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Nitecore TUBE V2.0

Mikey Bautista
Nitecore TUBE V2.0

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When you put together affordability, thoughtful design, and simple and efficient functionality into a product, it’s often a winning formula. Products able to accomplish that unique balance of features are often the ones that stand the test of time. And when the Nitecore TUBE came out so many years ago, it ticked all the boxes that made it an instant success as one of the best keychain flashlights to EDC. And while we think it’s still worth it to carry the original one today, there’s always room for improvement. With upgraded performance in all the right places without having to reinvent the wheel, the TUBE V2.0 is a worthy successor to an EDC classic.

When you put the original TUBE and V2.0 side by side, you’d be forgiven for mistaking them to be the same light. The V2.0 comes in the same poly-carbonate shell as its predecessor, down to the same 2.22“ length and 0.33-ounce weight. So it will be a familiar form factor to those already carrying the original. Also like the original is a large selection of colors both clear and opaque, making it easier than ever to pair the V2.0 with the rest of your EDC.

The real treat for the V2.0, however, is under the hood. In short, all of its key metrics were upgraded, without taking up any more space or modifying anything from the original design (if it ain’t broke...). You now get 55 lumens from the original 45, throwing an extra meter out to 25m from the original 24 thanks to a slightly higher candela, with the wide, 100-degree beam offering floody utility. The single-button operation with ramping infinitely variable brightness is still present, but an improved battery now gives you 58 hours of runtime compared to the original 48. The V2.0 even charges faster, taking 1.5 hours for a full charge, 30 minutes faster than the V1. And speaking of charging, a micro USB port still takes care of battery duties.

Like before, the V2.0 carries like a key fob thanks to an integrated stainless steel ring connector that’s able to withstand 77 pounds of weight, scoffing at even the heaviest and jangliest keychain you can connect it to. Last but not least, an IP65 waterproof rating means that the TUBE is as comfortable in light inclement weather as it in your pockets for EDC. Check out the new Nitecore TUBE V2.0 in six colors at the link below.

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Seems a little low on lumens, but for 9.99 I might have to give it a try!
longuylander ·
I don't think it's enough of an upgrade to replace my old one. If I were buying one new, it'd probably be worth the extra cost for the V2
jag-engr ·
Any improvement on the PWM? It was a really low rate on the original light. I couldn’t stand it!