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submitted by dali

so i’ve updated a few of my items. here is the new get up.

-keychain multikey (as per your link), pill fob with 20 bucks,
-home made chambray handkerchief  
-4sevens quark mini 123
-mccusta knife
-leatherman style cx
-homemade leather card wallet
-homemade leather write-in-the-rain note pad
-fisher space pen
-my mom’s old swiss army watch with a new strap

feeling pretty good about what i carry now, might one day get a new knife and switch up between the mccusta and whatever i decide to get.

Editor’s Note: Hey dali, your gear looks good. Shows a lot of character and craftsmanship in a cohesive way while still being completely functional and versatile. Thanks for sharing and keep up the nice DIY work!

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