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submitted by Jamie P

I’ve been following your EDC blog since the beginning, as there’s nothing better than seeing the variety of awesome items that can be found in a good pocket dump.  I realized I’ve never submitted one of my own, so I decided it was about time.  This is today’s rotation which is a full loadout.

After browsing all the other submissions, this is probably the first here that I’ve seen a Titanium Toothpick.  I made one for myself years ago, and once people saw it, they kept asking me to make more.  I’ve probably made over 500 at this point, but I’ve lost count.  Who would have ever guessed people would want one of these!

Editor’s Note: Very nice gear you’ve got — a lot of it is higher end and less commonly seen (outside of the USN anyway, I see you rep the colors well), so thanks for sharing. Aside from the total cost of the carry (which is justified by the quality and custom design of many pieces here) it looks very well thought out. Your bases are covered and you have some unique items to boot. The Ti toothpick is pretty cool, I can see the appeal of having titanium everything but I suspect the reason toothpicks aren’t as common in EDCs is because of sanitary concerns, haha. One of the few things I’ve actually had the chance to play with from this particular carry is the Nitecore EZCR2 — I really loved my neutral white version of it, it threw so far for its size and the tint was awesome. I would just pay extra attention to the spring and try not to over-twist it, as it is fairly fragile by design. Anyway, awesome carry, thanks for sharing.

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