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OK, here’s what I have:

AO Original Piltot 52mm sunglasses. I found a guy on ebay who sells them for $30. I’ve probably bought 10 pairs from him—I lose sunglasses A LOT.

Monster Turbine Pro Gold headphones

Microfiber cloth (life is smudgy)

Unknown pen knife that belonged to my grandfather

Keybrid combination key/keyring

Brass Bullet Pencil Sharpener

Omega Seamaster Professional with Hadley Roma Rallye strap and Axel Jost deployant clasp.

Even though I don’t smoke, I always carry matches, because fire is our greatest technological advancement, and I like to have access to that. 

iPhone 4 with Material6 birdseye maple backplate

Greenwich Letterpress Slang Pencil

Great site, really enjoy it.

Editor’s Note: Hey Joe, I’m glad you enjoy the site, and thanks for submitting. I like the Seamaster and the fact that you carry the same knife your grandfather did. Carry it well and pass it along! The microfiber cloth makes sense for a touchscreen phone, watch and sunglasses. I personally like a handkerchief for that, as it can be used in other ways, but perhaps it might not be suitable for delicate items you have. Anyway, if you want to carry matches but don’t use them often, consider keeping them in an airtight, waterproof spy capsule of some sort rather than in a matchbook that could get wet or break or something. I would also suggest a robust mechanical pencil or leadholder to slim down your carry, but I understand people are particular about their pencils. Lastly, as an aside, I don’t think the ‘keybrid’ is a great idea, especially with the way its executed — if you were to add additional keys to that ring, you’d end up with a bunch of keys and one awkwardly jutting out perpendicular to the rest. Not good design imo… Anyway, thanks for sharing.

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