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Love your site!  It’s intriguing to see what’s in people’s pockets. Reminds me of the book, The Things They Carried. Thought I’d contribute my daily carry, too.

- lip balm
- Makr Carry Goods, Horizon Three Wallet; Great thin wallet for front pocket use
- iPhone 4, 32GB
- Seiko SNK809K2; Custom face and hands, with Maratac Bond NATO strap
- fishhook keychain
- Streamlight Nano
- Rough Rider “Damascus” lockback; with hand-etched ivory scrimshaw

I found the knife on Etsy and felt it had a lot of character—so it replaced a Victornox Classic SD. I might ditch the Streamlight Nano and rely on my phone’s LED—it keeps unscrewing itself and spilling the batteries. I thought about getting a Photon, but they don’t seem all that great. Any reco’s for tiny flashlights?

Editor’s Note: Another nice minimal carry, pretty stylish too. I haven’t seen one of those Seikos in a while, looks like a Yobokies custom? Those are an inexpensive way to get the look you want, and actually look good for people with smaller wrists with the 38mm case. I’ve heard some horror stories about the infamous fishhook keyring but if you’re careful and tuck your keys into your pocket that shouldn’t be an issue, so just keep that in mind. As for a small light replacement, here’s a (potentially outdated) article on button cell lights. There have been some newer small lights on the market, some using 1xAAAA cells, but the one that really caught my eye was the Steve Ku (now Veleno Designs) 40DD. Good luck and thanks for sharing!

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