My Everyday Carry


submitted by Ola H

Curtiss Knives Nano V2 Framelock
Atwood Larva
a-Jays Four earphones
Iphone in Magpul field case
Seiko Black Monster
Wedding band
Car keys
EagleTac D25C Mini Ti
Saddleback Leather classic wallet

Editor’s Note: You carry some interesting gear here, nice! Your EDC folder has a nice design, I’m sure the ergonomics and feel in hand are good, and the blade shape looks plenty useful too. I see you also have one of the new titanium EagleTac lights. They look good for their price range but I was disappointed to hear it was a twisty light. Nice Black Monster, it’s a very fitting piece for the rest of your gear. Your keys are kept minimal but it looks like you have to pocket carry that, I hope it doesn’t bulge up too much. Lastly, good looks on that wallet — very durable leather and it should carry pretty slim too. Thanks for sharing!

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