MyMedic Patrol First Aid Kit

"Designed to be used even by law enforcement officers, the Patrol is a compact and water-resistant first aid kit that will help you survive bleeding, burns, pain and even blocked airways. It measures just 10″x 7″x 5.5″ and..." (via TheAwesomer)

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VSSL First Aid Kit

VSSL prides themselves on being able to fit a ton of gear into a small, durable package. About the size of a Maglite, each kit is assembled for a specialized task. This grab-and-go first aid kit is housed in a cylindrical, anodized aluminum tube for improved ease of carry. Highlights in the VSSL include a dual mode LED flashlight / SOS beacon, a compass, emergency whistle, and everything you need to clean and bandage small cuts and scrapes. VSSL’s First Aid Kit is ideal for camping, hiking, or even to leave in the trunk of a car for emergencies. Check out the full list of supplies over at the Huckberry shop.