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10 Gym Bags to EDC Back to School

Heading back to school, your schedule is probably packed full of activities. Between class, extra-curriculars, and hobbies, for many of you there’s also the matter of sneaking in some fitness and health activities into your schedule. But try as they might, a lot of EDC bags just aren’t built to carry a full day’s load and an extra change of clothes, too—we’re sure you’d prefer not mixing in your dirty laundry with the rest of your gear. We’re here to help with this list of 10 EDC bags fit for class, the office, the gym, and beyond. By pairing tough construction with thoughtful features built for an active lifestyle, these bags help bridge the gap between work and play.

Aer X-Pac Collection

Sometimes an upgrade comes along that redefines how you use a piece of gear. Think of the time you upgraded from incandescent to LED flashlights, or from feature phones to the latest smartphone. It’s hard to think of such an upgrade when it comes to bags given how sturdy a lot of them are, but then a material comes along that changes the game. For its 5th anniversary, Aer is giving 5 of their most popular bags the X-Pac sailcloth treatment, a highly durable and waterproof laminate designed to withstand the harshest conditions. Whether it’s your first time picking up one of their bags or leveling up your favorite model, now’s a great chance to step up your bag game with one of the most high-tech materials out there.

Developed by sailcloth makers Dimension-Polyant, the VX-42 X-Pac fabric used to bolster the exterior construction of the 5 bags is made from 4 layers of heavy-duty synthetic materials laminated into a single sheet. Since it’s used for racing sails, that meant X-Pac should not only stand up to an extended beating from water and sun but also retain its shape, all while staying as light as possible. Given those properties, it’s a no-brainer that X-Pac is a natural fit for bags. Superior durability combined with exceptional water resistance results in bags in it for the long haul, no matter the climate.

The 5 Aer bags rebuilt with X-Pac are the second generation Duffel Pack, Fit Pack, Travel Pack, Flight Pack, and Day Sling. That’s two of their most popular travel bags, two of their office/gym daypacks, and their EDC-friendly daily sling, depending on the capacity and day-to-day use you’ll need. The largest of the set is the carry-on Travel Pack 2 with a 33L capacity and lay-flat design ideal for stuffing with packing cubes. The Flight Pack 2 is a convertible 21L backpack that can reconfigure into a messenger and designed to work well with luggage pass-throughs. The Duffel and Fit Pack 2 are 24.6L and 18.8L respectively, and whose key feature is a separate shoe/used clothes compartment for when you transition from your desk to your workout. Finally, the Day Sling 2 comes with 4L of storage and organization across 3 compartments, ensuring none of your EDC essentials get left behind.

In addition to the X-Pac construction, each of the 5 bags comes with a few additional premium features to distinguish their limited release. Each bag’s interior now comes in a striking high-visibility orange, and the zipper pulls have been upgraded to use reflective cords. Finally, speaking of zippers, all the zippers across the 5 bags (except for the shoe compartments) have been upgraded to YKK AquaGuards. After all, there’s no point having one of the most water-resistant fabrics in use when water could just get in through the seams.

Celebrate 5 years of EDC-focused bags with Aer and give yours the overbuilt X-Pac upgrade with their new collection. Check it out at the link below.

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DSPTCH RND Clear Dyneema Unit Collection

Running out of pocket space is an all too common problem with EDCers. Even minimalists have days when pockets aren't enough, but a backpack would be overkill. Sling bags are the go-to middle ground for this sort of low volume EDC given their sleek silhouette and ease of access. With the latest in their Research & Development line, DSPTCH distills the sling bag's function down further with experimental shapes and materials to offer more pocket space with none of the bulk. The Unit collection achieves this by harnessing cutting edge materials like ultralight, durable, and waterproof Dyneema fabric in a composite construction, mil-spec nylon, as well as magnetic locking Fidlock buckles. Thanks to their ultra low profile, these three bags are so thin they can go where most bags can't: layered under outerwear for discreet carry.

The Clear Dyneema offerings in the Unit Collection include two new silhouettes, a dual holster and an asymmetric bag, as well as a reiteration of their original Unit Sling. The Unit Holster is the most minimal of the trio, with two smaller pockets on either side worn similar to a vest. The pockets ride at a comfortable and easy to access angle and can accommodate a large phone and a few smaller accessories each. Semi-transparent 1.0 oz Dyneema composite fabric on the front gives at-a-glance identification of your gear while saving weight, DWR-treated 410D nylon packcloth lines the interior, while 3.0 oz black Dyneema on the back and pocket flap offer added structure and strength. A sliding magnetic Fidlock button clasp locks everything down for a secure carry.

The other new silhouette comes as an asymmetric, reversible Vertical Pouch. It offers almost a liter of additional storage under your jacket, with internal organization and MOLLE-compatible webbing should you decide to wear it externally and load it up with add-ons. It features the same mix of materials as the Unit Holster, weighing in at just 6 oz. A set of two-way YKK Aquaguard zippers grant access to the main compartment while keeping water out, and a magnetic Fidlock V-buckle secures the adjustable 3-point strap.

Last but not least is the return of the Unit Sling, this time even more minimal thanks to its lighter weight materials. It also weighs just 6 ounces, making it a compelling ultralight option in a more familiar silhouette and carry configuration. The Unit Sling features a smaller zippered stash pocket for loose essentials up top, with a larger main compartment in the new 1.0 oz clear Dyneema. The two-tone look extends to the shoulder strap as well with a black release buckle and grey webbing. The three bags are all made in the USA and backed with a lifetime guarantee. Check out this collection of unique urban carry goods available now at DSPTCH from the link below.

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10 Laptop Bags to EDC Back to School 2019

Between making your class schedule, dealing with financial aid, and getting ripped off by textbook publishers, going back to school can be a stressful time for many students. Whether you’re a freshman at a new school or you’re getting ready to graduate, the last thing you need is added stress. Every student seems to EDC a laptop for writing papers and submiting assignments, which means that you should get a decent bag to protect it. We’ve picked a few that can protect your laptop along with any other essentials you might need throughout the day, all without looking out of place on campus. From high-tech backpacks to messengers for a commute to all-weather options, we've got your back to school covered.

Camelbak Pivot Totepack

With summer in full swing and temperatures rising, hauling a backpack around probably isn't the most comfortable way to EDC your daily gear. Backpacks can weigh you down and restrict airflow to your back, making commuting in the heat that much worse. But for some of us, simply carrying less and leaving the bag at home isn't an option. That's why a tote bag is a popular summer staple: you can hand carry or sling a lighter load over one shoulder. For days you're carrying a bit more, though, a backpack is still your best bet. Leave it to Camelbak, best known for their outdoor hydration packs, to make their new Pivot Totepack with stowable shoulder straps for a conveniently convertible 2-way carry. With the Pivot series, Camelbak brings their technical knowhow from outdoor gear to more urban styles, all while using premium recycled materials in pursuit of sustainability.

The Pivot Totepack doesn't stray too far from the classic Tote design by overcomplicating it past the point of convenience. However, it does add some useful EDC-friendly features, materials, and hardware to take things to the next level. For starters, the main compartment of the 20L bag features a full-length, water-resistant zipper to keep its contents secure and dry as well as internal pockets for much-needed organization. On the outside, a full-length, water-resistant zipper grants access to a padded laptop pocket that accommodates up to 15" laptops. Down the side of the tote you'll find a vertical zippered pocket for stashing gear you'd want to access quickly, like a water bottle.

The bag is made from 70% repurposed materials—equivalent to 25 single-use plastic water bottles—making it a great option for those of you looking for more sustainable and less wasteful gear. Comfortable and durable seat belt webbing makes up the tote's carry straps and shoulder straps, too. The adjustable shoulder straps can neatly stow discreetly into the back of the tote by unbuckling magnetic clasps. Whether you're packing light or hauling a full day's kit, the convertible straps let you carry however is most comfortable for you. The Pivot Tote Pack is available in both black and olive drab green at the link below.

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Trending: Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizer

Given its popularity, you're probably familiar with Tactical Tuesday's trending gear: the Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizer. It's used by hundreds of EDCers in our own community for a number of good reasons. It's truly pocket sized at 3.5" x 1" x 5.5" yet manages to turn even an expansive loadout into one sleek, consolidated kit. Its clamshell-opening design features multiple pockets and webbing loops inside to snugly secure common pocket-sized tools like single cell flashlights, smaller pocket knives, as well as multi-tools or cables. Slip pockets fit slim objects like your phone, notepad, or power bank. On the outside, a mesh front pocket grants quick access to small loose items, while a large pull handle makes retrieval from your pocket easy. Like other Maxpedition gear, it's made with durable, dirt- and water-resistant 800D nylon for long-lasting performance. Best of all, it's fairly affordable, coming in at under $20 at the link below.

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Trending: 5.11 Tactical MOAB 6

A classic tactical EDC bag is slinging its way to the top of the Trending Gear charts this week: the 5.11 Tactical RUSH MOAB 6. Based on the same platform as an iconic EDC backpack, the RUSH 24, the MOAB 6 brings that same excellent organization and modularity to a more compact sling form factor. It's built tough with military-grade 1050D nylon as a base for PALS webbing and hook-and-loop panels for additional gear attachment. The MOAB 6 boasts 11L of total capacity, with a spacious main compartment that's organized with internal pockets and dividers. A front pocket gives you admin organization for pens and smaller items, while a secondary pocket at the base of the main strap grants extra storage with easy access. As a sling it comfortably carries on either shoulder thanks to its padded, ambidextrous strap, and can keep a lower profile thanks to compression straps on both sides. In true tactical fashion it also features a hidden pocket for concealed carry, making it an excellent option for everything from general EDC to a grab-and-go emergency bag. Check out this classic sling at the link below.

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Last Chance: WANDRD DUO Daypack

If you're still on the hunt for your next great EDC bag, heads up: now's your last chance to secure the versatile DUO Daypack from WANDRD. There's just about 24 hours left for you to back this fully funded project. It's a compelling option if your EDC absolutely relies on having everything organized and dialed. Thanks to its quad-zip design, ample protection and pockets, and durably weatherproof materials, it's perfectly capable for EDC whether you're commuting, taking photos, or traveling.

Quick access and organization are the name of the game with the DUO Daypack. Its single track zipper has four tabs, allowing you to access its contents from the top or sides as needed. It makes for quicker gear retrieval and more convenient loading since you don't need to take the bag off and unzip it entirely to rummage through it. Inside, you'll find a pocket or compartment for just about anything you'd normally carry, including more specialized essentials like a camera and lenses or even a pair of shoes for traveling. It's all possible thanks to the DUO's unique, collapsible pop-cube, which provides some structural padding to the base of the main compartment to protect and separate your gear.

The DUO Daypack's features and materials make it one conveniently capable travel companion, too. A pass-through slot on the back of the bag lets you slip it onto your luggage's handle to take a load off, while a discreet zippered pocket secures your valuables. It's constructed from 840D Jr. Ballistic nylon for a tough yet light exterior and reinforced with 1680D Ballistic nylon at its base for improved abrasion resistance. The DUO handles rain in stride thanks to its weather-resistant polyurethane coating and laminated YKK zippers.

The DUO Daypack is available at 20% off retail via special Kickstarter pricing from the fully funded project link below, so be sure to get your pledge in before it ends tomorrow on Friday, July 26th.

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Black Ember Forge 3-Way Pack

When it comes to bags, the holy grail for many is that “one bag” to do it all. Needless to say, it takes the right combination of design, materials, and functionality to fill that role. Leave it to Black Ember, with a proven track of cutting edge, urban packs under their belt, to take on the challenge. Their latest project, the Forge, was designed to be your “one bag” when you travel, but it can shape-shift and transform between three distinct carry styles to handle your EDC and work commute, too. No matter how and where you choose to carry it, the Forge is in it for the long haul. It’s equipped with some of the best functional materials, hardware, and construction methods available, giving this sleek urban pack the go-anywhere durability and technical performance you want in your one bag.

Most “one bag” designs these days are based on your traditional backpack — best for comfortably hauling bigger loads. But for your one bag to truly replace your EDC, it should carry well even when you need to be fast and light, as well as blend in with your surroundings, whether it’s in the city, on the trail, or at the office. The Forge accomplishes this with its 3-way design, leveraging modular straps and hardware to switch from backpack, messenger, or briefcase on the fly. Its full-sized stowable straps tuck away discreetly into the Forge’s unique “butterfly” door-equipped rear panel. The rear panel’s padding folds open to reveal a dedicated slot for stowing unused straps. Depending on how you stow or deploy the straps, you can turn your backpack into a quick-access messenger while out on the town, or hand-carry as a briefcase in more professional settings.

To accommodate these three carry configurations, the Forge separates its internal organization with EDC, mobile office, and travel in mind. The front compartment features a full-length zip, revealing a full admin panel for organizing your gear in an easy to access way. Mesh pockets fit daily and travel essentials like a battery pack, pens, wallet, phone, and even keys, thanks to a magnetic locking key-hook built right in. The main interior of the pack stores and protects your tech and work essentials with large mesh drop pockets, hidden layered storage for documents, and a 4-side suspended laptop sleeve with a magnetic-locking security clasp for your main machine. When you’ve got a flight to catch, its separate, central travel compartment expands, bumping the Forge’s capacity from 20L up to a roomy 30L. The compartment features a 3/4 zip and packs like a suitcase, giving you ample room for outfits, shoes, packing cubes, and so on. For day-to-day use, it compresses down with magnetic locking buckles for a sleek, low profile.

You can really see Black Ember's design DNA and ethos in the small details throughout the Forge, especially in the materials and hardware it uses. A 3L waterproof textile available in either matte black or black-camo as well as bonded YKK Aquaguard zippers offer excellent weather resistance and a stealthy, utilitarian aesthetic. Custom aluminum hardware and magnetic locking Fidlock buckles throughout make for a premium handling experience. Finally, laser-cut Hypalon details and bar-tack reinforcements give the Forge a subtle strength. If you're on the hunt for a highly technical solution for your one-bag and EDC, be sure to check out the Black Ember Forge and all its features in detail at the Kickstarter link below.

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Hydro Flask Journey Pack

Ask a well-prepared EDCer what it takes to survive in a day, and two answers you’re likely to get are tools and water. But it’s not always easy to mix the two efficiently, since larger or smaller containers of one directly affects your ability to carry the other. It’s rare to find a bag right for EDC needs while also stowing a good amount of water too, which is why Hydro Flask decided to get the job done themselves with their first hydration pack. The Hydro Flask Journey is a daypack in two sizes designed to haul your everyday essentials while keeping your thirst at bay. With its low profile, high performance, and integrated hydration capability, it’s a solid option for the active EDCer.

Unlike most EDC daypacks, the Journey pack comes in a narrower profile. It rides tall and close to the body, which gives it a more compact and tight carry that’s good for active movement like hiking, biking, or navigating a crowded commute. The DWR-coated fabric it’s made of comes with taped seams and laminated weatherproof zippers to keep moisture out and away from your gear, and it’s puncture-, tear-, and abrasion-resistant while staying lightweight. And more than the material is the design of the pack itself: an articulated back panel creates a space that separates you and the bag for both comfort and a way for heat to not transfer to the bag, which helps with its insulated “Cold Flow” system. It allows water to be kept cold for over 4 hours, ensuring a refreshing drink every time. Drinking from the bladder is intuitive and convenient, thanks to a plug-and-play connecting system that allows ease of disconnecting the hose without leaking, as well as a bite valve that self-seals after each sip and features a twist lock bar to prevent leaks when not in use.

Water compartment aside there’s still plenty in the pack for organizing your EDC. In addition to the 10L or 20L capacity you get two internal compartments with stretch mesh pockets to accommodate your gear, as well as external top and side pockets for quick access to gear. A bottom storage compartment lets you segregate heavier/bulkier gear like laptop chargers. There’s plenty of space for the day's essentials, and even when you have to overload fully adjustable shoulder, sternum, and hip straps ensure an ergonomic carry.

Despite being Hydro Flask’s first hydration pack, the Journey Series already sets itself apart with thoughtful features that address even the most active lifestyles as well as a solid fit and finish (with a lifetime warranty!) that rivals any EDC backpack. Pick up a pack in the size of your choice at the Amazon link below.

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Trending: Herschel Supply Trail Tour Hip Pack

We're spotlighting a trending sling this Saturday from the adventure-seeking bag brand, Herschel Supply Co. The Trail Tour Small hip pack provides that extra bit of carry capacity when you're out on the trail or out on the town. 

The front and upper portions of the pack are made of a water-resistant, 210d dobby nylon, while a heavier duty Ballistic nylon reinforces the base against abrasion and also provides structure to the bag. Smaller essentials can ride up front in a separate zip pocket, while the bulk of your carry can be stowed away in the more spacious main compartment. Accessing the main compartment via its two-way zipper reveals a mesh pocket and a key leash as well. 

Measuring at 5.0 x 7.0 x 2.5 inches, it's compact enough to be worn on the hip or slung over the shoulder with its adjustable nylon webbing straps and large standard release buckle. If you've been looking for an outdoors-ready hip pack for your EDC, check out this affordable option at the link below.

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Knack Pack: Expandable Laptop Backpack

Having one bag that can do it all seems like an increasingly unattainable goal at this point. It isn’t hard to find a single bag that can the job done while traveling, but finding a bag that excels at both travel and everyday use is a different story. The Knack Pack is an expandable laptop backpack that aims to get it just right, replacing the need for multiple bags. Its features make it perfect for traveling for a few days, as well as loading it up with your everyday essentials for the morning commute to work.

One thing you never want, regardless of where you are, is a bulky backpack. The Knack Pack's hybrid design maintains a slim profile when both compressed for when you're packing light, or expanded at full capacity. It's available in two sizes, medium and large, to suit a wider range of loadouts. 

The Knack Pack features hardware and materials you'd want in a bag, whether for daily carry or travel. After all, the Knack team spent years perfecting the Knack Pack before bringing it to the market with attention to detail you'd expect from a founding team made up of professionals from Tumi, The North Face, and Coach. For example, to fend off unexpected rain and keep its contents dry, the bag was constructed from a custom-built water-resistant 1200 denier two-tone polyester. To round out its heavy duty hardware, the Knack Pack features Duraflex buckles. Combine all that with a padded, breathable back panel and custom designed straps, and you have a comfortable, durable carry. The Knack Pack also protects your more easily damaged items with soft fleece lining, found in both the sunglasses pouch and in the interior tablet pocket.

While the exterior was built to last, its the clever organization options you’ll find upon opening the bag that make this such a versatile option. The Knack Pack includes numerous pockets and sleeves to make it easier to find your gear on the go, or streamline the packing process to get you out the door quickly. Two zippered mesh pockets hold any small essentials you might want to keep secure but still have access to when you need them, such as your passport or emergency cash. A zippered side pocket keeps your water bottle handy but hidden, maintaining the pack's sleek exterior appearance. The bottom pocket on the pack was specially designed to store and manage long, bulky laptop charging cables without tangling them up, too.

The Knack Pack divides its storage into two main compartments and a laptop sleeve. In the main everyday carry-focused compartment you'll find a fleece-lined sleeve to store a few notebooks or folders, over-ear headphones, or a tablet for binge-watching Netflix on long flights. Then there's the expandable suitcase compartment that differentiates the Knack Pack from the rest. It opens clamshell-style for easy access and packing. The medium Knack Pack holds 2-3 outfits (the Large holds up to 4) with minimal wrinkling, though you should be able to stretch that to even more if you use Knack's packing cubes and an army roll.

Then there’s the hidden compartment specially designed for travel packing, which comes complete with straps to hold up to 4 outfits in place with minimal wrinkling, though you should be able to stretch that to even more if you make use of the versatile Knack packing cubes and an army roll. Last but not least, you can stash your laptop in a padded compartment accessible via a secure side zipper. The medium Knack Pack fits up to a 15-inch laptop, while the large Knack Pack fits up to a 17-inch laptop. The dedicated zip compartment makes grabbing your laptop a snap, rather than having to rummage through the rest of your gear to get to it.

Whether you're using it as a work backpack or as a carry-on for vacation, the Knack Pack easily adapts to whatever situation you find yourself in. If you’re ready to take the jump to just one bag that can do it all, check out the Knack Backpack in its various sizes and color options at the link below.

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Unless you’re handy with packing cubes and pouch organizers, you’re better off with an EDC bag that’s organized from the get-go. By making sure every essential in your daily carry has its own place, your gear becomes easier to load, protect, and retrieve as you go about your day. And if your days involve long commutes, travel, photoshoots, or working out of a mobile office like the team at WANDRD’s do, then their latest project could be just the bag you need. The WANDRD DUO Daypack takes the stress of organizing your constantly-changing setups out of the equation with its durable, stylish, and easy-to-access design that puts everything in its place.

One of the key features that lets the DUO Daypack excel in both ease of access and internal organization is WANDRD’s InfiniteZip system. Four zippers along the main compartment’s U-shaped opening lets you access any part of the bag, from the top or from either side, without having to unzip the entire compartment or take the bag off. But once you do fully unzip the compartment, its side panels and front portion fan out to reveal its impressive array of internal organizational pockets. There’s a padded laptop compartment, small and large mesh pockets for at-a-glance visibility of your essentials, and even elastic cord organizers to keep your tech tidy.

Another clever feature unique to the DUO Daypack is its built-in, collapsible pop cube at the base of the bag. It’s padded and structured enough to keep your camera gear or lenses safe on the go, or to separate your shoes from your clean clothes whether you’re off to the gym on a long flight. It folds down and out of the way if you’d rather use more of the 20L backpack’s main compartment. Lastly, a quick-access stash pocket on the front of the bag makes for the perfect place to keep small items like keys or sunglasses.

While the DUO Daypack’s interior might steal the show, WANDRD didn’t skimp on materials and hardware found on the exterior of the bag. The majority of the exterior is made from a waterproof Jr. Ballistic nylon at a lighter 840D to keep the bag at 2.6lbs. For better abrasion resistance, a denser 1680D Ballistic Nylon makes up the base of the bag. The DUO Daypack handles rain in stride thanks to PU-coated, weather-resistant YKK zippers and a water-repellent coating on the exterior. EVA foam in the back panel makes for a cool and comfortable carry, while durable nylon seatbelt webbing on the pull handles let you grab and go with peace of mind. To make traveling easier, the DUO Daypack features a pass-through slot to slip the bag onto your luggage, as well as a zippered pocket on the back for secure, quick access to your passport.

Whether you’re looking to live your best one bag life on your next adventure or you just like staying organized on your way to the office, the WANDRD DUO Daypack was designed to handle it all. The campaign has already been completely funded on Kickstarter and WANDRD has a solid track record of successful campaigns for performance bags already, so you there’s no guesswork involved here. Make sure to click the link below to learn all about the rest of the DUO's many features and secure one at a special pre-order price for your carry before the campaign ends on Friday, July 26th.

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Mystery Ranch 2-Day Assault 27L

Maybe you’ve got your day-to-day gear dialed-in and completely consistent. But for everything else—weekend getaways, short-haul flights, long days on the trail, or even an after-work gym sesh—your carry might change. And for that, having a bag that’s ready for everything goes a long way. Mystery Ranch’s latest pack offers a 27L capacity for about two-days worth of gear: perfect for flexing between an EDC or a mission-specific pack. With a tough yet lighter weight 500D nylon construction and design elements from both tactical and outdoors packs, the 2-Day Assault 27L could be the “one bag” you’ve been looking for.

With a track record of manufacturing solid bags for all sorts of use cases, Mystery Ranch delivers on the several key criteria for an EDC bag: durability, light weight, ease of access, organization, and comfort. It starts with the 2-Day Assault’s choice of materials: 500D Cordura-brand fabric hits a sweet spot of durability and light weight at just 3 pounds. Next, its tri-zip design grants quick access for gear retrieval on the go. Three water-resistant YKK zippers form a “Y” shape on the pack, letting you easily access the sides, center, or entirety of the internal main compartment as needed instead of having to unzip the entire bag each time. Fully unzipping reveals the main compartment’s spacious interior, lined with zippered mesh compartments and drop pockets for organizing gear. Even its suspended, padded laptop compartment can be accessed via a side zipper. Finally, the 2-Day Assault features padded, contoured shoulder straps, a sternum strap, waist belt, and full-length frame for comfortably bearing heavier loads. When you’re packing light, you can cinch down compression straps on the front of the pack and remove the sternum and waist straps for a lower profile.

Much of the 2-Day Assault’s functionality comes from the outside, too. Its top brain compartment features a mesh compartment for stashing frequently used gear. PALS webbing throughout the bag lets you add on MOLLE pouches or clippable gear, serving well for both tactical or outdoors applications. Last but not least, a pair of external bottle pockets keep your water handy at all times. The 2-Day Assault comes in three colors: black, coyote tan, and forest green. By picking one up from Huckberry at the link below, 10% of the proceeds go to the Navy SEAL Foundation to benefit children who have lost parents on duty.


Is the GORUCK GR1 Worth It in 2019?

Nowadays it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of EDC tactical backpacks that are available for purchase. But there was a time when your options were more limited, and when the very concept of everyday carry wasn’t well-known. Back then it took a few pioneers to break tactical bags out of the purely military silo and into the civilian eye. GORUCK was one of those pioneers, founded by a former American special forces operator who wanted to bring the quality of gear he expected during his service in his everyday life outside of it. Born out of necessity, the GORUCK GR1 paved the way for a new age of tactical bags and gained a cult following all its own. But is that decade-old bag still worth it in 2019’s competitive market saturated with new EDC bag brands?

The Best New EDC Gear from Outdoor Retailer 2019

While most everyday carry gear certainly has its tactical roots, it's hard to ignore how useful outdoor equipment and survival gear can be for your day-to-day. Gear designed for the outdoors often features the latest technology in performance fabrics and hardware, rugged durability to weather inclement conditions, and light weight for making long treks on the trail that much easier. Not to mention, many of our members take their EDCs from city to mountain and back, blending urban EDC with outdoor gear as well-prepared weekend warriors. That's why we recently headed to Outdoor Retailer, the largest trade show for the outdoors industry in North America. In this recap, we're highlighting new EDC-worthy products and trends from the outdoor industry that should be on your radar.