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My Everyday Carry


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submitted by megalithic

Updated my carry finally, though I do plan on replacing my aging original black-finished blade mini-grip to a ritter rsk mk-1.

  • Motorola Droid (rooted, custom rom’d, etc, etc)
  • Benchmade Mini-Griptilian
  • Duckbill money clip (highly recommended for you money clip folks)
  • Burt’s or Carmex lip balm (i’m trying out the Burt’s right now as a replacement to my usual Carmex carry)
  • A mini pen I got a long time ago, that just so happens to take parker gel inserts as well as fisher pen inserts.
  • On the keychain; AAA Maratec cree led, housekey with the true utili-key (not used very often to be honest, may be the alox SAK classic back on there), 4runner key/keyfob (i really want to fab some combined key, i miss my Audi’s switchblade key/keyfob combo), peanut lighter, and the P-7 clip to keep it all hanging above the bottom of my pockets. Everything is attached via mcgizmo 15mm clips to a small splitring.

keys, money clip, and pen go in left front pocket. 
droid + lip balm go in front right pocket.
mini-grip clips in back right pocket.

for days that i wear the nicer clothing i carry my alox SAK soldier in the back right pocket.

loving the site and the flood of updates on the weekends. :)

Editor’s Note: Cool, man. I think you should ditch the KeyTool and put a SAK back on there. As for the flood of updates on the weekends… I might go back to just doing 1-3 submissions a day. Even with the weekend, things pile up too much (I had 25+ submissions/questions)… It makes it difficult for me to publish in a timely manner and it also takes away from contributors’ posts if they get drowned out, you know? I also lose followers on the weekends Anyway, thanks for the comments and thanks for sharing.

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