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submitted by Dollarstore creeper

Cheap, replaceable, redundant.  Ecologist/Forestry EDC. 

Top to bottom: Hat, Costanza Wallet, Work Keys, Gerber Shard, Solitare (soon to be ITP EOS A3), Knife, Pocket Glass, LM Style CS, Multikey, LM Kick, Earplugs, EVO.

The Kick is more of a lanyard than a multitool here… The LM Style CS is a great tool with great scissors and a good bottle opener, better scissors than the Blast or Fuse, and a really nice file and tweezers.

Could you recommend a cheap pocket lens? I’m not thrilled with this one. It’s also time for a new wallet.

Editor’s Note: peasant status creeper EDCers unite! Uh anyway I don’t know of any pocket lenses, sorry. As for the wallet you may want to look into something slimmer.. I hope you don’t sit on the one you carry now for your spine’s sake. Good luck, and good call on upgrading the solitaire~

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