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submitted by Sizzle

Pocket Dump:
Cole Haan Leather Bifold Wallet
Survival Bracelet (Made By Friend)
Flak Jacket XLJ Polarized (Oakley)
House Keys w/ “University of Texas” Bottle Opener
Apple iPhone 3GS w/ Incase Slider 
Motorola H15 Bluetooth Earpiece
Benchmade Mel Pardue 520 Presidio Satin PlainEdge AXIS Folder
Volvo Key Phob
Orbitz Wintermint Gum

Comments: As far as my reflection in the lenses of my Oakleys goes, I am aware of it, but that type of things happens to laymen such as myself. As far as the pack of gum, I think that goes in my top five items (iPhone, Wallet, Knife, Survival Bracelet, Gum), and there is no way I would leave it out. As far as the random layout goes, I had no idea how hard it would be to perch so many smooth-sided items on the side of a rock. Looking at the other pictures, I guess I might be travelling a little light (and cheap), but I keep it honest. This is what’s in my pockets today.

Editor’s Note: Hey, don’t worry about the photo — it’s an interesting, well-done self-portrait if you ask me! There’s nothing wrong with traveling light if you’re carrying smart B). I’d say you could probably add a bit more functionality to your carry with a flashlight and multitool on your keys if you have some room. Otherwise, looks good! Thanks for sharing (and being honest)~

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