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submitted by Josh Carlson

Hi! Love this site. I didn’t even know about EDC ‘till I stumbled across here.

This is my current always-on-me pocket dump. I do not currently have a knife, any suggestions? I have multiple Leathermans within grabing distance a lot, but nothing to keep in my pocket…

Left to right :

Solid Copper Embassy Pen
Sprint HTC Arrive WP7 Phone
Key chain keys:

     Isuzu VehiCROSS, Astro Work Van, Office Master Key, Home Keys, Toyota Paseo (I alternate vehicles a lot, sadly)

Other Key Chain Stuff :

Two SS Peanut Lighters from CountyComm. Ones gutted and used for emergency cash. Maratac Philips and Flat-head screw driver bits, McGizmo Titanium Sapphire 25 AAA light

Editor’s Note: Interesting setup. As for your knife question I feel like you would enjoy a Spyderco Sage 2 (well, I would, anyway…) as your McGizmo suggests you appreciate titanium. Your carry is keychain-centric in a way I don’t see often, and as a result it appears sort of bulky to me. It’s difficult as it is to carry two spy caps on the same keyring (good looks on the CC peanut lighters, their build quality is great) so I feel having two screw-keys might be better off replaced by a multitool elsewhere in the carry. Unless you pocket carry, I hope you have a sturdy retention method for your ring. Anyway, good luck and thanks for sharing!

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