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Black Ember Kompak Collection

There’s a common misconception that minimalist EDC gear equates to a barebones experience with minimal features. But with thoughtful design, the right materials, and clever construction methods, even ultra-compact minimalist gear can go toe-to-toe with beefier alternatives when it comes to functionality. San Francisco-based Black Ember has proven this time and again with their feature-rich, modular technical bags and carry goods. This time around, they’re bringing their signature no-compromise design ethos back to Kickstarter with the Kompak Collection. Featuring a “surprisingly spacious” cross body EDC bag, an ultra-slim bifold wallet, and a magnetic keychain, the Kompak Collection transforms your collection of gear into a sleek and seamless EDC system.

As the cornerstone of the collection, the Kompak crossbody bag defies expectations of what a bag this size can carry. It’s optimized to store most small-to-medium-sized gear in one place, ranging from things like your phone and EDC tools, to notebooks, small tablets, and full-size headphones, compact cameras, and even a travel mug. It achieves this thanks to the combination of an efficiently organized layout and a high-volume main compartment.

The Kompak’s space can be divided into two sections. The rear section’s compartment is more spacious, featuring a zippered pocket at the very back as well as two slide pockets cut at an angle for easy retrieval of flat items. The rest of the space can hold bigger items like headphones or a small camera on top of the previously mentioned compartments.

The front section features three slimmer pockets in total, organized in a vertical manner so you can easily slide your gear in and out. The first compartment is divided into two uneven sections, a wide one for your keys or keychain, and a narrower one, perfect for a pocket knife or flashlight. The second compartment can hold something like a folded facemask or charging cables. Finally, since the third compartment features a cable passthrough, you can use to easily charge your phone with a power bank if you happen to deposit it inside the Kompak’s magnetic front pocket.

Despite its impressive carry potential, the Kompak still rides close to your body for a secure and comfortable fit thanks to Hypalon “wings” that contour and allow the bag to lay flat against your body. The Kompak is one of the first bags on the market to use CORDURA brand ECO recycled nylon fabric. Black Ember leverages its BOND-STITCH construction to produce precise, durable, and weather-resistant seams without the bulk of traditional sewing methods.

Next in the collection is the Mag-Fold Wallet: a minimalist magnetic wallet made from multiple layers of CORDURA nylon. This wallet features four card slots to accommodate a wide range of cards. An elastic band keeps your folded cash in check as a slimmer alternative to a dedicated billfold section. Four hidden magnets provide peace of mind and ease of use, giving you a bit more insurance against your cards or cash falling out without making the wallet harder to use.

Last, but not least in the collection, we have the Magnetic Keychain 02. This elegant new keychain was designed to allow you to easily attach and detach your items when you want to, but stay as secure as possible when you don’t. It attaches to your belt loop, bag, or even one of the Kompak’s pockets with a miniature aluminum hook that features a spring-loaded gate. Once you’ve successfully attached it, you can use its Fidlock buckle below to quickly and easily release whatever you’re carrying, from your car keys to a compact piece of gear.

No matter the item in the Kompak Collection, one thing’s clear: Black Ember’s designs consistently give you as much functionality as they can while retaining an elegant, minimal aesthetic with a construction that’s worthy of any EDC. You can learn more about the collection at their fully funded Kickstarter campaign linked below before it ends on 11/12/21 at 12PM PST.

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Victorinox Climber Lite Winter Magic SE 2021

Victorinox Climber Lite Winter Magic SE 2021

With the end of the year coming closer and closer, it’s no surprise to see winter and holiday themes all over, and even EDC gear can get the festive treatment. Victorinox make plenty of special releases throughout the year, but they always save something special for the holidays. A limited edition of the Climber Lite is their choice for this year’s winter magic, delivering a ton of functionality in a compact package that’s perfectly dressed for the season.

Instead of Victorinox’s iconic red Cellidor scales, the Climber Lite Winter Magic comes with a bronze and silver design printed over a black background. This design is inspired by the famous Swiss landscape, giving a nod to Victorinox’s origins. While the snow-capped mountain range is detailed in a silver color, the stars and the moon feature a contrasting and standout bronze. Blue geometric lines all around also fill up the empty space, bringing the design together.

The Climber Lite itself is a robust multi-tool, giving you 17 functions packed into a compact 3.6“ body weighing only 3.5 oz. For cutting and slicing tasks, you have access to 2 blade sizes as well as a pair of scissors. For small repairs and tinkering projects, it features 4 screwdrivers and a wire stripper. For food prep you have a can opener, a bottle opener, and a corkscrew. Other tools include a reamer, punch and awl, a multi-purpose hook, Victorinox’s signature toothpick and tweezers, and of course, the LED light that gives this model its namesake.

A  detachable moon-shaped charm attached to the knife’s keyring acts as the cherry on top, giving it a unique accent to cap off the limited release. Only 10,000 pieces of this Climber Lite were produced, so if it caught your eye as a gift for yourself or your loved ones this year, pick it up from the links below.

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Trending: Seiko SNDA65 Chronograph Pilot Watch

Trending: Seiko SNDA65 Chronograph Pilot Watch

The SNDA65 is a sleek Seiko pilot watch with a chronograph and date complication packed into a bold 43mm case. The chrono complications combined with its Japanese quartz movement makes this a watch suitable for timing purposes. The Arabic numeral legends and date window make for easy reading at a glance as well. It's water resistant down to 330 feet and features a crystal dial that'll stand up to everyday bumps and scratches. Pair it with a nice NATO band and change things up with it depending on where you're going and what you're wearing for extra versatility.

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Customize a Deejo Pocket Knife with MyDeejo

EDC is by nature highly personalized—people not only have different personalities but different needs as well. And it isn’t just the combination of items that we should be able to customize. Why not the tools themselves? Pocket knives in particular can be tough to dial in, with plenty to consider from how it performs, to how it looks, and much more. So why shouldn’t you be able to build your knife from the blade (or the hilt) up?

MyDeejo is the unique online customization service offered by Deejo. Here, you get the advantages of a slim and sleek Deejo knife paired with hundreds of combinations of options to customize a design that's truly yours. You have a classic, ultra-thin blade of 420 stainless steel with an integrated liner lock to keep the knife strong, but still light. A skeletonized handle also contributes to the weight (or lack thereof), and the holster you get with every purchase makes it perfect for EDC. As for handling, you get easy one-handed deployment thanks to a large pivot and friction opening.

But all this is just what you have to start with. Get on MyDeejo, and you can really start to play. The process is simple—just follow these 5 steps using the site’s 3D interface to build up your dream pocket knife.

Step 1: Choose the size and weight of your Deejo knife. You have three options for this step: 0.53 oz (2.76”), 0.95 oz (3.54”), or 1.31 oz (4.33”).

Step 2: Decide on the finishing of your blade. You can choose between mirror, titanium, or black titanium.

Step 3: Select your handle. You can go with naked, color, carbon fiber, or wood.

Step 4: “Tattoo” your Deejo. The customization tool lets you play with over 60 illustrations so you can tailor your knife to your personality. These illustrations include tribal patterns, art deco, animal themes, outdoor and location themes, and more. Even today tattoos are being added, so check out new designs like "chef," "shark," "corsair," and "good luck."

Step 5: Engrave. Make this blade truly unique to you (or for a special someone) by specifying a name or phrase to engrave onto the handle.

Step 6: Order and enjoy. You’ll have noticed that the price changes with your customizations, so you get real-time updates on the value of your knife. So finalize your design with the 5 steps above, hit “Order,” fill up the necessary information, and wait for your Deejo to be arrive at your doorstep. Then show it off as your unique-to-you EDC.

You can step up your own EDC with the unique flair a customized knife from MyDeejo affords, or you can whip up the perfect gift for that special person in your life. Check out how to customize a Deejo pocket knife with MyDeejo at the link below.

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Fisher Space Pen First Responder Series

Fisher Space Pen First Responder Series

If there’s anything that the pandemic has helped us appreciate, it’s the importance of first responders on a personal as well as global level. Every day, they stand at the front lines, ready to protect and assist the communities they’re in. October 28th is National First Responder Day, and Fisher Space Pen has decided to honor these brave men and women with a new series of Space Pens inspired by each of their professions.

Writing down critical information and situational details are part and parcel of first response, and the Fisher Space Pen is one of the most versatile and reliable writing instruments out there, especially during emergencies in less-than-ideal environments. The First Responder Series features Fisher’s Cap-O-Matic design, a model specifically chosen for its easy single-handed cap activation along with its added durability thanks to a matte black coating all over its body.

The key design feature of the series is the colored line down the middle of the pen’s barrel. The line’s color depends on which of the five professions the pen was inspired by, and a portion of the sales of the pen goes to a related foundation. For law enforcement, you get a blue line, with the proceeds going to the Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) Foundation. Firefighters get a red line with proceeds going to the Hope for Heroes Foundation, which helps support injured firefighters and their families.

Search & Rescue comes with an orange line, with help going towards the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. Conservation personnel get an olive green line and whose proceeds go to the National Park Foundation, and last but certainly not least, EMS professionals get a white line, with support for The American Red Cross.

Regardless of which pen in the series you choose, all of them come with the Fisher’s patented Space Pen refill. This iconic refill designed for use by astronauts in space is a cartridge with pressurized ink that gives it the ability to write under any condition. This includes wet surfaces, extreme temperatures, through grease, under water, at any angle, and even in zero gravity.

In addition to your choice of color, Fisher also gives you the ability to have a custom engraving added to the pen, making it an extra special gift for extra special people. Honor and support some of the most important workers on the front lines by picking up your choice of the First Responder Series at the link below.

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On-Location Shoot Day
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Weltool M6 Mini Flashlight

Weltool M6 Mini Flashlight

"This pen-style flashlight is optimized for reading documents or performing close-up tasks in the dark. It’s got a high-CRI LED that produces a warm white 3000K light, with a perfectly circular field of light without dark spots. Its 3.46″ long body is made from anodized 6061 aluminum alloy, and includes a..." (via The Awesomer)

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Ridge Black Damascus Wallet

The Ridge Wallet is one of the most popular minimalist card holder wallets with the EDC community for a reason, thanks to its convenient design and its extensive customizability. You can pick a model with your favorite decorative faceplate on the edges of the wallet, and there’s a wide selection to choose from. Their latest release, Black Damascus, evokes the exotic waves and organic lines you find on everyday carry knives made of Damascus steel. The end result is a bold look that will accompany the rest of your everyday carry well, especially if you sport the right kind of folding knife.

With this edition of the Ridge Wallet, the look and feel of Damasteel was accomplished by precision laser engraving onto SUS304 stainless steel, for a crisp and clean look without the countless folds required to forge multiple steels together to form an actual cutting edge. The waves offer a subtle amount of contrast to the overall look of the wallet, and it makes it stand out from the standard models of the Ridge Wallet, making an already beautiful design even more gorgeous in person.

Everything else that makes the Ridge Wallet a great choice for a minimalist everyday carry remains the same with the Black Damascus edition. It can carry up to 12 cards in its plate-and-band form factor without stretching out. The use of metal also means that it blocks RFID signal leakage, helping protect you against wireless theft of your payment and identification info when you’re on the go. And if anything does go wrong with the wallet, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty that ensures that Ridge will make it right for you.

Whether you’re looking to pick up a Ridge Wallet for the first time or you’re looking to gift one to someone dear to you, the new Ridge Black Damascus Wallet is a great choice. As with all the special editions of the Ridge Wallet, if it sparks your interest you should click the link below and secure one of these limited edition wallets for yourself before it’s gone.

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7 of Our Favorite Fall Picks from 5.11

7 of Our Favorite Fall Picks from 5.11

Few brands have stood the test of time for EDC as 5.11. From their iconic RUSH backpacks to field-tested apparel and everything in between, they’ve covered nearly every aspect of EDC over the years in their extensive catalog. But they haven’t slowed down in the slightest. Below we’ve picked out some of their latest releases as solid candidates to add to and upgrade your essentials, especially if you’re looking to mix it up going into the last months of the year.

5.11's Fall Essentials

Base 3DP Knife

Up first is an EDC staple, a compact knife able to slice its way through your daily tasks. The 3DP comes with a versatile 2.75“ drop point blade in 8Cr13MoV stainless steel that deploys via thumb studs, and secures with a frame lock during use. Beefy jimping along the spine helps with control during heavier cutting tasks, assisted by a finger choil cut out into the 3DP’s handles. Said handles are sleek, skeletonized, and built from stainless steel, and offers a lanyard hole and clip to give you options for EDC. It’s a solid and stylish knife to add to your rotation at a great price.

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Vlad Rescue Pen

If you weren’t convinced about adding a pen to your EDC yet, this might change your mind. The Vlad Rescue Pen lives up to its name with a carbide-tip glass breaker on the opposite side of its pen tip, covered by a posted cap with a steel pocket clip. This effectively makes it pull double duty as both a quality writing instrument and a handy tool for emergency situations. The pen is made out of aerospace-grade aluminum for a lightweight yet durable construction. To deploy its writing tip, just twist the body to advance its pressurized black ink cartridge that can write upside down or in wet conditions. Finally, it features deep grooves all throughout its body to provide you with a secure grip that’s useful for both writing and emergency applications alike.

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Ounce for ounce, one of the most useful things you can add to your daily carry is a keychain multi-tool. They’re lightweight, packed with functionality, and easy to keep on you oat all times. The EDT Pry is no exception, boasting four distinct tools in its single-piece design. You’ll get access to a sturdy pry tool, a flathead screwdriver, a 1/4“ bit driver, and an essential bottle opener. To ensure this tiny tool is robust enough for the tasks you throw at it, it features a solid stainless steel construction as well as small grooves at the sides for added grip. Adding to the value you’ll be getting, the EDT Pry comes with its own micro-carabiner, attached via a keyring, this way you’ll have more places to attach it to besides your keychain.

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EDC K-USB Flashlight

If you’re looking to add even more utility to your keychain or bag, this compact flashlight is more than powerful enough to get most jobs done in a pinch. This USB-rechargeable light leverages a CREE XP-G3 LED to pump out a maximum of 150 lumens for up to 1 hour and 30 minutes. Activation is as simple as it gets, just press its rubberized button at the middle of the body. To make sure it's up to the rough and tumble of EDC, it features an aluminum body with a Type III Hard Anodization, making it resistant against chips and scratches. Finally, to add even more durability fit for a keychain, it features an IP54 rating for both water and impact resistance.

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Overwatch Messenger 18L

With more and more of us starting to head back into the office, now’s a great time to gear up for your commute with a proper EDC bag. If you want a place to keep your gear and gadgets safe and organized, the Overwatch Messenger bag is a solid option for work, travel, and EDC thanks to its slim profile. Made out of 500D Nylon, the Overwatch Messenger is ready to take on the challenges of daily use while providing you with a bunch of organizational features. Inside the main compartment you’ll find zippered pockets, hook and loop pockets and even a padded compartment for a laptop up to 15“. Or, if you prefer, you can also use a zippered back compartment (also padded) to store your device. Other things like a hidden CCW compartment, a front admin panel and MOLLE-compatible straps round out its features.

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Norris Low Sneaker

A lot of times you need to sacrifice style in order to gain function, but that isn’t the case with 5.11’s Norris Low Sneaker. They took a classic low-top silhouette and re-engineered it with durability and comfort in mind. For example, its nylon/suede upper is ATSM-certified to be puncture resistant. The Vibram outsole features XS Trek, a technical compound that balances traction, durability, responsiveness and stability on outdoor terrain. Paired with a rubber toe cap for grip and durability on hikes or scrambles, the Norris has what it takes to be your go-to city-to-mountain sneaker. Finally, an Ortholite footbed will keep your feet comfortable, dry and fresh.

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Ridge Pants

5.11’s Ridge Pants manage to conceal a slew of tactical features while keeping under the radar on the outside and comfortable on the inside. For storage, you’ll have access to eight pockets in total. Two zippered cargo pockets with internal dividers, two angled hand-pockets, back body patch pockets, as well as hidden pockets. Its polyester and cotton canvas blend strikes a balance between performance and comfort, finished with DWR for added weather resistance. EDCers who CCW will appreciate the Ridge Pant’s reinforced belt loops and a flex cuff tunnel, while articulation at the knees improves range of motion while also resulting in a flattering fit.

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Trending: Benchmade 535-3 CF Bugout

Trending: Benchmade 535-3 CF Bugout

If you’ve never held or used a Bugout before, it comes with a fair share of features that have contributed to its success as one of the most popular EDC pocket knives. The 3.24“ blade with a 3” cutting edge and versatile drop point shape comes straight from the original 535’s design, as is its use of Benchmade’s iconic AXIS lock for ease of use, secure lockup, and ambidextrous operation. On the 535-3 CF, this blade is executed in top-tier CPM-S90V steel, best known for its excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance. Its dual thumb studs come in Benchmade’s signature blue, and the edge itself is hair-popping sharp right out of the box. While there have been aftermarket carbon fiber handles for the Bugout before, on the 535-3 CF they come stock and contoured for exceptional comfort--no sharp edges, no hotspots. The nature of carbon fiber also allows these handles to be sturdy and rigid while remaining lightweight. The original 535 Bugout has cemented its place in EDCer’s pockets, and now the 535-3 CF sees it in one of its best forms yet. Pick up this premium iteration of one of the best knives you can carry at the link below.

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Basic EDC (Fall 2021)
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Trending: JETBeam RRT03 Rotary Flashlight

Trending: JETBeam RRT03 Rotary Flashlight

The RRT in the model name means it comes from JETBeam's Rapid Response Tactical series, and the use of both a tail switch for quick activation and a stainless steel twist ring for easy output control fulfill on that designation. It’s easy to pocket and bring along thanks to its compact 3.65" long IPX-8 rated aircraft aluminum body and the attached skeletonized pocket clip. The RRT03 comes with a micro USB-rechargeable 18350, but can also accept CR123A and 16340 battries, and even larger formats like the 18500 or 18650 thanks to optional extension tubes.

The forward clicky tail switch turns the light on, and from there you have three-stage output (Low-Medium-High) up to 1,400 lumens—that’s from an 18350 battery—via the magnetic rotating ring. Twist the ring clockwise beyond the detent for High and you get access to a multi-color RGB flash mode detent with Red, Green, and Blue for various identification and observation use, and a final detent for Strobe, SOS, Beacon, and a battery indicator. Both of these flashing modes can be switched up with the forward clicky switch. This allows you the versatility of a normal modes for everyday use, and specialized modes when needed.

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The Best New Anker Gadgets to EDC for Remote Work

The Best New Anker Gadgets to EDC for Remote Work

Your everyday carry is a part of you, no matter where you happen to be. If you happen to be working from home for the most part, you can still tailor your loadout to help you excel at any task, even if you don’t have to dress up for the occasion. There’s always room for upgrades to your tech collection at home, especially when you can’t just rely on an IT department to get you the gear you need as soon as possible. To that end, Anker has put out some of the best tech EDC essentials and accessories that you can pick up today. In this round-up, we’ll showcase the best gadgets and tech Anker has to offer for your everyday carry to places near and far—from your home office, to your local coffee shop, to your next business trip.

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