My Everyday Carry



Everyday I’m carryin’.

Everyday I’m carryin’.

Everyday I’m carrying doper shit than you.

You losers can keep totin’ moleskins.

Stuffin’ diaries in your back pocket.

I hope your older brother doesn’t find it.

And tell all the neighborhood kids about your crush on Eunice.

Yeah, I stay laced.

But I also stay strapped.

I always keep the biscuit on me.

It’s the only way.

I can get a holster fade on my New Cures.

And that machete ain’t for looks, kid.

This blade has spilled the blood.

Of a thousand ill placed Rugby patches.

A seam ripper is a man’s best friend.

Along with a smart phone and a ruler.

So you can measure your inseam.

And simultaneously tweet about trouser break.

On the motherfucking go.

The finest Cubans.

Are also accounted for.

Because you never know when you’re gonna run into Drizzy.

Light one up.

And politic about Ronnie’s newest Davie Z collabo.

These crushed velvet Red Wings ain’t gonna blog about themselves.

I could discuss snappin’ shots with this vintage joint.

And what estate sale I snagged these hater blockers at.

But you use digital.

And spend your allowance at Sunglass Hut.

So you’re not worth my motherfucking time.

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