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The 3 Best Flashlights from NEBO

Once you’ve made a flashlight a part of your daily carry, you’ll know how important it is to have high quality, reliable illumination readily available for different situations. NEBO has sold over 30 million units from their line of innovative and consumer-friendly flashlights and tools, in over 57 countries worldwide. These lights are engineered in the US at their home base in Forth Worth, Texas, where they cultivate their passion for innovative technology and creating new and exciting products for their consumers. The result is higher quality and uniquely designed flashlights that are both reliable and cost-effective. Here we take a look at three of the best lights from NEBO that can help bolster your EDC kit. These compact rechargeable flashlights offer not only high output, but a host of other useful features that can make a difference when you’re out and about.

NEBO MYCRO Headlamp 

Those who use a light out in the field for work situations know how convenient a headlamp can be. The NEBO MYCRO Headlamp is a portable option that fits in the palm of your hand and never requires spare batteries. Its onboard 200 mAh LiPo rechargeable battery tops up in two hours via the built-in micro USB port. A side button gives you access to the light’s different output levels and modes. There’s a 400-lumen Turbo with a beam distance of 60 meters that can hold for 30 second intervals, a 150-lumen High, a 50-lumen Medium, and a 15-lumen Low that extends the runtime to 5 hours. In addition, there are 10-lumen Red and Green lighting modes for versatile low-light applications. The chassis is IPX4-rated for water resistance, and features a detachable clip that allows you to attach it to the brim of your hat for use as a cap light. Last but not least, the included headband features a reflective pattern, further increasing your visibility in low-light and emergency situations.

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NEBO SLYDE KING Flashlight and Worklight

The newest generation of NEBO's best-selling rechargeable flashlight, the SLYDE KING Flashlight and Worklight, features a main light with adjustable zoom, a Chip on Board (COB) red light function, and the ability to program memory settings for all of its light modes. Its 12.8 ounce anodized aluminum chassis provides four different lighting options. An adjustable, high-power 500 lumen flashlight sits on one end, enclosed by a twisting bezel that provides up to 4x zoom for better focus, tighter beam profile, and brighter output.

The worklight is concealed within the 6.875" chassis of the SLYDE KING. Sliding it out extends the flashlight to its full 9" length and automatically turns the 500 lumen worklight on, providing you with a wall of illumination to better fill large spaces. Along with the worklight is a red light that uses COB LEDs, combining multiple lighting chips to produce an evenly-lit lighting panel effect that maximizes the effectiveness of the Red Hazard Flasher Mode. The Chip on Board technology automatically turns on when the worklight section is opened, and off when closed.

You can also switch to a red task light for reducing eye strain when reading maps, instructions, or other documents in the dark. All modes are dimmable, with a memory function that remembers the last-used mode. A magnetic base on the tail end of the light allows you to attach the NEBO SLYDE KING to metallic surfaces, giving you hands-free operation when you’re doing tasks that require both hands. Like its brethren, the SLYDE KING features an onboard rechargeable battery—this time a Lithium-ion one—that’s charged via the onboard USB port.

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NEBO MYCRO Keychain Light

If you’re looking for a light you can have on you at all times, a keychain light is a compact and viable solution that you’re less likely to leave behind. The compact yet powerful NEBO MYCRO Keychain Light can deliver up to 400 lumens out to a distance of 269 feet while on its highest mode, plus five other lighting modes that make it a useful everyday light.

The prominent top button gives you quick access to Turbo, while the rubberized power button cycles through three different output levels, plus two alternative colors for the LED sidelight. There’s a 150-lumen High that can hold for 1 hour, a 50-lumen Medium that can hold for two, and a 15-lumen Low that lasts for 5 hours when the internal rechargeable battery is fully charged. A smaller emitter off the side of the main LED can produce green light for extra visibility when outdoors, and a red light that helps preserve night vision when navigating or reading in the dark.

This tiny and versatile torch can be attached to your keys via keyring, or hung around your neck with the included stainless steel necklace. A wrist lanyard is also included in the package, extending your carry options. At 1.73" x 1.16" x 0.67"  and 2.08 ounces, it’s a functional addition to your daily carry. Last but not least, the NEBO MYCRO Keychain Light comes in three different colors to better match the rest of your EDC kit.

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The compact, powerful, and cost-effective rechargeable lights deliver on quality and functionality when you need them most, are just three among many well-designed and high-quality flashlights in NEBO's versatile catalog. As an added bonus, all orders over $25 receive free shipping when making your order from NEBO.

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Trending: Victorinox Ranger

Trending: Victorinox Ranger

The Victorinox Ranger is the brand’s outdoor-oriented multi-tool in their medium-sized 91 mm format. In between its classic red Celidor scales are five tool layers, with a total of 21 different functions. Two sizes of blades, a wood saw, and a metal saw take care of bigger cutting tasks, while the included scissors and metal file pare down smaller and more delicate materials. The rest of the included tools lets the Ranger diversify into other tasks: a cap-lifter, a can opener, and a corkscrew for food preparation, plus different sizes of screwdrivers, a wire bender, a reamer, and an awl for repairs and your DIY projects. There’s even a multipurpose hook that lets you turn the Victorinox Ranger into a carrying handle for parcels, and a keyring attachment point to keep this multi-tool handy. And of course, there’s the usual tweezers and toothpick on the Celidor scales themselves. Check out this all-around multi-tasker at the link below.

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Lightweight but Capable and Durable.
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Daily Readiness Kit
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Trending: Milwaukee Fastback Utility Knife

Trending: Milwaukee Fastback Utility Knife

If you’ve used your own EDC knife to open boxes lined with tape, or break down cardboard all day, you know that those tasks take their toll on the sharpness and cleanliness of your beloved edge. The utility knife, with its replaceable blades taking the brunt of the work without need for sharpening or cleaning, is a more appropriate tool for the job. The Milwaukee Fastback Utility Knife presents a practical option that’s been tried and tested by many. The “fastback” in its name refers to its quick-flipping one-handed operation, similar to an EDC folder. Press down on the button lock and flip out the blade holder, which holds standard utility blades. A notch in the handle lets it act like a gut hook, cutting cordage without having to deploy the blade. It also features a storage section in the handle that lets you bring up to five extra blades along. When it's time to move, wire clip lets you keep the this utility knife secure and within reach in your pants or tool bag pocket. Keep your primary blade sharp let the right tool do the job with the Milwaukee Fastback Utility Knife. Check it out at the link below.

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Casio G-Shock MTG-B2000BD

Casio G-Shock MTG-B2000BD

"We love the deep magenta and black color combo of this high-end G-SHOCK model, which sports a dual-core structure made from carbon composite and metal. It has a solar-powered mechanism with automatic time calibration, smartphone linking, dual-timezone display, countdown timer, alarm, calendar and..." (via The Awesomer)

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Arc’teryx Mantis 2 Waistpack

Arc’teryx Mantis 2 Waistpack

When you’re trying to keep things lightweight, you might opt to forgo carrying a big bag for your EDC. But if you find yourself struggling to carry everything in your pockets, you should consider carrying a small bag for the overflow. One that’s well-designed, like the Arc’teryx Mantis 2 Waistpack, can help you keep your small valuables safe and easily accessed as you go about your day, whether you wear it traditionally around your waist or slung over your shoulder like a sling.

With a snug 2.5 liters of capacity, you’re not going to be able to fit the kitchen sink inside the Mantis 2, but Arc’teryx made this waistpack in such an intelligent way that it complements your carry and makes it a joy to use day in and day out. The low profile bag features an open stash pocket and a zippered security pocket for main storage. The exterior zippered compartment is sized right for your sunglasses case and other small items you’ll access more frequently, and the main compartment can handle your bigger items.

The rear of the bag is padded with Spacermesh where it will rub up against your body for comfort, and the padding also hides a discreet rear pocket for higher-value items like your cell phone or your wallet when you’re on your travels. The main strap is detachable with buckles, and you can either keep it at its standard waist size or expand it a bit for use as a sling or shoulder bag when the situation demands it. And because the bag itself is made out of lightweight 420D HD nylon plain weave at 6 oz in total, it won’t add much heft to the gear you carry inside.

The Arc’teryx Mantis 2 is a great option if you’re looking for a small waist or shoulder pack that has a smart design and the looks that set it apart from the cheap bag you might have worn as a small child. With how useful and convenient the bag is, you may consider picking it up and using it even when you’re packing a bit heavier with a standard bag on your back for your frequently-used items. Either way, check out the link below and make it a part of your everyday carry today.

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The Best Everyday Essentials from Everyman

When you start looking at your EDC gear as investments, quality and durability come to the fore as primary factors in your purchase decisions. Being able to find the right combination of performance, aesthetics, and price lets you build a refined and minimalist kit that’s easy to carry and performs exactly when you need it. Everyman is a company focused on providing high value products that make your everyday carry experience better. Driven by their desire to create thoughtfully designed products, they’ve been delivering on consecutive successful Kickstarter campaigns with products that are tailored to the needs of active go-getters and practical EDCers. Here we take a look at the best everyday essentials the brand has to offer, and whether it’s pocket-sized essentials or a daily carry pack, Everyman fulfills on its promise of providing functional and high-quality products built to last.

This is a sponsored post presented by Everyman.

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