My Everyday Carry


submitted by Dave

Love the site! This is my new addiction… fixedgeargallery was my first. Check out my NYC EDC!

Keychain: Sandisk 2GB Memory Card, Gerber Artifact, Swiss Army Mini, Mag Solitaire Flashlight, Monkey Fist, Whistle
Bose Earphones
Blackberry Bold
Spyderco Native
Leather Money Clip
Streamlight Microstream
Fisher Space pen
Invicta Men’s Subaqua Auto

Editor’s Note: Hey Dave, thanks for the love. Looks like you got your bases covered. I’m just a little worried about you carrying a Native in NYC. It looks like you removed the pocket clip and went with the all black version so cops can’t hassle you for it, though. B)

I am starting to prefer fully concealing everything too. Kinda looks a bit suspect if you have a bunch of shiny pocket clips visible on your pants. :\

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