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I start my day with your blog, thought I might reciprocate with a pocket dump…

I hate carrying shit in my pockets but I am definitely a hardware guy. With time I think my EDC will carefully grow as I find the right gear.

Wallet: Pantone in Jet Black…natch
Key Ring: Tommy Larsen…picked it up at The Container Store about 8 years ago
Wedding Ring: Made it myself
Phone: Infinity R’ma…designed for old people, I charge it about once a week, it makes phone calls
Knife: Superknife SK2 with Lenox BiMetal blade…What can I say, I cut shit allll the time and don’t want to think twice about it. I am actually surprised folding utility blade knifes aren’t more common in EDC’s. Certainly most are bulky and janky but this one is pretty ideal in my book. I just wish there was a nice utility blade multitool around.

 +When I dress things up I switch out the SK2 for a Kershaw Shallot and slap on the Datejust.

 +I don’t carry a flashlight except around the house. My yard is mostly jungle so there is often strange shit that needs investigating. I’ve been very happy with the Fenix LD20 but may upgrade to something monstrous like the Fenix TK45. On the other end of the spectrum I recently came across the Fenix MC10 (in black of course); I’m kinda smitten and it occurred to me that we could have an EDC future together.

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your readership and contribution to the site. It’s actually one of my favorite submissions in a while. Just by taking a quick glance at the photo I can tell you are a minimalistic, no-nonsense kinda guy. I really like the Shallot and DateJust — just an awesome pair. Regarding a flashlight purchase: while I am a fan of Fenix as well, if you’re looking into a 90 degree angled light, don’t count Zebralight out of the equation. Their H51 can get about 200 lumens off an AA battery, pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing and carry on~

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