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Hi Bernard,

Dan from sent me over, knowing that I would love the site (and I do!)  I also have a knife site, which is how Dan and I know each other.  My blade EDC changes all the time.  It’s not unlikely that I will rotate a couple knives out during the week.  My keys, wallet and Paracord belt are always with me.  I rarely carry a phone, although I have one.  My photo is what I’ve had on me this week…


Andrew @ The Edge Observer

Editor’s Note: Minimalist in volume but beefy and rugged in construction of your gear… interesting approach. I can’t really comment on your knife because after browsing The Edge Observer it’s clear you know your stuff (more than I do about knives, anyway~). Fantastic reviews and photos of some lesser known knives, great work. Keep it up and thanks for sharing!

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