My Everyday Carry

Student/Entrepreneur in San Francisco, CA

This is my actual EDC. There isn’t much because I have to carry this every day and not simply pose for a picture. In addition to this, I will wear a 1”- 1.5” nylon belt with a AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle and some 5.11 cargo pants. I hate large wallets, which is why I went with the smallest wallet I could find that wasn’t just a pocket clip, the Ferro Concepts LW-Wallet. The FourSevens isn’t a 400 lumen blaster, but it has many modes that I use every night, from low to medium power. A quick spin of the head puts the light to a decent 125 lumens which is enough for EDC. The Cold Steel is a heavy blade with coarse grips. Not the prettiest blade but you can beat on it without worry. Most importantly, the Westone W4’s are my life line. I listen to music almost 24/7, thought I am still struggling to find the right tips for them. The current ones work just fine for now.

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