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Love your blog.  Ever since I stumbled upon it and the rest of the edc world, I’ve been buying gear non-stop.  Here is what I have in my pockets today (photo taken with my iphone 4):

-Small Sebenza with matching Chris Reeve TI bead and custom sharkskin deep carry sheath by Paul Long
-Atwood G5 Prybaby with TI Lanslide
-4Sevens Quark Mini 123 in satin TI with S3
-Fenix E05 with R4
-Keys with P-7 Suspension Clip and fishing swivel
-Koolstof carbon fiber money clip
-Rolex Submariner

I also carry a simple white hanky which came in handy to wipe the dust off the coffee table before taking the photo.

Editor’s Note: Here’s one for the titanium lovers… Beautiful gear! I like your keychain setup with the suspension clip and swivel for ease of carry. Of course, nice primary knife, tool, light and watch too. Thanks for sharing.

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