The Best Key Organizers

The Best Key Organizers

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Until you can unlock your front door with a fingerprint scanner, keys are always going to be a part of your EDC. You could toss 'em in your pocket, but the resulting giant lump of metal just isn't comfortable. And dangling them from your belt loop means everyone can hear you coming a mile away. So, what's the best way to carry your keys? Thankfully, that's a question many brands have been working hard to answer, leaving us with plenty of great solutions to key organization. With a solid key organizer, you can turn your messy, jangly keychain into something you can be proud of — just like the rest of your gear. In this guide, we'll go over some of the most efficient key organizers on the market.


If you’re looking for a way to slim down your keys, the KeySmart might be the one for you. This organizer stacks your keys in between two thin pieces of aluminum. You can flip out whichever key you need at that moment while keeping the rest of them securely in place. On either end of the KeySmart you’ll find two screws that you can tighten or loosen in order to flip out your keys a little easier. If you make use of the add-on extensions you can hold up to 34 keys, but you’ll probably be fine with the 2 - 8 capacity that it comes with straight out of the box. You can also further customize your KeySmart in the future by adding on a number different accessories KeySmart makes.

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Orbitkey 2.0

Sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to carry, and the Orbitkey 2.0 keeps it very simple. It’s a folded strap of leather, canvas, or elastomer that’s connected by a small post for your keys. You can quietly hold up to 7 keys and still have a place to attach your car key thanks to a built-in D-ring. Not only will the fabric protect your keys from scratches, but it will also age nicely and add some character to your carry.


Keyport Slide 3.0

If you prefer your keys to look more like a gadget from the future, the Slide is another great option from Keyport. This modular organizer lets you slide out your keys with only your thumb, making it perfect for one-handed use. It has an aluminum build so it won’t break during everyday use and you can also add modules to give your keys some extra functionality. The Slide comes in a 4 or 6 port configuration, so you can carry your most important keys along with a built-in pocket knife or USB stick.



Form and function — that's what you're getting from the minimalist design of the KeyKlip. It uses a familiar sandwich plate construction, but one of the plates that holds your keys actually functions as a bottle opener and carabiner. It's an all-in-one solution for keeping your keys organized and silent without needing extra gear to carry it. Just clip it to your belt loop and you're set.

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Bellroy Key Cover

Bellroy makes plenty of quality leather goods, and the Key Cover is just one more to add to the list. Inside is a small loop that you can fit through the holes in up to 4 keys, keeping them securely in place. Along the edges of the wallet are small magnets that ensure it stays close so you aren’t left with a jumble of keys in your pocket. Along the outside is a small leather loop you can attach your car key to, while maintaining a slim profile overall.

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J.L. Lawson Minimalist II Key Shackle

The M II is a minimalist key shackle that puts great design and functionality in your pocket. A thin bar fits perfectly through the keyholes, so you can hang your keys from it or attach larger items with a split ring. Up top you’ll find a circular opening that doubles as a bottle opener and convenient place to hang your keys from at the end of the day.



The Keybar is one of the most common key organizers you’ll find on the site. Its metal construction means it’s durable enough for EDC while also maintaining a clean aesthetic. Whether you’re in the office or in the field, the Keybar won’t look out of place in your pocket. It comes with a few different sized screws allowing you to keep up to 12 keys neatly organized within it. You’ll also get O rings to adjust the tension to your liking as well as a small key fob attachment for those bulky car starters.


Raven Workshop KeyGrip

The Keygrip combines a simple design with a durable build and is a tried and true key organizer. This solid loop of metal comes in a few different materials including brass, aluminum, and titanium so chances or breakage are slim. You can hold up to 6 stock keys and selecting a key is smooth and easy thanks to included brass spacers. The Keygrip is a strong and simple solution to key organization, so if you abuse your keys this might be the way to go.


Phigvel-Makers Leather Key Swivel Case

Let’s face it, most keys look the same. Even with a good system you’ll still probably end up fumbling around for the right key. The Leather Swivel Case by Phigvel Makers adds a nice touch of practicality to their key organizer by adding labels to the four corners. Embossed in the leather snapping case are the words office, door, home, and ignition. Now you’ll know exactly which key is for what before you even swivel it out of the case.

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QuietCarry Mini Q

As their name implies, Quietcarry makes a few key organizers meant to silence jingling keys. The Mini Q is one that also adds a swappable blade to your keychain, thumb stud and all. When the blade is extended you’ll find a perfectly placed notch for a stronger grip. You can flip your keys out as needed and there’s also an attachment loop for that pesky key fob. The Mini Q is strong enough for EDC thanks to its grade 5 Titanium body and even the blades are made to last with 420HC stainless steel.


KeyPort Pivot

The Keyport Pivot gives you the ability to organize your keys, while also adding a few useful tools to your EDC. The Pivot is modular, so along with your keys you can also add a few useful tools like a flash drive, pocket knife, or a pen. Because of its modularity, you can extend the Pivot to fit up to 15 keys if you carry more than the average person. You’ll also get a small LED light built in which could be useful as a backup to your main EDC flashlight.



If you’re looking for a stylish and minimal way to carry, the Blockey is as minimal as it gets. It’s uses small magnets to hold your keys securely inside a sleek metal case. When you want to access a key just pry the Blockey apart and select the key you need. A wire ring keeps everything in place so when you’re done, the magnets on the Blockey snap together enclosing your keys again. The standard organizer can hold 3 keys, but you can also opt for the extended version that holds up to 5. Both come with a built-in bottle opener for opening your favorite beverages while you’re out.


Swivel Key Wallet

The Swivel Key Wallet is another minimalist option for quietly blending in your keys with your carry. It’s precision CNC machined out of a solid block of metal and relies on a hinge that lets you spread out all of your keys, similar to a stack of cards. When you select one you can swivel the rest back into place to act as the handle. Tiny magnets inside act as a locking mechanism so the keys won’t open unless you need them to and a tiny O-ring is included for car keys as well.


Fortius Arms KeyBiner

Carabiners are a practical way to carry your keys, but most of them just leave your keys dangling by your hip. The Keybiner takes the convenience and ease of use of a traditional carabiner and merges it with a clever design to silence your keys. Depending on the size and shape you can carry up to 14 keys and on top of that it comes with a few built in tools like bottle opener and screwdriver to add some extra functionality to your carry. You know it’s durable enough for EDC thanks to its aluminum or titanium construction.


Brass EDC Key Shackle

Everyone has a different style, and if your EDC has more of a classic feel than this Brass Key Shackle could add some character to your carry. All you have to do is put the bar through the key holes and then screw it back in. You won’t have to worry about pulling a mess of keys out of your pocket anymore and you can still attach them all to your keychain thanks to a small loop on the side of the shackle.

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How do you organize your keys? Leave a comment with your favorite EDC key organizer below!

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I have the Raven Workshop Keygrip, i used a grinder to shape all the top of my keys to roughly :) the same shape. Fits in the pocket nicely and the Keygrip is bombproof.
I have a Chums Key Quiver that would be great except that it is not long enough for several of my keys.
I've had about half of the list, but what really settled it for me was the keyport 2.0. Being a local at the time, I graduated with a 3.0 soon as I could. Having a little Bluetooth locator with my phone a flashlight and a knife all in one, and in such a slim design is perfection for my carry.
Are you allowed to buy the tools separately? It doesn't look you can. The kickstarter said that they should work with the Keysmart. Would love to have one of those Griffin tools.
Look into Stowaway Tools by Klecker Knives or buy a used Leatherman Micro and take it apart for the tools and drop them into your Keysmart. Or any budget small multitool to use for the tools. Just make sure you can take it apart easily.
Snaps. I didn't know they were available now. Thanks! Now I know what to do with my old Keysmart Extended.
I don't know why they'd be useable on keysmart since it's a competing brand, but yes, you can buy the modules now on keyport's website.
Oh they are compatible with it, keybars, etc. If you check out their kickstarter they advertised it that way. Even on their main site they have a vid that shows tools on a keysmart. I think they aligned with keyport after their success. When i get the griffin and screwdriver set I'll post a picture on my personal thread in the forums to check out.
I just got my Griffin Stowaway in the mail. This thing is NICE!
I had a Keysmart Extended and then upgraded to the Keysmart Rugged. Great company. Hasn't failed me yet.
Haven't upgraded to the Rugged yet, but my Extended still hasn't let me down.
I'm in the same boat as Bart. But reading this makes me want to dabble in an alternate.
Nothing was wrong with my Extended. I loved my set-up but the thicker metal and clip was enough for me to upgrade. I still have my old one sitting in an EDC box until I think of a use for it.
I modded my keysmart to have a built in bottle opener, I wouldn't trade it for anything!
Anything is better than their two!
I find the Key-Bar to be excellent for what I’m looking for in a key ring. With my job I carry a tremendous amount of keys that use constantly on and off job sites and my shop. The bulk and weight of the keys hanging from the carabiner was a lot as well as the look of those keys hanging from your belt loop doesn’t always look the most professional. Along came Key Bar and it changed everything for me. The organizational benefit is outstanding. I was able to arrange keys for personal use like house keys etc - on one side while the other end is shop, equipment, business keys. My wife ordered directly from key Bar to get mine and had mine “pimped” out with a design I love. I’ve used mine in pouring rain, freezing temperatures, snow, hot southern summers, and even a hurricane/tropical storm. It’s always worked %100 with zero issues. I’d definitely buy it again. Now Key Bar offers tools and attachments you can add to your existing key Bar. Mine takes a beating of course from my job, & outside activities such as fishing, camping, hiking, hunting, shooting, tailgating and of course the multiple times employees need my work keys on job site and around the shop. Great tool made in Savannha Georgia with excitement customer service. They stand by their product. After I got mine I’ve had countless friends who also purchased one and they have had zero issues if they needed anything extra or wanted something added to it. Some of the key holders listed above couldn’t hold my amount of keys or the abuse they’d receive from me. Key Bar rocks!
Wow just discovered so many Key Clips from this article.
I have a Key-bar. My nephew and his wife got it for me for Christmas. I had put a Keysmart on my amazon wishlist (my nieces and nephew asked me to create a list so they'd know what they could get me) so I included a Keysmart on the list. It was reasonably priced and reviews show it only had a minor issue of the screws sometimes working loose with a solution provided by some reviewers. Well, my nephew got me a Key-bar because he has one and I really like it a lot (though he spent more than I really wanted him to spend for my gift which was very nice of him). No problems with the screws working loose and it has a handy clip. With 6 keys (3 on each side) I can quickly locate the key I need compared to a o-ring where its harder to find the right key when some of the keys are very similar.
Personally these are more of a hassel and bulk than a plain ole' keyring. Sure they're more wizbang but cause more issue than help. And yes I've tried most of them. The brass EDC shackle or Phigvel-Makers Leather Key Swivel Case are the only ones that possibly may help but neither allow access to your keys as easily as the old fashioned keyring. A traditional keyring/keychain is a weapon that can be taken anywhere with you, even TSA allows them. When keys are stored in these devices they are nolonger a viable weapon since they can't be gripped between the knuckles or swung like a medieval mace. In the end it's personal preference. So rock it if you like it.
I have the TEC accessories clip to suspend my keys in my pocket and i love it! First set i ordered looks like it went through hell in the mail and one of the clips got bent called up TEC and they had no problems of swapping out the damaged set for new one
Can't recommend the Orbitkey 2.0 enough! It's efficient, fashionable, simple, and I never have to worry about stacking my keys the right way as I did with some of the ones where the keys fold in to the center.
I have the Keygrip and while it's aesthetically pleasing, I haven't carried it long enough to see how I feel about function. Honestly though, it's gorgeous and very well made, but I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, especially coming from just a standard key chain. Silent-carry really isn't one of my concerns but this thing sure is pretty!
i have 4 out of the 15 above. and KeyPort Slide is my favorite and I think it will be my last key organizer. it it breaks, i will get the same one again. And got a KeyPort Pivot for my wife with a bluetooth trackR attachment because she always loose her keys, she loving it too. Before that i was using QuietCarry mini Q, but find it a problem when I need to fly.
I was old style, now I am diy made and it works well, put in pocket or clip it to pocket and/or belt. Using it ever since.
IMHO a 5mm 316 stainless steel D-Shackle is as good or better at elegantly organising keys than most branded options (And are available from any good hardware/ boating store for under $5.00) I add or remove small washers to mine to achieve the perfect tension and keep the keys in place.
You should try a little panache in your life. You deserve it!
Where pocket bulk is concerned I'll go for minimalist function over bulging panache every time 😉
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