10 Best Compact Slings and Messenger Bags for EDC in 2020

10 Best Compact Slings and Messenger Bags for EDC in 2020

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Even after paring your gear down to the essentials, it can still be too much to fit in your pockets. The quick fix would be to toss the rest into a bag, but even then you might not have enough excess gear to justify carrying a full-sized daypack. For those times when you could use just a little extra pocket space, a compact sling or messenger bag can make all the difference. Better yet, one that's fine-tuned to your specific EDC needs. In this guide, you'll find ten examples of EDC-worthy slings and shoulder bags for every scenario.

5.11 Rush MOAB 6

If you need a small tactical bag that can fit your essentials but handle larger tasks when the time comes, consider the 5.11 Rush MOAB 6. It's a small tactical sling bag made out of durable 1050D nylon. The interior has organizer space for your gear, and the exterior is MOLLE attachment compatible so you can expand the pack when you need it.

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Maxpedition Wolfspur

If you need to be able to reach your gear at a moment's notice, the Maxpedition Wolfspur is just right for you. It's a tactical crossbody bag that gives you straightforward and easy access to your gear. While it's not as big as a daypack at just 11 liters in capacity, you'd be surprised at what you can carry with it. That's because it has multiple dedicated organizational pockets throughout the bag. And because it's designed for concealed carry, there are discreet storage areas that you can take advantage of as you see fit as well.

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Chrome Kadet

The Kadet mixes urban commuter style with the useful ergonomics and durability of an EDC sling bag made out of solid 1050D nylon. It comes with a quick-release strap that operates like an old-style seatbelt. It also features compression straps on the bag itself to further minimize its footprint when its on your back.

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Blackhawk Advanced Tactical Briefcase

If your everyday needs are more administrative in nature, Blackhawk's Advanced Tactical Briefcase offers you a great way to carry around your EDC without a lot of bulk. It's a 10 liter capacity shoulder bag with buckle flap that's designed to get you and your gear through the day whether it be in the office or out in the field. It's perfectly sized to carry your pens and papers along with your EDC. It can also fit a small laptop or tablet when you're on the go. And because it's a tactical bag made out of durable 1000D nylon, it will last you a while.

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Direct Action Foxtrot

This is not your grandfather's nerdy waist bag. The Direct Action Foxtrot bag lets you carry your EDC essentials on your waist, or on your shoulder if you prefer it that way. It's a weather-resistant nylon tactical bag that can fit your gear up to and including an iPad. It's also nicely sized to carry a small camera and lens if you EDC a camera.

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NutSac Man-Bag, Dammit

If you're after a more casual and timeless style of pack, this waxed canvas and leather bag should do the trick. Its waxed canvas doesn't just give the bag a comfortable feel, it also adds weather resistance to keep your valuables safe from the conditions outside. And if you think the canvas and leather combination would be too heavy, the bag itself weighs less than ten ounces in total.


Kelty Sling Bag

One look at the Kelty sling bag and it'd be hard to guess it's a tactical bag unless you knew beforehand. It's a lightweight, incognito tactical bag that definitely doesn't look like one. It's durable too, as you'd expect, made out of a mix of 210 ripstop and 600D nylon fabric. It's designed for concealed carry, so it has a hook and loop internal area for holsters and other accessories. If you don't carry you can also use that to attach other kinds of gear as per your needs too.

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Condor Elite Sector

The Condor Elite Sector follows the Kelty's design cues in making a small and low-profile concealed carry sling bag. The difference is that it uses heavier-duty nylon and has a few more pockets and dividers in the main pack. Instead of looking like a more casual bag, the Condor goes for more nondescript looks. It also includes MOLLE organizational options in the interior of the main compartment as well so you can put bags within bags and further sort out your gear.

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Pacsafe Venturesafe 150 GII

The best thing about carrying around a small sling bag is that it doesn't make you look like a target, especially when you're traveling. But you can't always rule out that someone will try to take your bag from you. The Pacsafe Venturesafe 150 GII comes with a plethora of anti-theft mechanisms that make it extremely hard for someone to cut and run with the valuables in your everyday carry. The main bag and the straps are all resistant against cutting and slashing attacks, and the zipper pulls come together easily for locking. Finally the bag itself blocks RFID transmissions, keeping your payment information and passport data safe from thieves.

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Cargo Works EDC Laptop Case

If you're looking for a minimalist carry option in this category, the Cargo Works laptop EDC kit sports a simple yet functional design. Its main compartment is designed to fit a small laptop like a 12” MacBook. It will also readily fit a tablet if you carry one of those instead. You'll find plenty of webbing throughout the bag for organizing your gear: elastic loops on the inside, and MOLLE-compatible racks on the exterior. It's made of tough 900D nylon fabric and has solid YKK zippers so while it's minimalist, it will last through daily use easily.


What bag do you use for that extra bit of storage? Leave a comment below with your favorite pack!

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Goruck Echo. Best minimalist ever.
I guess 3vgear will never get any love but that won't stop me from mentioning them since I have had nothing but success with my Outlaw sling bag and Posse (smaller sling bag). Lifetime warranty and cheaper than all these bags mentioned.
I just got an Outlaw and now wonder how I lived without it before.
Haha...really can't disagree. Soon the Outlaw will come in a 2strap version (or something similar per my talking to 3V Gear) and that's what I need to get next. Man you just can't beat the price and warranty!
My brother-in-law is a collector of bags. When I showed him my V3, he lost it! Looks like I have one person done for Christmas already \m/
Maxpedition gridflux
Just bought the Cargo Works case. It's amazing
Maybe they aren't considered compact enough, but Vertx's line of slings (All their bags, really. Love Vertx stuff.) is great. I have the Commuter, which is the larger version and it's great.
I carry the Grunt Style Saddle Bag. Great little messenger bag with lots of pockets with MOLLE webbing and velcro on the front.
I used a Patagonia Atom Sling for many years and it is a ggod product also
I tried the Wolfspur. Great design and loads of compartments (if you like that sort of packing) but as it's asymmetrical it limits your carry options. Direct Action is a bomb-proof brand. After much research and deliberation I triggered the Hazard 4 Kato. Still trying to organise it so I know where everything is!
Thule Crossover Sling Pack
The best slingbag ever for daily routine
A lot of pocket, very solid, protected space for the laptop and well designed
Kp Sling, timbuk2 classic messenger, go ruck bullet ruck, loctote
Def digging the Cargo Works EDC case
Maratac Sat-Com FTW
The Haversack by Alchemy Goods is serving me well.
I have always leaned towards more of a camera backpack. The new Lowepro drone series are small enough for all day carry but have a ton of organizational tools. I like to use pouches and dry boxes to organize smaller items and a camera bag allows for an easy grab and go of that pouch/box.
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