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submitted by the-autonomist

This is literally what I carry in my bag everyday. Regardless of where i’m at, as a young (and paranoid) female in a city like Houston, readiness is key.

- sunglasses
- 950,000 volt taser/stun gun
- mini screwdriver kit w/magnifying glass and cloth
- iPod Nano 16GB
- Smith & Wesson Black Ops 
- Pepper spray
- keys

Do you have any suggestions for a flashlight? The flashlight I have now is shit, and i want a more sturdy and durable one. Preferably stainless steel?

Love the blog, by the way.

Editor’s Note: While I do agree that readiness is key — I hope you are fully trained and prepared to use your EDC for self-defense applications should the situation arise. Without proper training and a focused mindset, carrying a knife, taser and pepperspray would at best provide a false sense of security. Remember it’s not sufficient to just carry a knife, you have to know how to defend yourself with it. Otherwise, you are putting yourself at danger if your attacker knows how to disarm you and use your knife, or if he pulls out a weapon of his own, etc.

Aaanyway… if you’re looking at a stainless steel flashlight, the Jetbeam E3S looks pretty nice. I should warn you though that stainless steel lights are heavy and do not dissipate heat as well as aluminum can (assuming equal mass). 

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