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Well, not so much what’s in my pockets, but what I carry to work.

As you know (and can see) I am very minimal; 5 years in an active combat unit (and another 10 in the reserve) and several years of alpine climbing taught me to rely more on my brain than my tools, yet I need some tools to work.

In no particular order:

  • Kershaw Blur tanto folder knife
  • iPad wifi only, 32 GB. It replaced my laptop
  • Black Smith & Wesson Military Police tactical pen. I used to have a Benchmade but it broke so I decided not to spend so much money in a pen. The Smith & Wesson feels good and it’s a good quality pen for little money
  • Maratac EOD Utility Bag. Tough and with plenty of space for what I need (including the occasional lunch)
  • Maratac Diplomat Pocket organizer with a survival kit inside (if anyone is interested on that kit leave a comment here)
  • Pocket Widgy because sometimes you need a basic tools to open things. It weights nothing and performs fantastically
  • Inside the survival kit are micro screwdrivers: 2 philips and 2 plain

Sometimes I might carry a Field Notes notebook but that’s about it. Minimal and functional.

Editor’s Note: Submission Saturday! Kinda crazy to see an iPad replace a laptop but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised these days. Nice to hear the Pocket Widgy works well. I was skeptical of the leverage you could get with that thing… Thanks for sharing, hopefully this will give other readers some ideas.

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