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submitted by Noah

Sorry for the terrible pic. It’s a late night dorm pic while in the midst of studying for finals. My Foker Subcom clones came in from DealExtreme after a month of waiting. I initially bought these for $5 each to test the waters with using the knife as a money clip as well. One word; Perfect. I’ll submit a proper pocket dump eventually, but I noticed someone asked for suggestions of a good money clip. This knife does wonders with money retention and is small enough to carry in my coin pocket when I fold the money twice. It’s also razor sharp, although I do not know how well the clone can keep an edge. I am currently waiting for more funds to purchase the real Boker Subcom, maybe even the stainless steal version. Thanks for reading! Oh, and BTW, love the blog! 

Editor’s Note: Hey Noah, I appreciate you taking the time to write up a review and submit it here to EDC during finals week. I tried using a knife as a moneyclip before but I didn’t like having to fold it twice like that. Anyway, I hope you do well on your exams!

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