My Everyday Carry


submitted by SRBraniac

My current EDC:

1. Hankerchief
2. Victorinox SwissChamp with Fauxton light attached
3. Al 3xAAA LED light (excellent decent light concerning price it pull out all tasks easily)
4. Phones (I dont like carry two but it’s a must)
5. Keychain setup:
- house and car key’s on SS #1 beaner
- Small keychain Pentel ball point pen (green), 8GB USB, small SS whistle (dog whistle) and Fauxton LED light all aranged on #0 Al beaner
- Peanut lighter on twisty, Gerber Shard, Fauxton LED, pill fob/cash stash (green) also arranged on Al beaner

Editor’s Note: Cool, some love for Victorinox. Can’t help but think your keychain could be consolidated a little more.. I imagine it would jangle like crazy. 3 fauxtons?? oh btw it’s spelled ‘biner’, i’m pretty sure your spelling is a racial slur >_>

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