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Keeping it simple and doing what works for me is how I live.  

4Sevens Quark AA Tactical R5

The moonlight mode is fantastic for that midnight bathroom break.  Accessing it with a little twist of the head is so much better than cycling through many modes.  Simple to use, small, reliable, and most importantly uses the common AA.  

Emerson Mini CQC-7

It’s a perfect fit for my pocket and the wave feature makes for fast deployment when opening any shipping box left on my doorstep.  

Mini Swiss Army 

I’ve actually carried this for the past 18 years on my many keychains.  The little knife and scissors have saved my butt countless times.  

Money Clip

For me, using a standard wallet forces you to fill the empty pockets with stuff.  I found this stainless clip at discount clothes store for a couple of bucks.  Super simple and reasonably thin.  I keep my cards in a drawer at home and tailor my plastic load before heading out.

1971 Rolex Air King

A gift from my father-in-law.  It does me no good in a safe so I wear it.  

iPhone 4

The charm of the iPhone is how thin it is, so I don’t use a case.  It lives alone in my left pocket so screen protectors, front and back, serve it well.  

Great site!

Editor’s Note: Awesome carry! I actually carry some similar gear, and I agree with your assessment on your individual items. My only small recommendation might be to upgrade your discount store moneyclip to a black titanium one just because it would conceal with your gear better and it might be more durable. However, it’s not necessary, especially as I can tell your gear works for you and you have a very positive attitude towards EDC. Thanks for pointing out some of your most favorite features of your gear for other readers who may be less familiar, too. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.

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