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submitted by fruitpie

I guess I’ve been a EDCer since before I knew what it was. I went through phases where I tried to be minimal and others where I carried too much. Now I daily carry only that which I use virtually every day. Other things I think are useful but I use less frequently are carried off-body in a 5.11 Tactical S.E.R.E. Bag.

Also, I am a high school music teacher so I am on a budget, and I can’t carry weapons on school grounds. Good EDC can be done on a budget, though. I am very happy with my current kit.

Here is what I carry every day:

On the Floor Tom (absolutely every day)

  • Samsung Rugby - Crappy Software, but bulletproof
  • Oakley Fives - I don’t recommend ever buying expensive sunglasses. You’ll never be able to wear cheapies again!
  • Cheap Pulsar Watch - Does nothing except keep time. Imagine that. To be upgraded soon.
  • ID badge
  • T.H.E. Wallet Jr. - By Spec Ops
  • Sabine Tuner/Metronome
  • Uni-Ball Vision Exact 0.5mm - My Favorite Pen at any price
  • Sharpie - Maybe I’ll upgrade soon.
  • 10-12 index cards - in a homemade carrier I made from some plastic crap. All my To Do lists and stuff.
  • Two Key Rings - Don’t ask
  • Leatherman Wave - Great tool, great company. I chipped the end of the knife blade prying open a can of paint. I sent to them to fix explaining how it was my abuse that broke it and to charge me. Instead, they sent me a new one at no charge!
  • Fenix P1D - Single CR123 LED light. Bright as hell, and tiny. I am in love with this light. You’ll never know how often you’ll use a flashlight until you carry one.

On the Snare Drum (Add-Ons for certain days)

There is a bunch of other stuff I carry in my S.E.R.E. Bag, but that’s a separate post. Love the site.


Editor’s Note: Thorough and informative submission, thanks! I use the same keychain clips. B)

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