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You wanted to know about my light. Well, here you have, together with some other stuff.

These are tactical items in the true meaning of the word. They might not look tactical in the sense of what people think they should look like but these 3 items saw a lot of combat and plenty of tactical situations in the desert, across borders, jumping off out of planes, diving, and surviving in places a rat would not dare to go.

Let’s see:

  • Petzl Tactikka. Because I need both my hands free and those uber tactical lights from the police or other law enforcement are cool but on real combat you need both hands ALWAYS free. And it has a very handy red filter that won’t kill your night vision.
  • Seiko Chronograph Titanium (SNA141P1). I used to have a Luminox Navy Seal (first generation) with the really cool lume, but that lume ended up being a liability. At night, if your enemy has night vision googles it can see you coming from meters away. Not good. So I grabbed a Seiko, the lume is not so good but at night with NVG is good and during the day it’s really clear. It’s a tough watch, made out of titanium, 200 meter water resistant and with chrono. It never disappointed me.
  • A boot knife I picked in Europe in the early ’90s. i don’t know the model. It’s the best boot knife I’ve ever owned to tried. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of equipment I would carry for whatever operation, these 3 items were always with me.

Editor’s Note: A headlamp, huh… Wouldn’t have thought of that. Interesting story. Nice Seiko, too~

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