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submitted by Omer B

I’ve been hanging out in another well regarded EDC based forum for years.  I recently found blog this while browsing flipboard on my iPad. figured its my turn.  Especially since I have one EDC item that I have never seen on here…  Here is my setup:

Suunto Core Alu watch.  Wrist.
Zero Tolerance 300DW TAD Gear edition flipper.  Clipped to right pocket.
Jawbone (Only when I drive).  Right pocket.
My SAK of the day (mini champ).  Sometimes I may carry an Atwood or something else fun instead of this. Right pocket.
Keyport Slide - includes all my daily keys, a light, and a 16GB usb memory stick. Lighter Pocket.
Fenix PD20+ . Sometimes bottom of right pocket &  sometimes clipped to belt.
Sig Sauer P238 .  Carry IWB.
Twelve South iphone wallet - Look it up.  It looks like a beautiful leather-bound book.  Inside its my iPhone and wallet.  Haven’t seen many usable phone wallet combos on here. I keep this in my left pocket.

Editor’s Note: Cool gear, how do you like that KeyPort? I think it might be great for some but I wonder how well it carries, especially since I don’t think they come with a pocket clip or sturdy ring attachment point (I’d normally expect to see the SAK on a set of keys but here it’s clearly different). Nice choices on the light, watch, knife and CC, too. You’re right about the wallet — there haven’t been too many on the site. I can definitely see the appeal of grabbing one item and having both your wallet and your phone with you (unless you forget your wallet, then you’d forget your phone too haha), but at the same time I’d rather keep them separate… Anyway, it looks good. Thanks for sharing!

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Very nice. What do you carry the P238 in?