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Flip & Pocket Knives

If you've seen photos of what people carry every day, you might be wondering, “why do so many people carry a pocket knife?” The answer is different for everyone, but it all comes back to the idea that a handy pocket knife is an indispensable tool.

People use their EDC knife everywhere, whether they're at work (say, opening a package) or at home (making a quick repair around the house). Having a knife can also potentially save your life in an emergency (cutting a seatbelt) or in a survival situation if you spend time outdoors.

That said, knives may be restricted depending on where you live and what your local laws are, so be aware of those before deciding what kind of pocket knife you can carry.

The Best Pocket Knife for Everyday Carry

When picking the best pocket knife for your everyday carry, you should consider a bunch of factors: how big the knife is, how it opens, how it locks (or doesn't), how you'll carry it, how durable it needs to be, and so on.

Remember, you'll want a knife that's comfortable (both in your hand and in your pocket), built to last, safe to use, and legal to carry.

For a few ideas, check out our guide to the Best Pocket Knives Under $50. If you live where knife laws are a bit more strict, check out some of our non-locking blade recommendations too.

Different Types of Pocket Knives for Everyday Carry

Because different people have different requirements their knife needs to meet, you'll find tons of different kinds of pocket knives. They serve different purposes, have different designs and styles, and come at a range of different price points.

Some are classic and recognizable, like the all-in-one Swiss knives with multiple tools built in, or the traditional old timer knives your grandpa used to carry with wood or bone handles. Tactical knives and fast-opening flipper or flip knives are more popular these days for their advanced features and attractive designs.

Scroll down to discover some of the best and most noteworthy pocket knives on the site.

Victorinox Hunter Pro

Having a fancy folding knife doesn't mean much if you're fumbling to get it open when it counts. Especially when you're working with your hands in the outdoors, wearing gloves to fight off the cold. This is exactly the type of environment the Victorinox Hunter was designed to thrive in. With a large blade, easy-opening thumb hole, and ergonomic handles, its simple efficiency gets the job done.

Its 4” blade comes in a high carbon stainless steel making it ideal for rough conditions, not to mention being easy to re-sharpen. Thanks to the extra-large thumb opening, one-handed deployment of the blade is easy whether or not you're wearing gloves. It stays in place during use thanks to a lockback sytem built into the Hunter's contoured handles, shaped to help you get a better handle on the larger knife. An included nylon belt pouch even lets you carry the Hunter as part of your EDC or strapped to your outdoor pack.

In the great outdoors, simplicity spells efficiency. Grab the walnut wood version at the Amazon link below, or check it out in black or hi-vis orange with textured polyamide scales.

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Cool Hand Super Light Knife

"A svelte, compact, and lightweight knife with a cool textured G10 handle, and a polished 3″ black ceramic blade. Choose from a variety of handle colors. Looks super slick with..." (via TheAwesomer)

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Kizer Vanguard Kane Flipper Knife

Looking at this knife, your first thought was probably like ours: this thing must be expensive. With its great blade shape and clean lines, you'd think it's got to be a custom, right? Think again. The Kizer Vanguard Kane—a collaboration with custom knife maker Matt Degnan—is actually a production knife. And as far as those go, the Kane is a rare combination of good build quality, versatile materials, and an affordable price.

The Kane keeps its price low by making use of more common materials, namely VG-10 steel for its blade and G10 for its handles. But don't judge a knife by its spec sheet. Its 3.5” drop point blade is large and versatile for even heavy cutting tasks. The G10 scales seamlessly join with stainless steel at the handle, bolsters, and liners for a sleek, streamlined look. Combine this with clever touches like a large finger choil for secure grip and a bearing pivot system for smooth opening  and you've got yourself a knife ready for comfortable use. And while it is on the larger end of EDC knives, a slim profile and spring titanium clip lets you slip the Kane into your pockets for everyday carry.

Let's also not forget the best part: this is a lot of knife for under a hundred dollars. If you need something beefy and gets the job done and looks great while doing it, pick up the Kizer Vanguard Kane from Amazon at the link below.

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Giveaway: Work Sharp Sharpeners

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A dull knife is a useless (and dangerous) knife. These tools are at their best when they're in hair-popping shape, and with a little maintenance with the right tools, you can keep yours in top condition for a lifetime. The best part? We've got some great sharpeners on hand, and we're giving them away for free!

This week, we're giving two lucky readers a sharpening system each, brought to you by our sponsor, Work Sharp. They've been in the business of keeping an edge for over 40 years, making some of the industry-leading sharpening tools right in the USA.

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Boker Plus Toucan

If you're looking to get more done with fewer things in your pockets, a solid multi-tool is your best bet. “One-piece” tools are especially good at consolidating your carry because they give you plenty of functionality despite their small size and simplicity. The Boker Plus Toucan boasts that kind of performance but edges out the rest with an integrated neck knife in a conveniently pocket-sized design.

The Toucan wasn't designed to simply look like one—in the hand, it's ergonomically shaped for a proper grip when using its 1” long, 440C stainless steel blade edge. The two curves towards the bottom allow a two-finger grip, while jimping along the top of the “beak” give added control.

Behind the “head,” you'll find the rest of its functions as a multi-tool. That includes a bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, nail puller and pry bar. They're all usable even in the Toucan's included Kydex sheath, which protects the edge and makes the tool easy to carry on your EDC keychain or on a lanyard like a traditional neck knife.

Whether you need something opened, cut, or driven, this bird's got you covered. Pick up the Boker Plus Toucan at the Amazon link below.

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While you could spend time and money chasing the latest and greatest blade steel, sometimes all it takes is a new angle to make your cutting tasks easier. An efficient angle and larger blade make the 'kukri' an excellent knife design, but it's those same features that make it a little hard to carry. With design help from custom knifemaker Lucas Burnley, CRKT put forth their take on a kukri knife in a convenient folding form factor with the Buku.

The Buku delivers on the main draw of a kukri knife: a uniquely angled blade. Having the blade at that angle allows you to make short work of your everyday cutting and chopping tasks. The deep curve on the blade also gives it the usable cutting length of a longer knife while keeping a compact profile at just 3.75" of actual blade length. Finally, its 8Cr13MoV stainless steel ensures the blade retains an edge well and can be easily maintained.

At 7.7 ounces, this is a hefty knife, but its deep pocket clip makes for a more manageable EDC. When it's time to put it to work, the large thumb slot in the knife lets you open with one hand, even if you're wearing gloves. Once deployed, the blade secures thanks to a solid stainless steel framelock.

With such a strong design pedigree, you'd expect a mini folding kukri to run you a pretty penny, but you'd be surprised. The Buku is available at an accessible price point at the Amazon link below.

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Minimum Basic Knife

"Ensizen Design’s absolutely stunning handmade friction-folding knife has a VG10 damascus steel blade, sandwiched between Titanium 6AL4V scales which almost look like concrete, along with..." (via TheAwesomer)

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One Star Leather Goods EDC1 Organizer

As popular as they are for everyday carry, old-fashioned pocket knives and space pens don't always come equipped with pocket clips. That can be a big drawback, especially if they end up bouncing around in your pocket and scratching everything up in the process. But with a proper pocket organizer, like this leather one from One Star Leather Goods, it doesn't have to be. The EDC1 gives your EDC knife and jotter a secure spot in your pocket, meticulously stitched and crafted from premium materials worthy of protecting your favorite gear.

While there's no one-size-fits-all layout when it comes to sheaths, the EDC1 was thoughtfully designed to accommodate common EDC picks. Its dedicated knife pocket fits knives up to 9cm long—ideal for traditional penknives or smaller Swiss Army knives in your collection. It's paired with an exposed pen slot, sized to fit two of the most popular pocket pens: the Fisher Space Bullet Pen and the Kaweco Liliput fountain pen.

In addition to careful proportions, the EDC1 ensures a great fit and finish by using high quality leather from some of the most respected tanneries around. For example, natural veg tan leather from Herman Oak picks up a dramatic patina, aging beautifully over time. Horween's Dublin tanned leather is both hardwearing and easy to maintain. With some breaking in, these leathers mold to your gear. Finally, the cases are stitched by hand in the USA using heavy-duty waxed thread for lasting durability.

If you're still carrying your gear loose and want to straighten out those pockets, check out these organizers at the link below.


Malvaux Number 1 Pocket Knife

"It’s like your familiar Swiss army knife, with a twist. Or rather, a bend. A single hand-polished stainless steel blade folds into the Malvaux Number 1 Pocket Knife and it’s easier than before to open, without needing to put much strain on your fingernail. Actually it’s got no fingernail groove at all and instead can be gripped between thumb and forefinger. Its innards that hold the non-locking blade in the open position are water-jet cut just like the blade itself and..." (via GearHungry)
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Giveaway: Gerber US-Assist S30V

Update: Congrats to Ben H, winner of this week's giveaway!

Gerber's latest knife, the US-Assist S30V, uses brand new technology for a smooth and stable deployment every time. It's a great knife to add some comfort and reliability to your EDC, and the best part? We're giving it away for free! This week, we're giving one lucky reader a US Assist S30V, which uses B.O.S.S (balls of stainless steel) Tech, a ball-bearing system designed to reduce friction when you open it, brought to you by our sponsor Gerber.

SOG Ultra C-Ti Folding Knife

When it comes to your everyday carry, doing more with less is always a worthwhile goal. That could mean carrying slimmer, lighter gear, or even essentials with more than one function. SOG Knives have been doing this well with their ultra-slim, credit card-shaped EDC knives that pull double duty as money clips. With the new Ultra C-Ti, they've taken that design up a notch by outfitting it with carbon fiber and titanium—premium materials known for their high strength and low weight.

The Ultra C-Ti's materials and design cues work well together to make this a solid minimalist's knife. It achieves a barely-there 1.3 oz weight thanks to its use of carbon fiber, which lends much needed strength to such a thin, skeletonized frame. The cutouts on the frame don't just cut weight, but they also provide a more secure grip when using a knife this narrow.

The knife deploys with an elongated thumb hole and locks using an ambidextrous Arc-lock. Its VG-10 blade makes up for its modest 2.8” length with a useful clip point shape, plain edge, and generous jimping on the spine.

The Ultra C-Ti does come equipped with a pocket clip. But given how thin and light the knife is, and how most EDC wallets these days struggle with carrying cash, you might appreciate its utility as a money clip instead. Between its wide design and titanium build, it's perfect for the role: titanium retains its springiness well enough to keep your cards and cash secure even over time. And if you'd rather have the lowest profile possible, you can remove the clip altogether for a wallet-friendly form factor.

You can pick up a SOG Ultra C-Ti at the link below to round out your minimalist setup.

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Waxed Canvas Knife Roll

"The perfect place to store your collection of blades, this rugged waxed canvas roll protects and organizes them in one neat and tidy place. Holds seven knives plus..." (via TheAwesomer)

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Blue Ridge Knives Avispa

A large EDC knife doesn't always have to mean a large purchase. Blue Ridge Knives, with design help from ESEE, put out some excellent knives for your everyday carry at a price point within reach. The Avispa is their larger option, perfect for those of you looking to get more blade for your buck.

For a budget knife, the Avispa comes complete with an impressive set of features and materials: AUS-8 steel, a stainless steel framelock, and G10 on the scale for durability, grip, and light weight. Materials aside, its utilitarian design makes it well-suited for daily carry both deployed and closed. The blade flicks open via dual thumbstuds, revealing a 3.5” long plain edge blade with no-nonsense drop point geometry for all-around tasks. When closed, it rides slim and secure in your pocket thanks to its four way configurable pocket clip. Finally, a lanyard hole on the back rounds out your carry options.

You can grab an Avispa for your everyday carry at the link below. For even more budget EDC knife options, check out our guide to the 10 Best EDC Knives Under $50 too.

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Discommon x James Brand Swell Pocket Knife

"You may recall The James Brand’s Country Knife or any one of Discommon’s unique creations. The Swell Pocket Knife is the result of both design houses putting their heads together and creating a simultaneously minimal and beautifully surfaced folding knife. Its titanium and aluminum handle scales are milled to result in a texture that draws inspirations from an ocean’s swell and that conveniently doubles as a rock solid grip. The 2.33-inch D2 steel drop point blade doesn’t look (or perform) half bad, either, with..." (via GearHungry)

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Opinel Bricolage No.9 DIY Pocket Knife

You've probably used your everyday carry knife for something you shouldn't have, like turning a screw (not judging, we've all done it!). You know deep down it's not good for the blade, but sometimes, you've got to improvise. With the Opinel Bricolage Knife, you can DIY guilt-free thanks to its extra set of nifty tools built right into the knife. And while there are plenty of reliable knives like the Opinel—great for beginners and veteran EDCers alike—not all come with added functionality to handle more than just slicing.

This classic, French-made folder looks sharp, but carries safe thanks to its locking blade collar. Opened up, its Sandvik stainless steel blade measures in at 3.2” long for plenty of usable cutting edge. But what makes the blade special isn't as obvious. At the base of the blade, you'll find two notches specifically designed to strip and cut wires during your DIY projects.

The Opinel DIY can also handle the all too common loose screw that needs tightening. You can pop either of the included bits (Philips or flathead) into the magnetic bit holder on the bottom of the handle, making it easier to hold when driving screws. Once you're done, you can stow the bit back right into the handle for easy carrying.

At first glance, this Opinel might look like your average pocket knife, but don't be fooled. If you want to do a little more with your everyday carry knife, grab the Opinel DIY from the link below.

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