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submitted by rickinFL

Left to Right

Fenix E15
Moleskine 18 month calendar
Zebra 701 Hybrid (modified) pen
Peter Atwood G5b Flatbaby
Colsen Keane Microwallet
SAK Fisherman with Peter Atwood Longslide
SAK Manager
Luminox Ultimate Seal No.8362

Editor’s Note: I throw around the term ‘retrieval lanyard’ a lot and to some new readers, what that means might not be so clear. Here, Rick’s carry showcases some good examples of retrieval lanyards: a simple knot of leather on his Atwood tool and an awesome paracord lanyard with a luminescent locator bead. These facilitate ‘retrieval,’ or pulling them out of their pockets/wherever they’re stored, and at night, help to locate them as some of his gear glows in the dark (good call to put on keys especially). Good carry overall, some quality pieces and I like the customization of the lanyards, keyring hardware and pen. The keyring looks like it might be a little noisy/cumbersome with all of that hardware depending on how you carry, but the keys seem to extend long enough for a backpocket tuck to silence them and gives you room to work with to make them modular for less strain on your car ignition, etc. Good job and thanks for sharing!

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