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8 Valet Trays to Organize Your EDC at Home

8 Valet Trays to Organize Your EDC at Home

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EDC is all about being prepared and optimizing your carry, so why should that stop once you get home? There’s nothing wrong with dumping your pockets on your nightstand at the end of the day, but it’s way easier to keep track of your gear if you have something to put it in.

Valet trays and similar catch-alls keep your items organized and minimize the chances of forgetting something when you leave the house. As is the case with most things in life, no single tray will work for everyone (or their EDCs).

Before you pick a tray, you should have a general idea of what you’re going to be using it for. 

If you’re only going to use it for keys and coins then something small will be fine, but watches, multitools, and wallets will require a larger tray.

In this guide, we’ll share some recommendations that should keep your EDC organized and at the ready when they’re not in your pockets.

Header photo courtesy of Everyday Carry reader Curtis's recent submission, featuring a catch-all by Anson Calder.

Valet Trays for Your EDC Gear

Image titleTanner Goods Leather Valet Tray

For those just looking for a place to empty their pockets, this leather valet tray from Tanner Goods is a classic way to store items. It’s constructed using two pieces of their Meridian English bridle leather, which should age gracefully and develop its own individual character over time. At 7" x 7", it’s perfect if you don’t have a lot of space to work with or want quick access to your carry.

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Image title

Owen and Fred Concrete Valet Tray

If you need something a little more concrete, this valet tray from Owen & Fred might be what you’re looking for. The heavy base gives it a sturdiness that should prevent it from accidentally being knocked to the floor with all your gear in it. Aside from being made of concrete, it has a leather interior that protects your valuables from any scratches. The concrete comes in — well concrete, but the waxy leather comes in brown, navy blue, or black so you can pick the one that fits your style.

Buy at Owen & Fred

Image title

Hunt and Sparrow Woven Valet Tray
This stitched bowl is perfect for loose change and any small EDC items in your pockets. Small multi-tools, keys, and knives fit snugly in this charcoal gray catch-all and the stitched pattern adds a level of craftsmanship that comes from a handmade item. At only 7” in diameter this provides all the benefits of a valet tray without any of the bulk, keeping your bedside table as slim as your pockets. It might not be the best option for anyone with large tools, but if you have a minimal carry this catch-all is a great option.

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Image title

Natural Blue Pine Desk Valet

If you care about the environment (and you should), take a look at this valet tray made of 100% recycled pine wood. The trees used were killed by parasitic beetles, but don’t worry. The fungal spores produced by the beetles don’t damage the wood and it’s harmless to humans, but it does stain the wood with a cool blue color. The tray is sectioned off into a vertical display stand, a pocket dump area, and a cell phone charging bay complete with cutouts for a charging cable. This valet tray by Natural Pine Designs is a win-win if you want a unique valet tray to go along with a clear conscience.

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Image title

Modko Stash Catchall

Sometimes you only need one item, and if you don’t want to go digging through a bowl of gear to get it then this pre-organized catchall dubbed the Stash could be the answer. It has silicone separators that not only organize your gear, but can also support items like your wallet when tossed on top. This catchall also has a built-in stand for phone or mid-sized tablets complete with a small pass-through for a charging cable. The minimal design makes it perfect for a desk or nightstand and with four different colors to choose from, there’s no reason to misplace any of your things anymore.

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Image title

D&J Solid Wood Docking Tray
If you like your things to be a little more organized, you can opt for this solid wood docking station instead of a valet tray. It features a built-in cell phone holder with a small hole for a charging cable, a watch stand, and it even has a spot for loose change. The base is a blank slate of wood that’s perfect for a larger carry that won’t fit in a bowl or tray. If stained wood isn’t your style, this handmade docking station is also available in 9 other finishes.

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Image title

BASE Object 004 Polystone Tray

This tray from BASE is about as minimal as it gets. Simply named Object 004, it’s made 100% of polyston—making it look more like a modern art installation then a valet tray. The inside is covered with a soft felt that protects your things from any damage and there’s a small dip in the wall so you can leave your phone on the charger as well. The minimal design makes it ideal for holding your carry and with five colors to choose from, you can blend it in with your home decor or make it stand out. It’s up to you.


Image title

Max 12 Inch Valet Tray

For those with a little more to carry, there’s always this compartmentalized valet tray. The compartments are of various shapes and sizes which help it hold a wide range of tools in an ever-changing EDC. Everything from your watch to loose change can find a place in this tray with room to spare for other tools. For example, there’s a compartment covered by a flap that would be perfect for larger EDC items like knives and multi-tools. The entire tray is covered in a smooth leatherette save for the interior, which is overlaid with a soft felt instead. At 11.5 x 8 x 1.5 inches, this tray can keep your carry organized and accessible when they leave your pocket.

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What's your favorite way to store your gear at the end of the day? Share your at-home setup in the comment section below.

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I use an old cigar box.
me too, the only issue i have with that is it makes my watch smell:/
My favorite are bamboo compartment trays.
I hang my pocket dump on a modified wooden cutting board. That leather valet tray looks good though.
I know the article is about valet trays for home, but I'm looking for a nice USA made leather one with snaps instead of screws at the corners for travel so that it unsnaps & packs flat in a carry-on/suitcase and sets up quickly at a destination by snapping the corners back together. Any helpful suggestions?
The one featured on the title page seems to do just that. Click on the tag on the picture for details.
I too have the Anson Calder tray featured in the title picture. It not only has everything you're looking for, but folds up flat in fourths then fits in a great dust bag for travel. Not only do I love it, but it will be this year's grad and Farher's day gifts.
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What is the wallet in the article picture?
It's the Anson Calder 1/8" wallet. I have one and love it.
What is the one in the feature picture up top?
Anson Calder Catch-All. We've added a tag in the header image that will take you to the manufacturer's website.
Very cool, Thanks!
The valet you used as the cover photo but didn't Iist in the guide is the Anson Calder Catch-All and can be bought online at ansoncalder.com.
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