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Hi there!

Everyday carrier, every day reader here. Being a EDCarrier for quite a while, I really enjoy your posts, recommendations (that’s why I got that Quark 123 mini!) and other user’s submissions.

I try to keep my EDC pretty minimal, hope you enjoy it:

Something I’d like you to comment on, besides my choices for EDC, is about pocketing gear: I’ve read your previous post where you demonstrate using primarily your back pockets for this, but I don’t like having to unload my pockets everytime I sit down (car, work, eat, etc…) so I use the front jeans pockets primarily. What do you do? Remove everything everytime you want to sit down?



Editor’s Note: Hi Will, you’ve got a very functional and classy EDC! Love that Kaweco, looks like a perfect size for EDC. To answer your question, I just sit on my stuff. lol. Of course, this is not recommended as it may cause back problems but the only thing I do is take my phone out of my back pocket and either hold it, set it down, or put it in a jacket pocket if I sit down. I’ll try to get around to an updated pocket dump and maybe even a video of how I carry because a lot of people have been wondering… Thanks for sharing~

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