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Bellroy Classic Backpack V2

Plenty of companies that make backpacks aim to do a little bit of everything, and usually end of falling short and being great at anything. Sometimes you don’t need anything too fancy. Bellroy has a solid track record of keeping their products simple and effective, earning them a spot in the pockets of many EDCers. So it should come as no surprise that the team at Bellroy took that same simple approach when updating their Classic Backpack. Like the original, this second iteration of the pack offers only what you might need as a commuter but with the same focus on great build quality and a thoughtful design, all in a familiar, timeless silhouette.

The Classic Backpack V2 isn’t a flashy take on the modern backpack, it’s more of a low-key pack with a few tricks up its sleeve. At first glance it's fairly simple with minimal branding and a few discreet pockets. The 20L pack is surprisingly light, and when paired with the angled shoulder straps for comfort and the fitted back padding system, it shouldn’t weigh you down while you’re out and about. If it's too loose, you can adjust the straps for a better fit, tucking away any excess and avoiding dangling straps. Plus, because it’s Bellroy you know the leather is going to age nicely as it's the same kind used on their wallets.

While it may not appear like an intricate bag on the outside, the Classic Backpack V2 is surprisingly technical with plenty of clever organization. For quick access to your most-used gear, there is a large zippered pocket on the front of the back. It even comes complete with a key loop, so you never have to worry about where they might be. Up top is a water-resistant pocket perfect for stashing your phone or wallet in a rainstorm. Once you open the bag, you’ll see a mesh zippered pocket that makes smaller items like charging cables and battery packs which would otherwise be buried at the bottom of your bag easily visible. There’s also a padded sleeve that fits any standard A5 notebook or even an iPad. Next to that is a thin sleeve for your favorite pen, and behind them both is a dedicated sleeve for a 15” laptop.

The Bellroy Classic Backpack V2 comes in a bunch of different colors ranging from minimal black and gray, to a multicolored desert ochre perfect for summer. The bag's material comes in various types of nylon and polyester fabrics depending on the colorway, giving you different options for weight, water resistance, texture, structure, and more. However you carry, you’ll likely find one that suits your style. If you think its about time to upgrade your bag to something a little more thoughtful, make sure to click the link below and check this one out for yourself.

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Maxpedition Entity Large Crossbody Bag

Whether you've built out a tactical EDC or just want the best essentials to get you through the day, it doesn't hurt to be prepared. Maxpedition have established their reputation in the EDC scene with their tactical-ready bags and pouches, but more recently they've offered more discreetly styled options for urban EDC. Their recent Entity series blurs the line between tactical features and non-tactical aesthetics, resulting in high performance bags that keep a low profile. The Entity Large Crossbody Bag brings this design concept to a sleek and quick sling silhouette fitted with the materials, modularity, and attention to detail you'd want in a daily work or EDC bag.

While the Entity Crossbody Bag might look non-descript at first glance, it's all by design. Neutral grey hues like Ash and Charcoal and an overall uncluttered exterior let the bag hide in plain sight. It's made from a durable yet lightweight blend of 500D nylon and polyester with a heathered texture and finish. The bag features a triple coating of polyurethane to keep things clean and dry when facing the unexpected conditions of travel and urban commuting. The bag offers a comfortable carry experience on either shoulder thanks to an adjustable strap made of smooth reinforced seatbelt webbing, a removable shoulder pad, and closed cell foam padding. For quick and quiet operation, Maxpedition uses Duralite Xlite nylon release buckles throughout.

With its 14-liter capacity, the bag can accommodate a laptop, tablet, plus a lighter load of your workday essentials. YKK zippers fitted with Maxpedition's Positive Grip Pulls grant easy access and one-finger operation, even while gloved, to the main compartment of the bag. It opens fully for at-a-glance loading and retrieval or can be held in place by detachable drawbridge straps for added security and structure. Inside, two side pockets help you organize your gear while a sleeve in the rear keeps your tablet or other flat items such as a notebook tucked away. Opposite the sleeve is a mesh pocket perfect for pens, a pocket flashlight, and even a small power bank. Directly below that is a hook-and-loop surface for mounting your own modular gear and accessories. A second lockable, hook-and-loop-lined rear compartment doubles as either CCW or laptop storage. Finally, a zippered side pocket with a silencing garage and a shock-cord water bottle pocket round out the bag's compartments.

The Maxpedition Entity Crossbody Bag is an excellent example of Maxpedition's ability to blend both tactical performance and practical usability in an everyday bag design. It also shows that attention to small details, from the materials to the mechanical design of its panels and even its zippers, create a product that easily crosses over from military or prepared citizen use to daily commuter or work carry. Check it out at the link below.

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* Price accurate at the time of publication and is subject to change.

PRIM Modular Urban Bags

Adapting to what you need at any particular moment is a quality of any solid EDC, and it’s why multi-tools are so popular. But EDC isn't just about what you carry, it's about how you do it too—and finding a similar level of adaptability in a single bag that's still suitable for daily carry is a tall order. That's why the team at Creatio Design went with a divide and conquer approach when building out their PRIM bag system. Rather than having a single, bulky bag that forces you to carry your gear in one particular way, they've developed a modular system constructed from tactical performance materials with a “less is more” philosophy to let you carry only what you need, when you need it. The collection of three swappable bags can mix-and-match to hit the sweetspot of capacity and portability your carry needs, while their robust internal organization consolidates everything in a streamlined way.

If you find yourself constantly emptying and repacking your bag every time you leave the house, then the PRIM line of bags might be for you. The low-key, all-black design is perfect for the urban commuter, and the tough build should hold up to your morning commute with no problem. Forgetting your umbrella in a rainstorm isn't the end of your gadgets either thanks to the water resistant Cordura 500D exterior and watertight YKK zippers that keep the contents of your bag dry. Plus, the ergonomic backload system curves to the shape of your back and has a few nifty features of its own. Take the breathable padding which helps you avoid a sweaty back during long days, or the hidden RFID pocket which provides added security in unfamiliar places. Then there's how many different ways you can carry your gear. Whether you want to carry a traditional backpack, something smaller with a chest rig, or something more ergonomic with their sling configuration, these bags can handle it all.

The versatility doesn’t end with how you carry either. All the bags take inspiration from military-style modularity while remaining true to the company’s less is more beliefs. You won’t have any issues with internal organization thanks to mesh pockets and plenty of compartments, and the outside is MOLLE compatible for even more customization. The entire line consists of five different bags that you can mix and match depending on your needs. The base models are the Y13 or Y15 bags, and they vary only in size depending on whether your laptop is 13” or 15”. The next size down is the X11 and XS11 pouches which are handy on their own, but become something special when you consider how they can be quickly mounted to the base pack. One pouch that holds your tablet and a few charging cables throughout the week can be easily swapped after work for another that holds some toiletries and travel essentials for a quick weekend away. The last is the belt/leg pack, which is perfect for when pockets aren’t enough and you just need to hold a few extra items without carrying an entire bag all day. It can also be worn as a mini sling bag as a convenient, minimalist option for when you're traveling light.

If you’re tired of lugging around large bags for just a few extra items, the PRIM collection might be for you. It helps streamline your gear into your most-used kits for a more grab-and-go approach to EDC. For a closer look at the campaign make sure to click the link below.

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Chrome Kovac Sling Bag

Slings are gaining traction as a popular bag option for EDC, and while some may argue that they are simply bigger fanny packs, their roots are seated in the functionality and versatility of messenger bags for cyclists. Chrome Industries is a mainstay in the world of bike messenger bags, and their latest sling bag, the Kovac, presents a viable EDC option thanks to its ergonomic design, comfortable straps, and quicker access to your gear. And with tough construction, added security, and plenty of organization for your essentials, it's a solid companion for your commute and adventures around the city.

Built with 1050D nylon on the outside and measuring 5.5” x 11.5” x 4” on the inside, the Chrome Kovac Sling Bag has a 5 liter capacity which is plenty of space for your daily carry essentials. The main compartment features a 70D nylon liner, and includes mesh pockets for organization, each big enough for your phone, tools, or wallet. The front panel of the bag is made of durable tarpaulin, which protects the easy-access front pocket that's perfect for keys or gloves.

You can wear the Kovac as a cross-body sling or as a waist pack using its lightweight strap and buckle system. A padded mesh rear panel and angled straps add to the comfort when used over your shoulder as a sling. Should you use it for a bike ride or commute, the integrated U-lock holster ensures you can take along your bike security as well.

While not a full-on bike messenger-style bag, the Kovac sling gives you decent capacity with the features, accessibility and durability that made Chrome Industries a name for itself. Designed to be a bag built for the city, its simple lines and useful layout make it a good option for your daily light carry bag, or your daily commuter, on or off a bike. Check it out at the link below.

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Aer Sling Pouch

When it comes to EDC, slings strike a particularly sweet spot. They give you just the right amount of extra space to carry a few more essentials for the day's needs, but small enough that the sling won't be cumbersome even after a long day. Good slings let you do more with less, and the ones built for EDC are made to last. If anyone knows their slings, it's Aer. With a few slings already on the market and a mastery over materials and manufacturing for their other daily-use bags, they know what it takes to make a suitable everyday sling. And with summer right around the corner, the Sling Pouch is just the right lightweight addition to your EDC.

Thanks to a wide, flat design, the Sling Pouch is meant to stay close on your body. This allows for both better security and ergonomics, since it's meant to wrap around flush on your torso to keep your gear close, rather than rattling around when you're on the move. The design also allows a versatile loadout despite its 0.5” height; a sealed front zip pocket allows quick access to important essentials, while its main compartment has elastic and mesh pockets to help organize the rest. Flat items like a phone, wallet, passport, and power bank will be right at home.

The Sling Pouch also takes on Aer's signature design language for fit and finish, which means water-resistant 1680D Cordura nylon paired with heavy-duty sealing YKK zippers to ensure your gear stays dry. Zippers are fitted with Duraflex pulls for ease of use, while a slim, adjustable nylon strap takes care of hang time while worn. And at only half a pound by itself, the Sling Pouch adds a ton of utility without the extra baggage.

When it's too much for your pockets but too little to justify a daypack, a sling is there to save the day. Check out Aer's summer-ready Sling Pouch at the link below.

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Chrome MXD Fathom

As a gear enthusiast, there's a good chance you've ran into the all too familiar dilemma of wanting to carry too much gear. It's tempting to overpack for your daily commute, and even moreso when traveling. But while some EDCers follow the mantra of “two is one and one is none,” the reality is that sometimes you don't need a backup for everything. Whether you've already got a dialed-in, minimalist carry or want to pare down to just the essentials for your daily commute, the Chrome MXD Fathom just might do the trick. It offers a slim and light platform with a lean pocket layout to help you bring along only what you need, and nothing you don't.

To withstand the wear and tear of your commute, the Chrome MXD Fathom Backpack features a heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant 1680 ballistic nylon build. It keeps organization simple with three major compartments for your gear. The main compartment can accommodate tablets or laptops up to 13”, while two large zip pockets on the front of the pack grant quicker access to the rest of your gear. The lightly padded left pocket offers some organization with a mesh pocket and key tether loop, while the right pocket is lined with plush cushioning, making it perfect for electronics, glasses and other things you want to avoid scratching.  The bag also has a hidden side pocket for small, slim things such as gloves, a card wallet, or even a portable hard drive.

For your other things that don't fit the main compartment or pockets, there is a D-ring attachment centrally mounted on the back. You can use this to hang a safety light while riding or your helmet for after you've arrived at your destination. The D-ring also serves as an attachment point for mounting other essentials like a light jacket or water bottle, to name a few. Loops on the shoulder straps provide more modular options as well, ideal for gear you want handy like your phone or keys.

While wearing it, the light padding on the MXD Fathom's back panel keeps you comfortable, and the height-adjustable chest strap stabilizes the load for a balanced ride. Last but not least, reflective strips on the shoulder pad loops improve visibility at night. For a low-profile pack that's fast and light, check out the MXD Fathom at the link below.

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5.11 Tactical AMP12 25L Backpack

When you're hauling gear for multiple missions into constantly changing environments, being able to switch up your loadout on the fly is crucial. Many tactical bags are designed with this modularity in mind, but all too often they end up both cumbersome and conspicuous. If there's one company who can deliver on modularity, organization, and durability in a pack, it's 5.11 Tactical. Their recently released AMP12 25L Pack offers more advanced modularity in a design that weighs less and blends in better to your surroundings compared to their already successful past designs. When you need your kit truly dialed, the AMP12 25L features versatile organization inside and out to cover your bases.

To fill its role as an All Missions Pack, the AMP12 keeps a low-profile exterior like a clean slate, ready to be customized. Don't let its absence of PALS fool you, though — the AMP12 features a large hook-and-loop front panel as the foundation of its modularity. Included with the bag is 5.11's patented HEXGRID load-bearing platform on their Gear Set system attachment. The Gear Set attaches via hook-and-loop to the front of the pack, supported by G-hooks and release buckles. You can pick and choose from this 3-layer security system for your preferred balance of retention versus quick release of your gear. The AMP12 pack and Gear Set system accommodates 5.11's other Gear Set accessories to make transitioning from the field to the city as easy as swapping out one Gear Set for another. And unlike traditional rows of PALS-webbing, the HEXGRID can mount gear at different angles for better ergonomics and more efficient use of space. This level of customizability isn’t exclusive to the exterior either, as it also has an internal loop system you can take advantage of when you need to carry more than usual.

The main compartment opens clamshell style, giving you a full view of the inside of the bag for easy loading and organization. Hook-and-loop paneling lines the interior back panel of the bag as well, giving you the freedom to take a pouch-focused packing approach or keep it minimal for when you travel. On the opposite side you'll find multiple zippered mesh compartments for at-a-glance organization of your smaller gear. The AMP12 is ready for the boardroom to the backcountry too, with a separate compartment along the rear accommodates laptops up to 15” and doubles as a space for a hydration bladder. A 4-way zipper configuration makes for easy access to every part of the main compartment as well.

As for materials, the AMP12 features a water-resistant 500D Dobby nylon build, hitting a sweet-spot of light weight and durability. When you do load the bag up and attach GearSets to it, a tag-team of ergonomic, padded shoulder straps and a thermoformed back panel help manage the load for a comfortable carry. If you've been looking for that one bag to take on the job, on the road, or out on the town, the AMP12 was designed for just that. It's available in classic Black, Ranger Green, Tungsten blue, and Kangaroo brown at the link below.

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Is the Maxpedition Falcon-II Worth It In 2019?

Well over a decade ago, there weren't very many options for a good EDC bag. Back in those days, Maxpedition made a name for themselves as a go-to choice for a sturdy, tactical bag. Gear enthusiasts often recommended the 18L Pygmy Falcon, 23L Falcon-II, and the larger 35L Falcon-III for their solid construction, top-notch materials at the time, and ample organizational features. Since their debut in 2003, Maxpedition’s goal was to create bags for law enforcement and military professionals that would stand up to the rigorous conditions in the field. But since then, the landscape and market for bags has drastically changed. Today, we're taking a look back at the Maxpedition Falcon line to see if it has what it takes to be a worthwhile pick in 2019.

Bellroy Sling

Thanks to its recent popularity as a fashion staple, you have more options than ever for a crossbody bag to EDC. Before, these handy slings were usually designed with a specific use case in mind: tactical, outdoors, or travel. Now, there's a new bag on the block that offers that extra bit of carry capacity you need that you can wear every day, on any occasion. Bellroy brings their signature minimalist yet functional design language to the trendy silhouette with their new Sling bag. Besides its versatile, understated styling, it's crammed with thoughtful organization, EDC-friendly features, and premium materials throughout that any discerning EDCer can appreciate.

When your EDC outgrows your pockets but isn't quite expansive enough to justify carrying a full-on backpack for the day, a sling bag shines as a stylish overflow solution. Bellroy's Sling delivers more than just style, offering a surprisingly spacious 7L of extra capacity via three well-organized compartments. Its quick-access front pocket features a high-visibility liner for easy identification of your most frequently used gear. Behind it is the sling's main compartment that does the heavy lifting. It features a gusseted design which compresses down for a low profile when you're packing light, but can expand to accommodate bulky items like a water bottle too. Inside that main compartment you'll also find an internal zippered pocket with a soft-touch lining, perfect for shades, glasses, or devices you don't want scratched up riding with the rest of your gear. Lastly, an integrated key leash keeps your keys safe and secure for easy retrieval.

Bellroy's also given the Sling the same premium materials and fit and finish as their other bag offerings. This includes a water-resistant Venture-weave polyester exterior to protect against inclement weather paired with a Fidlock magnetic buckle to always ensure secure closure while still allowing ease of access. Smooth, pliable nylon seatbelt webbing wears comfortably and avoids abrading clothes to suit all-day use. Leather detailing and zipper pulls round out the Sling's hardware, while padded back paneling offers all-day comfort and ventilation.

A compact sling is an EDC essential, and Bellroy's offering is worth a serious look. Check it out and pick it up direct from Bellroy at the link below.


Bugout M48 Sling Bag

"This military-inspired pack is perfect for small gadgets and tools and tosses over your shoulder to easily switch between carrying and access. It’s made from water-resistant 600D polyester, and features multiple pockets for..." (via The Awesomer)

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"Revelar Workshop’s Cubepacks put a simple but revolutionary twist on packing cubes. Each Cubepack also works as a standalone bag: the large cube turns into a backpack, the medium cube turns into a shoulder pack, and the small cube turns into a sling or..." (via TheAwesomer)

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Arc'teryx Granville 16 Zip

Constructed with Arc'teryx's proprietary AC² nylon ripstop material and waterproof lamination to coat the bag, the Granville 16 Zip offers solid protection against everyday wear and tear. A compact and lightweight suspension system, coupled with a tri-laminate Monoframe back panel creates for a comfortable weight distribution across your spine. Taped seams and water-tight zippers will aid the over all waterproofing compared to traditional needle stitching, which leaves holes in material for water to seep through. Between the materials to the construction, the Granville 16 keeps your gear safe from the likes of rain or snow.

The main 16L compartment features a padded sleeve wide enough to house a 15" laptop. On the exterior of the sleeve, an integrated mesh zippered pocket helps keep chargers and cables organized. Up top you'll find a small external pocket with a key clip inside, perfect for carrying smaller items like a wallet, key-chain, or your phone. Swinging to the front, you'll find a pocket with a side zipper, allowing easy access while on the go. A removable sternum strap provides extra support when carrying a heavier load or during more rigorous travel.

Whether you're facing a literal storm or the whirlwind of short-haul travel, you won't have to worry about the weather with the Granville 16 Zip. It's available in one of three colors (black, bushwhack green, pilot gray), at the link below.

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CYCOP Daysling 2.0

When it comes to everyday bags, the sling holds a special place in EDCer's hearts; or more precisely, on their backs. Sitting in the compact space between overfilled pockets and cumbersome full-sized bags, a sling lets you carry and quickly access more essentials than you can fit in your pockets, while staying light and low-profile enough not to get in your way as you go about your day. With the DaySling 2.0, CYCOP aim to build the ultimate everyday sling that not only holds and organizes all the gear you need, but protects them from every harmful element, too.

Some key features were built into—literally—the very fabric of the DaySling 2.0. Sure, it had to easily carry all your stuff and keep things all in the right place, but that was the bare minimum for CYCOP. Their sling ensures you get to your gear as fast as possible, even one-handed, while also able to take on a heavier load in a pinch. The DaySling 2.0 is also designed to be safe from both natural and human elements with a multi-material and multi-storage system across 2 models to fit your precise EDC needs.

The gray Pro model is the DaySling's flagship model that comes with all the bag's core features, but trades complete waterproofing for a much tougher exterior that's able to resist cuts and heavy-duty wear and tear. This is managed via UHMWPE, or ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene, an exceptionally strong material with high toughness and impact strength. If security is your focus, such as on a long commute or for travel, the Pro is the model for you. For the outdoors, however, the black Explorer model may be the one that fits your needs, which uses a waterproof tarpaulin PVC to keep moisture out. Whichever model you choose, an extra anti-shock EVA foam layer and 210D polyester inner layer completes the outer shell of the DaySling.

Its interior organization takes on a similar multi-layer approach. An outer “EXO” layer holds larger, quickly needed essentials like a jacket or umbrella, and beside it is the “CORE” main compartment that houses the majority of your gear in zip and mesh pockets. Next is the “PRO” layer that houses tablets up to 11” and other important flat essentials like a notebook or your passport, followed and completed by the “STEALTH” layer with no zippers, buttons, or noise, just a handy compartment secured by the magic of magnets. And speaking of magnets, adjustable straps with Fidlock hardware allow you to compress or expand the DaySling 2.0 from 6 to 13 liters, allowing plenty of versatility when you need it most.

A sling by nature makes it easy for you to swing the bag around from back to front for ease of access, but most of them are designed to be worn one way on a specific shoulder. The DaySling helps ambidextrous use and comfort thanks to a reversible, adjustable strap, with free-angle connection points so it stays comfortable no matter how you wear it.

Pack it all and protect it in sleek, technical style with the CYCOP DaySling 2.0, which has already met its funding goal with plenty of time for backers to pledge for a sling of their choice. Check out the Kickstarter campaign at the link below.

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Black Ember Citadel Waterproof Backpacks

Sometimes just the tools in your pockets are enough to get through the day, but other times you might find yourself needing to carry more. Whether you’re commuting to work every day or headed for a weekend trip out of town, a good bag can go a long way with keeping your expanded EDC organized. To take it to the next level, Black Ember designs their sleek, urban EDC bags with all-conditions durability in mind. Their Citadel Collection of waterproof urban bags has something for any kind of EDC, whether you pack light or need to dial in your kit with modular, expandable storage.

Most bag companies try to design a bag by guessing what you'll use it for, but Black Ember gives you endless options with the Modular Pack. The 25L bag is compatible with Black Ember's entire range of add-ons, or “mods.” This means that adding another compartment for clothing or a few smaller pockets for essentials is as easy as snapping on the correct mod via magnetic Fidlock hardware. You can even add a DSLR mod for keeping your camera accessible and safe on long trips. If you prefer to keep things streamlined, there’s also the 25L Citadel Minimal pack. It trades the modular mounting hardware for a discreet look and lighter weight, perfect for those of you who already have a minimal, consistent setup.

To perform as truly waterproof packs, they're made from a durable 800D Micro-Hex textile that's laser cut then bonded at the seams to achieve an IPX06 waterproofness rating. Water-resistant YKK AquaGuard zippers keep your gear conveniently accessible. And a clamshell opening allows you to see all your gear laid out in front of you. It’s not just the construction and hardware that makes these bags so accessible either. Internal organization is top-notch, giving you enough space to pack what you need while also providing dedicated spots for smaller gear like pens or sunglasses that’s easy to misplace when you’re in a hurry. Multiple carry handles, 3D contoured shoulder straps and hip-belt compatibility ensure a comfortable carry, even under a bigger load.

Whatever you’re looking for in a bag, chances are one of these options will cover all your bases and then some. Make sure to check it out for yourself by clicking the link below.

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Rite in the Rain All-Weather Pocket Organizer

Paper is fragile by nature, which is one of the main deterrents when carrying a notebook. Even with a hard cover, the paper inside isn't immune to wear and tear, especially when exposed to the elements. And some of the toughest notebooks—like those made by Rite in the Rain—could use some extra protection to make sure your notes make it home. So they've built an all-weather organizer to not just protect your notebook, but organize the rest of your essentials too. With tough materials and efficient organization in a pocketable pouch form factor that EDCers will appreciate, it's an affordable way to keep your priceless ideas secure.

To make sure their pocket organizer can be the best it can be, Rite in the Rain partnered with Vanquest, best known for their EDC pouches, so you know it's in good hands. The pouch's exterior is made from tough Cordura fabric, which should be familiar to EDCers as a popular tactical material. Short-tabbed YKK zippers take care of ingress for both the pouch and its two ToughMesh pockets (one external and one external), topped off with paracord zipper pulls. The mesh pockets themselves are semi-transparent, letting you see their contents at a glance and making it easier to grab the essentials you need. Its main notebook sleeve can store vertical spiral notebooks up to to 3¼" x 5¼", but also works as sleeve storage for other types of notebooks. Finally, a rear belt loop webbing square allows options for on-person or MOLLE-attached carry as you would expect from a versatile everyday pouch.

Important notes, that crucial phone number, and the next big idea are all priceless—make sure they stay that way. Pick up the Rite in the Rain all-weather pocket organizer from Amazon at the link below.

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Herschel Coast Duffel

"Herschel Supply Co.’s expandable duffel bag provides ease of access while protecting your gear from the elements. It has a roll-top closure that’s fastened by clips, and its body is made of waterproof tarpaulin. Its straps and handles are made of..." (via TheAwesomer)

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