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When G-SHOCK released its GBDH2000, the fitness-tracking world rejoiced as it combined the G-SHOCK’s world-renowned durability with true multi-sport fitness-tracking capabilities and smartwatch functionality. It also signified the start of the collaboration with Polar, one of the most recognized names in wearable fitness.

With the introduction of the DWH5600, the latest addition to the G-SHOCK Move series of watches, G-SHOCK pays homage by featuring a straightforward and balanced design and an octagonal case reminiscent of G-SHOCK’s first release. Both its bezel and strap are crafted using environmentally friendly bio-based resins, and carbon fiber-reinforced resin is also used for the inner case. Couple this with solar-assisted charging technology, and it’s easy to see the brand’s increasing commitment to sustainability. The watch also utilizes a high-definition Memory in Pixel (MIP) LCD screen, shielded by a flat mineral glass crystal, helping it maintain visibility in bright conditions. Water Resistance of 200 meters and Shock Resistance come standard and are hallmarks shared by the entire G-SHOCK lineup.

In addition to the standard digital watch functions found across the G-SHOCK collection, such as stopwatch, alarm, countdown timer, automatic calendar, and world timer, the new DWH5600 features advanced health and fitness capabilities, such as step counting, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen level measurement, and sleep analysis. With Bluetooth connectivity, the watch implements automatic time synchronization, notification reception, and easy setup through the Casio Watches smartphone app. The app also provides daily activity tracking, activity logs, and life logs using data analysis that uses Polar’s algorithm technology. These tools cater to your body’s unique needs, allowing you to optimize your health to continuously progress with your fitness goals, whether walking, running, or working out at the gym.

Both solar and USB charging is supported, with solar-assisted charging enough to keep its time display active indefinitely. Once the battery is low, you’ll need to plug the watch in to use its training functions and smart notifications. Assuming zero light exposure, the watch offers up to 35 hours of battery life when utilizing heart rate tracking and activity functions. With heart rate measurement turned off, it can last approximately one month, and in power-saving mode, it provides around 11 months of timekeeping.

The G-SHOCK DWH5600 successfully bridges the gap between those looking for fitness tracking and notification functions from a smartwatch and those who still rely on the legendary robust durability that defines the rest of the G-SHOCK collection. With an official retail price of $299, the new G-SHOCK DWH5600 is also more affordable than most smartwatch models currently available, making its value-for-money proposition difficult to ignore. Grab yours at the link below.

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