My Everyday Carry


submitted by randysworld

-Palm Pre Plus
-LV Money clip wallet
-Benchmade 940 with E-clip wave
-Surefire 6px Pro
-Surefire Pen gen 3
-Nixon SS Private
-Plain Chrome Zippo
-Dereelights Javalin head on a C2h body with AA extension

The 6px and Javalin get swapped out depending on my mood. I have a comptac surefire bezel up holster on the way. I guess i’ll also ask a question while I’m posting this. Do you think it looks weird to wear a holstered flashlight on my belt/waistband? There are not a lot of flashaholics in my community so I may look like a freak hehe :P

Editor’s Note: Don’t worry — there are not a lot of flashaholics in any community, so you can take solace in the fact that you’re not the only one being secretly judged for wearing a holstered flashlight. Let ‘em hate! Jokes aside, solid carry. I’ve never seen a waved BM, so that’s pretty cool. Thanks for sharing~

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