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Flip & Pocket Knives

If you've seen photos of what people carry every day, you might be wondering, “why do so many people carry a pocket knife?” The answer is different for everyone, but it all comes back to the idea that a handy pocket knife is an indispensable tool.

People use their EDC knife everywhere, whether they're at work (say, opening a package) or at home (making a quick repair around the house). Having a knife can also potentially save your life in an emergency (cutting a seatbelt) or in a survival situation if you spend time outdoors.

That said, knives may be restricted depending on where you live and what your local laws are, so be aware of those before deciding what kind of pocket knife you can carry.

The Best Pocket Knife for Everyday Carry

When picking the best pocket knife for your everyday carry, you should consider a bunch of factors: how big the knife is, how it opens, how it locks (or doesn't), how you'll carry it, how durable it needs to be, and so on.

Remember, you'll want a knife that's comfortable (both in your hand and in your pocket), built to last, safe to use, and legal to carry.

For a few ideas, check out our guide to the Best Pocket Knives Under $50. If you live where knife laws are a bit more strict, check out some of our non-locking blade recommendations too.

Different Types of Pocket Knives for Everyday Carry

Because different people have different requirements their knife needs to meet, you'll find tons of different kinds of pocket knives. They serve different purposes, have different designs and styles, and come at a range of different price points.

Some are classic and recognizable, like the all-in-one Swiss knives with multiple tools built in, or the traditional old timer knives your grandpa used to carry with wood or bone handles. Tactical knives and fast-opening flipper or flip knives are more popular these days for their advanced features and attractive designs.

Scroll down to discover some of the best and most noteworthy pocket knives on the site.

Trending: Spyderco Roadie

Trending on the charts for this Saturday Slicer is a sleek Spyderco slipjoint, the Roadie. Don't let its size fool you—with a closed length of 3" and a blade just a hair over 2", it still manages to handle plenty of EDC cutting tasks. The blade features Bohler N690 steel in a useful sheepsfoot shape, making it useful for slicing and scoring alike. Since it's a slipjoint, it opens with a smaller "thumbhole" type nick in a satisfying snap. Some jimping and a finger choil help add grip to the Roadie's ergonomic reinforced fiberglass handle. Its combination of light weight, small size, and non-locking mechanism make it a blade you can carry in most locales, especially in bigger cities and in the UK, for example. For minimalists looking for a great barely-there EDC blade they can carry almost anywhere, check out the Roadie at the link below.

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Trending: Gerber Flatiron

This Saturday's Slicer on the trending gear charts wasn't actually designed for slicing. Instead, the Gerber Flatiron evokes a "mini cleaver" design to tackle all your chopping tasks. It features a 3.8" long 7Cr17MoV blade in that classic cleaver style deployed by an elongated thumbhole and secured in place by a machined aluminum frame lock (complete with an over-travel guard). A generous finger choil lets you safely choke up on the knife, while a balanced handle with textured G10 offer a firm grip. Although the idea of having a cleaver in your pocket might seem farfetched, the Gerber Flatiron makes it a reality with its folding design and included low-profile pocket clip (and lanyard attachment point) for easy carry. Pick one up in your choice of desert tan G-10 or smooth black aluminum at the link below.

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Gerber Jukebox

When a knife is as sharp as a razor, you know it’s a good choice for everyday carry. But very few knives in this category actually look like old-school razors, and that’s a shame. The design of razors of old had a lot of class, and their utility went far beyond the everyday close shave. But don’t fret, if you’re looking for an everyday carry knife that evokes the aesthetics of an old time razor blade, you’re in luck. The new Gerber Jukebox plays off the style of an old folding razor, with a manual opening and razor utility blade. But it’s not all ancient throwback design: the Jukebox also contains some quality of life features that make it an immensely practical knife to carry around in the present day.

Like some of the razor blades of old, the Gerber Jukebox contains an extended tang on the blade which allows for an easy one-handed opening. Unlike the razor blades of old, the Jukebox has a liner lock mechanism built into the handle, that holds the 2.7“ 7Cr17MoV blade in place when things get a little rough. The utility blade shape makes it good for chopping and slicing, and the steel composition makes it easy to maintain after you cut through a bunch of cardboard boxes with it. When you’re done with the blade, close it up and admire the gorgeous acrylic scaling on the handle that evokes that classic tortoiseshell aesthetic, and then slip it into your pockets discreetly with its tip-up deep carry pocket clip.

With the Gerber Jukebox in hand, you’ll have a heritage EDC tool that’s both good-looking and highly-capable. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a classic gent’s knife, and with its lock and steel it’ll actually perform better than most. Check out the details today and pick one up at the link below.

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Trending: Kabar Becker Eskabar

Trending on the gear charts for Fixed Friday is this hybrid design of two crowd-favorite fixed blades, the Ka-Bar Becker Necker and the ESEE Izula, aptly dubbed the "Eskabar." The business end of this 7" knife draws from the Becker Necker design with a 3.25", flat ground 1095 Cro-Van steel blade in an ever-versatile drop point geometry. The Eskabar features the ESEE Izula handle design, which can be wrapped in 550 paracord for comfort, grip, and as a secondary source of emergency cordage when you're out in the field. The Eskabar rides in an included, locking MOLLE-compatible hard plastic sheath for easy neck or belt carry. Best of all, the Eskabar delivers an excellent value for a no-frills survival knife with proven design elements at just under $40. Grab one for your outdoors survival setup at the link below.

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Spyderco Dragonfly 2 Wave

In many ways, the Spyderco Dragonfly 2 is a perfect EDC knife. It’s compact and surprisingly capable with endless variations of style and steel since its inception. But compared to its larger brothers, one key feature was missing: the ability to deploy instantly in a single motion right out of the pocket. This year, however, the Dragonfly 2 evolves into its fastest form yet with the addition of the Emerson Wave feature. Like its namesake, the Dragonfly 2 Wave darts into action with a quick swipe, cementing its place as one of the most versatile compact knives you can carry.

If you’ve never handled a Dragonfly 2 before, it’s easy to jump to conclusions with its appearance. With a tiny closed length of 3.33“, the Dragonfly 2 appears at first glance to be more a keychain knife than one suited as a main EDC blade. That is, until you deploy it and actually grip it hand, which is when it reveals its true secret. Through a combination of exact lengths, cleverly placed angles, and the blade geometry itself lending to the ergonomics, the Dragonfly actually allows a full-length grip with your entire hand, allowing control and leverage that belies its size.

Most of the Dragonfly 2’s specs are in pursuit of its compact and pocketable design. The VG-10 blade sits at 2.28“, playing to both balance in hand as well as legalities across regions. The drop point shape featured in many Spyderco models allows plenty of cutting versatility, and deployment (for the base Dragonfly model) is handled with the trademark round hole. The new Emerson Wave feature is an integral hook that catches the top of your pocket to automatically open the knife as it’s drawn, making it a sensible addition to a quick, compact knife like the Dragonfly. Also new to this model is a saber grind compared to the full flat grind used in other models, allowing the blade to accommodate the extra steel required by the hook.

The blade folds into lightweight FRN handles, with a lockback securing it when in use as well as reducing weight that a liner lock would have added. With a minuscule overall weight of 1.3 ounces, the Dragonfly 2 all but disappears in your pocket, ready to spring into action thanks to the Wave feature. A reversible wire clip completes the lightweight ensemble, while also allowing ambidextrous EDC.

The Dragonfly 2 is a Spyderco compact classic, and with the Emerson Wave feature, spreads its wings to reach its full high-speed potential. Pick up this zippy blade from Amazon at the link below.

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Trending: Medford Micro Praetorian

Today's trending gear for Tactical Tuesday can be summed up in a word: tanky. The Medford Micro Praetorian brings a completely overbuilt design quality to a manageable EDC sized folding form factor. This little big knife features a 2.8" long, D2 tool steel blade, with a 0.19" thickness and a drop point geometry. While it might be on the shorter side of the knife spectrum it's still built like a tank with beefy proportions, measuring 1.25" wide and 0.5" total thickness. Closed, it's just under 5" long. Aggressive jimping on the spine of the blade and handle, combined with a G10 scale on one side, give plenty of grip on the knife. Elongated thumb "nicks" in the blade allow for ambidextrous deployment, securing into a beefy liner lock. Finally, an emergency glass breaker pommel and a straight pocket clip round out the details of this made in the USA knife. If you prefer an overengineered, tactical EDC with a premium feel, check out the Micro Praetorian by Medford Knives at the link below.

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10 Historic Knives from Around the World

Since time immemorial, the carrying of knives has been a part of life. And while many of the designs of the knives of old are lost to history, there are an iconic few that survive to this day. These classic traditional knives have a rich heritage, but they’re not just curiosities made to be seen and not used. They are full-fledged production everyday carry knives that you can pick up today, with timeless performance that can serve just as well as they did when they were first introduced. Plus, these knives have a unique design and a story that represents the needs of the time, the place, and the people who used them. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to some of our favorite traditional designs and why they deserve a place in your own everyday carry.

Trending: Spyderco Squeak

Trending for this Slicer Saturday is Spyderco's non-locking slipjoint folder, the Squeak. This nifty little knife brings no-frills utility to any EDC where locking knives aren't an option, making this knife popular in the UK and similar locales. In such a minimalist design, the star of the show is the Squeak's signature leaf-shaped blade. 

Measuring a modest 2" long and made from N690Co steel, the blade leverages its leaf-shaped geometry to maximize its usable cutting surface for general utility tasks. Although the knife doesn't lock for extremely tough tasks, it does feature a finger choil and jimping at the spine of the blade for a firm grip. Lightweight FRN handles add to that grip, while a Spyderco wire clip makes carrying it easy. 

For a classic Spyderco experience that you can carry almost anywhere, check out the Squeak at the link below.

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Trending: Boker Plus PSK

It's Fixed Blade Friday, and today we're highlighting this little big knife from Boker Plus that's been trending with this past week's data. Designed by Tom Krein as his "Personal Survival Knife," the PSK sports a no-frills design to deliver serious outdoor, survival, and EDC performance. It's sized just right for everyday carry as far as fixed blades go, measuring in with a 3" blade length and a robust 4.7mm thickness. A clip point shape makes the most of its 2.5" cutting edge, while its flat grind offers plenty of versatility. Jimping on the spine and a finger choil help with a secure grip for harder tasks. G10 on the handles keep the PSK light, comfortable to hold, and grippy when wet. A lanyard hole at the end of the handle gives an extra carry option in addition to the included horizontal Kydex sheath and Tek-lok mount. Check it out in full detail at the link below.

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Sharpal 6-in-1 Knife Sharpener

"Sharpal’s pocket-sized tool offers tungsten carbide blades for coarse sharpening, carbide blades for fine honing, and a diamond rod for fish and gut hooks, as well as an emergency whistle and a firestarter. Bring one on all of your fishing and..." (via The Awesomer)

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Trending: Spyderco Urban Lightweight

Today's Sunday Slicer punches above its weight as one of the most heavily trafficked products on the site last week. The aptly named Spyderco Urban Lightweight lacks a locking mechanism and sports FRN handles, making it an excellent EDC for minimalists and those who live in cities with stricter knife regulations. A classic oversized thumbhole deploys the 2.6", N690CO blade, revealing its signature Spyderco "leaf"-shape. The leaf shape makes the most of its well-sized blade to give you enough cutting edge for most everyday tasks. Jimping on both the spine and the finger choil give excellent grip, enhanced by the textured FRN handle. While it's mostly a no-frills kind of knife, it does include a wire pocket clip for ease of carry. You can pick up this classic slipjoint Spyderco for your urban EDC at the link below.

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Gerber Key Note

The best knife is the one you have on you, but sometimes your limited pocket space can make it hard to EDC a full-sized knife. To be sure, when there’s light utility work to be done like opening up packaging, your keys can sort of get the job done with a lot of coaxing. But you’ll miss having a real knife on you for that and any bigger task that comes your way. This year, Gerber provides a solution to this dilemma with their new Key Note knife, a stout workhorse folding knife with a miniature footprint that fits right on your keys, easily concealed.

In its fully-folded configuration, the Gerber Key Note looks like any other small key fob or RFID pass anyone might have on their keys these days. But with a small flick of the minute starter tab, the Key Note reveals a stout sub-1“ blade that gives you just enough cutting surface to get tasks done right. With a shape that’s a cross between a tanto blade and a chisel, the Key Note is made to pierce and lightly pry material as needed. And with easily-sharpened 5Cr stainless steel, you can touch it up after going through more than a few cardboard boxes in hand. When you’re done, you can close the knife up into the aluminum handle with one motion, as there’s no lock needed.

It isn’t until you’re missing the right tool for the job that you wish you brought one along. And the Gerber Key Note is a good piece of kit to place on your keys for when carrying a full-sized knife is out of the question. Because it’s so small and light, too, it’s worth keeping around as a backup everyday carry piece as well. Never go without a knife again, and pick up one of these unique and innovative Key Note knives today at the link below.

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Lansky C-Sharp & Deluxe 5-Stone Sharpening System

A sharp knife is a safe knife, but even the finest everyday carry blades will become dull through the rigors of daily use. And if you don’t have your own way of sharpening and maintaining your blades, it won’t matter whether your knife is made of expensive super-premium M390 steel or more affordable 8Cr13MoV because it won’t cut through anything anyways. The good news is that sharpening your knives isn’t a hard thing to do at all, especially if you have modern tools like the ones made by Lansky. Take the C-Sharp pocket tool for example, which is small enough to keep in your pockets or with the rest of your gear when you’re on the go. Then there’s their Deluxe 5-Stone System for more considered sharpening and honing when you’re at home. These are some of the best sharpeners in the business, and with them you can breathe new life into your dull knives, and save yourself a lot of trouble in the process too.

The Lansky C-Sharp is simple to use: you place the tool upright on a table and then pull your knife through any one of the V-shaped sharpening slots until you have a sharp knife. Each slot contains 600 grit ceramic sharpening materials, arranged in specific angles for the edge you’re trying to maintain, including the most common ones: 17, 20, 25, and 30 degrees. You should use the angle that corresponds most closely to the original grind of your knife but as a rule of thumb: the thinner the angle, the sharper your knife will be but it will potentially make things more brittle depending on the steel composition of the blade. And for knives with a single-sided edge, like chisel-style blades and Japanese cooking knives, there’s a larger 800 grit benchstone at the top of the tool. That benchstone also comes in handy when you’re trying to sharpen serrations as well.

For bigger, more considered sharpening tasks at home, the Lansky Deluxe 5-Stone System is your best bet. Unlike the C-Sharp, the Deluxe has a clamp that holds your blade in place, and you move the sharpening stones across the blade until your knife is sharp. There are slots on the clamp that correspond to the same set of common angles, letting you keep the right blade geometry on your knife, but the main difference is that there’s varying levels of coarseness on each stone included with the system. This lets you sharpen the edges on your knife in progressive steps. There’s extra-coarse grits for fixing really dull and damaged knives, medium and fine grit stones for regular maintenance, and an ultra-fine grit stone for getting razor-sharp performance. The complete system includes everything you’d need to maintain your blades, including honing oil, the multi-angle clamp, guide rods, and a carrying case to store them all neatly.

There’s no excuse for having a dull knife, but these Lansky sharpeners make the task of sharpening and maintaining your knives easy to accomplish. And the best part is these sharpeners won’t put a huge dent in your wallet: now through July 18, 2019, Everyday Carry readers can save 25% off the C-Sharp and all Controlled-Angle Systems at the link below with coupon code EDC19 at checkout. Think of them as an investment in the longevity of your trusty EDC knives. Pick up a sharpening tool or system at a discount at the link below.

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StatGear SwissQlip

As common as Swiss Army Knives (or SAKs) may be in the pockets of hundreds of EDCers, there’s always been a key feature missing from their functionality. We’ve gotten used to handy pocket clips on our knives, flashlights, and keychains, but the popular multi-functional knives have stayed true to their original designs, which means no clip to be found on any of their scales. There have been many efforts to customize SAK scales to add a clip, but Clip & Carry, a new brand by StatGear, may have the feature on lock. The SwissQlip is an easily attachable pocket clip that gives SAKs the pocket staying power you’ve been looking for, so EDCing a Swiss Army Knife is easier than ever.

The best thing about the medium 91 mm Swiss Army Knives is the pure feature per size ratio. You get upwards of a dozen functions all in a sleek and compact form factor that fits as well in your hand as it does in your pocket. Problem is, without the clip and with the smooth scales, the tool has a tendency to travel around empty spaces. By clipping onto the integrated keyring loop present on nearly every 91 mm SAK, the SwissQlip solves that problem by giving your favorite tool a removable clip. The patent pending design is made from stainless steel, and the final design will allow a much deeper pocket carry than the prototype images. And the best part is your multi-tool retains all its functions, even the slide out toothpick and tweezers your model may have.

The Clip & Carry SwissQlip just might be the missing link to unlock the true EDC capability of your favorite 91 mm Swiss Army Knife. Check out the already-funded campaign at Indiegogo at the link below, and pledge for your choice of SwissQlip in polished chrome or a matte black finish.

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Deal Alert: 36% Off CRKT Pilar Folding Knife

The CRKT Pilar is the result of one of the most popular collaborations between CRKT and designer Jesper Voxnaes to produce durable knives that look way more impressive than their price tag would suggest. It's a compact EDC folder that’s packed with features and design you’d expect in a much more expensive knife.

Vox's minimal, nordic-inspired designs are both functional and tough. Sandwiched between two stainless steel handles is a 2.4” blade made from 8Cr13MoV steel. The small blade is easy to control, and the unique bevels add both strength and visual appeal. Since the knife is on the smaller side, there’s a generous index finger choil between the blade and handles ensure you can get a secure grip. The Pilar’s blade stays in place with an integrated frame lock system that has an interesting engraved pattern where the steel is thinned out.

Carry options include a two-way pocket clip to accommodate most carry preferences and a lanyard hole. It's available right now at a steal price of $18, so if you've been looking for a high-performance EDC knife on a budget, now's your chance to pick one up at the Amazon link below.

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* Prices and availability shown reflect With Deal pricing accurate at the time of publishing, and may have changed since.

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Trending: Cold Steel American Lawman S35VN

Slicer Saturday means we take a look at the awesome knives cutting into our trending charts, and this week it’s Cold Steel’s American Lawman. Cold Steel is no stranger to making extremely robust knives, and the American Lawman—named after the professionals serving in law enforcement—takes it up a notch by offering one of the best knife steels in the business, S35VN. The Lawman comes with 3.5“ inches of the high-quality steel in a full drop point shape that gives excellent versatility for any cutting task. On top of its performance steel, the blade also comes with diamond-like coating (DLC) for added endurance and corrosion resistance. Locking the blade into place while in use is Cold Steel’s signature Tri-Ad lock, one the company themselves have put through the grittiest torture test to ensure its safety. And when you’re done with work, the Lawman’s blade folds up by way of a lockback into grippy G-10 handles offering excellent grip during both grip and retrieval, with a reversible clip rounding out your options for EDC. Check out this high-performance knife at the link below.

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