My Everyday Carry


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I forgot to include a toy/whacky object but I did semi-meticulously arrange it all.

$7 Aviators from the Army Supply Store. Sharbo X LT3 MultiPen. iPod Shuffle. ZebraLight H30. Hard Graft iPhone Case/Wallet. Lum-Tec B6 Watch. iPhone 4. Beats Headphones. Wenger Black Out(just an all black Waiter). Streamlight Stylus. Weird ass French House Key.

Knives are illegal in France, so I went with something sheeple friendly. My tourist VISA is expired so I don’t want to temp fate. Eventually I will get a knife knife. 

Editor’s Note: Nice stuff for the most part, but you gotta ditch those Beats by Dre mang… And the Wenger seems cool, if it works for you and it’s legal to carry, what’s the rush in upgrading? :p

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