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My Everyday Carry


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submitted by patricktulskie

I commute by foot and by train every day. I need to travel light so in my EDC you’ll find only what I use every day.  The only duplication you’ll notice is the Wenger and the Leatherman.  I rarely use the Wenger’s blade but I always find use for the bottle opener and scissors.  Also, for those of you that are frequently underground without cellular service, one can never underestimate the value of an accurate time piece.  I’ve been toying with the idea of pocketing a flashlight but my iPhone always seems to rise to the challenge.

Editor’s Note: Nice simple carry. You bring up a good point about having an accurate timepiece, knowing what time it is and being on time can save a lot of hassle sometimes. There are other benefits to keeping time with a watch, in some settings it’s just more polite to check the time discreetly on your watch than to pull out your phone. For students, taking out your phone to check the time during an exam is grounds for failure, and knowing/managing your time is crucial. As for a light, if you need to carry minimally and your phone does a good job, then there’s no pressure to upgrade. I could only imagine you’d find it handy if your commute runs late at night and if you’re underground a lot, but also realize that in case of an emergency, having a bright flashlight might attract unwanted attention from desperate people left in the dark. Kind of strange, isn’t it? Sometimes it’s better to use a cheapy light or your phone… Anyway, thanks for sharing!

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