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In My Bag is a new website for anyone who’s ever wondered just what all that junk is that’s weighing down your girlfriend’s handbag. Or what gadgets the businessman next to you on the shinkansen has lurking in his briefcase.

It is essentially a social network that defines people by the contents of their bags. In My Bag allows users to create profiles led by a large image of their bag-filling paraphernalia, so that other users can find out what products and devices they themselves might like to have.

We’re cynical enough to have initially responded to this launch with something along the lines of: “Just what we need, another username/password combo to spend minutes every day trying to remember.” But actually having checked it out, it’s a pretty innovative take on the whole social networking game.

The items of each bag are listed out as keywords on the site so you can view how many people carry the same thing and check out what kind of people they are too. You can also search by job description to find out what people in your own profession are currently carrying, or search by bag type, so you know what to pack next time you go traveling or play sports.

For instance, we found a fellow media type, and in their bag was a Japanese product called Super Ukon, which are tablets for people who’ve been drinking alcohol that ensure you are fresh and recovered for the next day.

In My Bag is available in English and Japanese and allows easy following on Twitter or liking on Facebook.

In Japan, gaming site GREE recently became the leading social networking site in the country with over 21 million users. For more on why it leads over Facebook and how In My Bag has a long way to go, click here.

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UPDATE: The InMyBag folks seem really nice and were very thankful that I posted a link on here (via twitter). I decided to sign up and help with their international userbase. My ID there is ‘edc' if anyone wants to socially network on there~

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