My Everyday Carry


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- iPhone 4 in OtterBox
- Boker Subcom CE
- Leatherman Micra
- 4Sevens MiNi CR2
- old Simond Chamonix Carabiner
- Car and house keys

I regularly switch up the Subcom CE with a Wharcom or a Subcom Titan.  (CLB designs kick ass!)  I think i wanna get one of those keychain pens, but i have yet to come across a really good one.  Any suggestions?

Editor’s Note: I used to carry a TEC Accessories Pico Pen (but my Victorinox SAK has a pen built in now). It was adequate for the price. If you can spend a little more, the Valiant Concepts pens look real nice and sturdy. It would look great next to your Micra too. B)

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