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Editor’s Note: Mementosis schools us on filling up a Scottevest right:

a.k.a. ‘a place for everything’

this is the Scottevest (SeV) Quantum, a now-discontinued model that i’ve had for a few years. it’s everything i’d hoped it would be, with a few minor exceptions. it’s more water *resistant* than waterPROOF, and the fabric inside the pockets is a bit too flimsy. and the MetroCard window-pocket (#22) tends to snag on the clip of anything you might carry in your front-left pants pocket. other than that, great jacket. 28 pockets. and even as jam-packed with gear as it appears, it’s still under-utilized.

if you ride the NYC subway system, you’ll often hear “backpacks and other large containers are subject to random search by the police..” - this jacket is a great way to carry a backpack’s worth of stuff around, without getting hassled by the man.

now that the weather’s getting warmer, i don’t wear this as often. it has zipper vents on the sides but those things don’t help enough, especially when there’s no breeze. rather than remove everything & transfer it to something else, i can roll up the jacket (minus the D5000) and carry it in the top of my messenger bag (part 3). AND, when entering the subway system, there’s still room in the back pocket of the jacket to fold up the messenger bag and stuff it inside. very versatile.

Full writeup, including item descriptions on his flickr.

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