universe-inspired colorway for this April sale.

But the deals don’t stop there. If you spend over $129, you get a free i1R 2 Kit (valued at $17.95). If you spend over $229 you get a free Open 2 (valued at $49.95). Finally, if you spend over $329 you also get a free Perun 2 (valued at $89.95). Take advantage of these deals at the link below.

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PopGrip SOG Multi-Tool

PopGrip SOG Multi-Tool

If you aren’t familiar with PopSockets and PopGrips, they’re a combination of modules that you attach to the back of your phone that can extend or retract similar to an accordion. When you “pop” it open, you can slip your fingers under the PopSocket for a more comfortable and secure grip on your phone, as well as act as a stand when deployed on a table. And to make a convenient accessory even better, PopSockets have partnered up with SOG to add everyday utility to the equation. The PopGrip SOG Multi-Tool is a compact EDC essential that squares away right under your fingertips.

As EDCers you know we’re always looking to add utility wherever it can fit: in our pockets, on our keychains and even in our wallets, so it was only logical that we would also add it to the phones we carry every day. That’s where the SOG Multi-Tool comes in: it’s there when you need a tool, and invisible when you don’t. The tool may be small, but packs as much utility as it can in its body.

It features five functions, including a mini pry bar, a ¼” hex bit driver, a 4mm hex bit driver, and the old reliable bottle opener. The bottle opener part has an edge that’s sharp enough to help you open up packages, but not sharp enough to raise any eyebrows while you’re traveling. The SOG Multi-Tool also features deep machined grooves to provide you with extra purchase despite its tiny size.

If you’re worried about the tool falling off the socket accidentally, the PopGrip has you covered there. It uses a magnetic twist system that secures the multi-tool safely in place until you need it. This means that to detach it you have to intentionally twist it to stop making contact with the built-in magnets, in addition to the recessed groove the tool already sits in.

Finally, in addition to PopGrips and PopChains, the SOG Multi-Tool is compatible with any PopMount 2, PopPower, and other wireless chargers by removing the PopSocket. And at only 1.44 oz, you’ll barely feel any added weight to your phone, but you will notice all the utility it provides in a pinch. Pick it up in two colors at the links below.

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Trending: Orbitkey Key Organizer

Trending: Orbitkey Key Organizer

Carrying your small everyday essentials in an organized way while avoiding pocket jangle and minimizing discomfort are some of the problems that EDCers look to solve on their way to perfecting their daily carry. Fortunately, there are products like the Orbitkey key organizer that allow you to keep your keys—and some optional accessories—handy, compact, silent, and pocket-friendly. This simple yet elegant solution involves the use of a tough and weather-resistant polymer TPU strap to sandwich up to seven of your keys, held by a screw-down mechanism. Aside from your keys, there are various add-on accessories that you can fit into the Orbitkey system, from mirrors and multi-tools to GPS trackers and USB drives. The strap keeps everything snug and silent while preventing your keys from scratching other things you keep in your pockets. Also included is a sturdy metal D-ring for attaching your whole Orbitkey setup to a larger keychain or fob. The OrbitKey key system solves misplaced keys as well as noisy and lumpy pockets in a refined and stylish way. Check out your options at the link below.

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YETI Crossroads Bags for Everyday and Travel

You probably know the YETI brand of coolers for their immense durability and adventure-ready design that make them a great choice for outdoors EDC. Recently they’ve expanded into the realm of making everyday carry bags, filled with the same kind of attention to detail and quality of life touches that make them a great choice overall. Take the new exclusive YETI Crossroads line of EDC-friendly backpacks and duffels: their variety, versatility. and ease of use pair well with the craftsmanship put into making each bag. Wherever your daily expeditions take you, they have a Crossroads bag fit for the job, whether that’s a daily commute or a one-bag vacation off to places unknown.

Crossroads 22L / 27L Backpack

The Crossroads 22L Backpack is a everyday carry daypack built around having your gear readily accessible as you go about your day. It starts with the zippered main compartment opening, which features a unique flip-top vault pocket that helps you keep small essentials ready for the picking at the top of the bag without having to open it up fully. YETI designed special Sidehustle pockets on the sides of the bag that let you store snacks and water bottles without breaking up the clean lines and minimalist look of the bag itself. And for those who carry laptops and tablets, the inclusion of a 360-degree padded dedicated laptop compartment gives you ease of mind that your tech will make it from point A to B (and C) no matter what. While the bag isn’t strictly waterproof, the 700D TuffSkin nylon shell is built to shed most everything except an extended downpour, and it provides a lot of abrasion and tear resistance in the process too.

If you need a bit more space, there’s a slightly larger 27 liter version which builds on the day pack‘s strength by adding a secondary compartment that lets you store more gear for larger loadouts of an extended trip away from home. It also features extra padding in the shoulder straps to accommodate for the heavier load you can put on your back with this on, but if you don’t fill it to the brim it can cinch down for compact carry too. And for extended treks through train and airplane terminals, you can use the luggage passthrough system to get to your next destination without too much hassle.

Buy Now at YETI

Crossroads 40L / 60L Duffel

For frequent travelers, the duffel is an EDC essential you can’t live without. YETI’s Crossroads line features two everyday carry friendly sizes with their 40 and 60 liter bags. Unlike most duffle bags on the market, the Crossroads line features a structured build which holds its shape even when fully unloaded. This makes it easy to load the bag from empty, but it also helps the bag stay durable through extended use. The added structure and foam walls also help add a bit of cushion to the contents you place inside from the daily scrapes and bumps of everyday life.

Another useful feature of the Crossroads duffels is the divider panels which help segment your gear and clothes to keep them organized as you move from place to place. That added with the plethora of internal zippered storage areas helps you keep your gear from becoming an unorganized jumbled mess. For times that you’re traveling light, the modular compression straps allow the bag to mold to your gear and keep a low profile, and there’s internal compression straps too to help keep a lighter load from flopping about.

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Crossroads Packing Cubes and Luggage

And if your everyday carry takes you to far-off places more often than not, you would benefit from picking up a set of YETI’s Crossroads Packing Cubes and their dedicated 22" carry-on compliant roller luggage. The built in handle allows for easy maneuvering from train station to airport and all places in between, and the rugged wheel at the bottom of the roller bag is built tough to last through the years. The bag’s full clamshell opening allows for extremely quick access to the internals of the bag, letting you load and unload it at a moment’s notice.

And the durable packing cubes help keep your clothes and small essentials organized while you travel from place to place. They also have the ability to expand to fit more gear in case you bring back more than you brought in on your next vacation.

Buy Now at YETI

Whether you’re on the way to the office, headed out to the great outdoors, or getting on your first flight in a year, the Crossroads duffels and bags from YETI have all your bases covered. These bags are a YETI.com exclusive, so check them out at the link below and make them a part of your future travel plans today.

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Trending: Hamilton Khaki Field Day Date Auto

Trending: Hamilton Khaki Field Day Date Auto

Selecting an automatic military field watch as your EDC timepiece covers a lot of bases. The Hamilton Khaki Field Day Date Auto delivers classic looks, highly legible markings, and a massive power reserve in a versatile package. Behind a clear sapphire crystal, the black dial contrasts with classic field watch markings and simple, sword-shaped hands to deliver an easy time-telling experience. The dial features a square date window at 6 o’clock, and a curved day indicator that integrates with the inner ring with military-style 24-hour markings. The Khaki Field Day Date Auto runs on the brand’s in-house H-30 automatic movement, which features high precision and an 80-hour power reserve, giving you more than three days worth of precision timekeeping when fully wound. The 42mm silver-tone stainless steel case is water resistant to 165 feet, and seamlessly flows into the matching 20mm stainless steel bracelet, creating a tough-as-metal aesthetic that reflects the watch’s own sturdiness and robust performance. This is one that can do it all. Check out this modern classic at the link below.

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CEO Lite Carry
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Whether offering exceptional value, performance, and of course, toughness, a G-SHOCK is an ideal everyday companion on your wrist. And thanks to developments in materials and manufacturing technology, many of the brand’s premium options have come a long way and offer a lot more than the resin-based models you may have been used to. The GSTB100GC-1A is one of the latest models to come out of G-SHOCK’s refined G-STEEL line, built with top-end features both inside and outside its ion-plated metal exterior. It’s every bit the everyday tough watch you know, taken to the next level in every way.

Front and center for the GSTB100GC-1A is its robust 58mm stainless steel case, bolstered by highly scratch-resistant ion plating for the bezel, as well as ion-plated gold buttons and buckle for its premium accents. The combination results in some serious wrist presence, with plenty of room to display the analog complications within the gold-accented dial. Along with the accented hands and indices, you also get day, date, and a world time dial for complete timekeeping information. And for even more accurate time, the GSTB100GC-1A uses Bluetooth low energy to sync with the dedicated G-SHOCK Connected mobile app for time synchronization and other functions.

But there’s more to the watch than a bold face and solid construction: many useful G-SHOCK features are under the GSTB100GC-1A’s hood. In addition to the shock resistance and 200 meters of water resistance you can expect from most watches from the brand, you also get a full suite of alarms, timers, and stopwatch functionality. Solar charging gives the watch plenty of longevity on top of its 24-month continuous performance thanks to a built-in power saving feature which stops the hands while the watch is in the dark. And speaking of the dark, you also get a Super Illuminator LED light when the sun goes down, giving you instant information anytime, anywhere.

The G-SHOCK G-STEEL GSTB100GC-1A is a solid statement of tech and performance on your wrist, packed with features for all your timekeeping needs, rain or shine, day or night. Pick one up in five variations at the link below.

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MecArmy CPL3 Pocket Clip Flashlight

MecArmy CPL3 Pocket Clip Flashlight

EDC is all about finding the right tool for the job to make everyday tasks easier. But sometimes even the most complete set of tools doesn’t make the most sense in your kit if all it does is weigh or slow you down. MecArmy’s CPL series of flashlights aims to add a useful flashlight to some of the tools you may already carry, and for its third iteration the CPL3 gives your knife’s (or multi-tool’s) clip a bright new addition. It’s a clear space ripe for utility, and offers you a new way to consolidate and streamline your EDC.

Like the rest of the CPL series, the CPL3 is a compact flashlight powered by a single-button interface that makes a big impact by taking up next to no space at all in your loadout. But despite its 1.26“ x 1.06” size, its CREE XP-G2 LED offers up to 300 lumens across five useful modes, including a 4-lumen Low that lasts up to 7.1 hours and a Strobe for emergencies. A 55mAh lithium polymer battery lets the CPL3 keep its small stature, while being quick and convenient to charge (in an hour) via a USB-C port built into its side.

The CPL3 is built from CNC-machined titanium, keeping its weight under an ounce while giving it strength and a premium sheen that makes the material an EDC favorite. It’s rated for IPX6 impact and water resistance, which means that even if it lives on the outside of your pocket on the clip it’s still tough enough to withstand the scrapes and bangs of everyday tasks. The clip itself is compatible with most 3-screw configurations on knives and multi-tools, so it should be an easy fit for many EDC favorites.

Every space, every tool is worth a second look for consolidating and optimizing your gear and the MecArmy CPL3 could be the next bright idea to add to your EDC. Check it out at the link below.

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Firebird Nixie Watch

Firebird Nixie Watch

"This wristwatch combines vintage tech with modern styling. It displays the current time and date on a pair of 1970s military-grade vacuum tubes, driven by a Swiss real-time clock module. Its body is machined from aluminum alloy, and its tubes sit beneath a protective sapphire..." (via The Awesomer)

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