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My Everyday Carry


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submitted by Fletcher Young

Hi there!

First i would like to say thank you for a great site, it is a source of excellent information and very cool EDC’s!

My wallet weeps everytime i visit.


  • Leather wallet, pretty sturdy.
  • Knomo iphone sleeve and iphone 3, an oldie but serves me well.
  • Boker plus xs (re-profiled to fully adhere to UK knife law blade length).
  • Smith & Wesson Tac Pen.
  • LED Lenser P2 (outstanding flashlight for the price!)
  • Small firesteel, True Utility Cash Stash and rubberised memory stick.
  • Main keys: Fenix E01, Victorinox Escort and SuckUK key bottle opener.

Not the prettiest of EDC’s i’ll admit but everything gets it’s daily use and is very functional. Thanks again for your inspiration.

Editor’s Note: Hi Fletcher, thanks for the support. I’m glad the site gave you some ideas! Your carry reflects this well — I can see it covers many bases and is not overly bulky, but rather streamlined and minimal. Nice work getting that Boker reprofiled to legal spec. The selection of tools on your secondary keychain is nice, and your main keychain tools (E05 and SAK) should serve you well for a long time. I threw the same combo onto my mom’s keychain, haha. Thanks for sharing and carry on.

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