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Deal Alert: G2 Goods Brass Pen and Titanium EDC Gear

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Deal Alert: G2 Goods Brass Pen and Titanium EDC Gear

It’s one thing to have EDC gear that’s tough enough to carry every day, but it’s another to have gear you can carry for generations. Gear made from brass is a great choice for EDC thanks to its toughness and ability to develop a patina over time, making it one of the few materials that looks better the more you use it. A favorite item for passing down is a pen: especially a hefty, well-made, precision piece that’s well-worn yet functional. The Solid Brass Pen from G2 Goods is an heirloom piece that can endure the rough and tumble of your everyday adventures, and still be there to be passed on when the time comes.

It begins as a solid piece of brass that’s CNC-machined into a minimalist, wand-like design. Great milling and a precise fit makes the 6.25" pen look seamless when closed. This hefty 1.65-ounce pen gives some gravitas to your writing, making it perfect for signing your most important documents, recording your insights in a journal, or engaging in the forgotten craft of handwritten letters. The thread-on cap ensures that it’s not lost during transit, and emphasizes the more slowed-down and deliberate use of a pen like this in today’s fast-paced digital world.

The G2 Solid Brass Pen handles daily tasks like jotting notes or signing checks, thanks to its smooth Leinuosen rollerball ink cartridge. It takes standard refills from Parker, Fisher and Schneider, all of which are common and easy to find. Tough materials, quality craftsmanship and everyday reliability will make the G2 Solid Brass Pen a standout among your everyday essentials, and a dependable companion through your life’s journey.

Another material that goes well with heirloom quality brass is lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant titanium. The G2 Titanium Quick Release Keyring features a quick-access push slide design that makes adding or removing keys a pain-free experience for your fingers and nails. For most people’s keychains, the keyring is usually the weakest link. So it makes sense to invest in a solid keyring to depend on to keep your keys with you. Since this one is made from titanium, it’s rustproof, malleable, and strong though the years, even over multiple key changes. You can get this in a set of two, which should have your key needs covered for a long, long time.

To complete the keychain setup, G2 offers a Mini Titanium Carabiner. It leverages titanium’s inherent flexibility, resulting in a design with no moving parts to break over time or snag on your clothes. An indent keeps your keyrings in place so it doesn’t interfere with carabiner operation, and a small section of jimping gives you a bit of grip and some tactile indexing to help you find where to press down to open the gate. Both the keyring and carabiner feature minimalist and understated branding with a tiny G2 Goods logo machined onto the titanium.

Now’s a great time to get the G2 Solid Brass Pen on Amazon by taking advantage of a 40% discount with the code: edcWFg20. And while you’re at it, check out their other EDC goods like the Quick Release Keyring and Mini Titanium Carabiner as well. If you’re looking for classy and durable designs to upgrade your daily carry, check out some premium gear from G2 Goods.

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The code is not working for me
Brain-bo Bright ·
It finally worked
denial ·
hello, is the lighter in the top image also brass? if so, what's the make? thanks!
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It is brass but just a cover made by Goodworth co. I found they have a few available but unfortunately with designs and not plain as shown.