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submitted by Andrew

I absolutely love your blog; it provides a plethora of inspiration.  I am finally happy with my loadout, but I still find myself wanting nicer, cooler things.  Will it ever end?  I suppose it wouldn’t be so much fun if it did.

  • AG Russell rayskin wallet
  • Bison designs CF carabiner
  • Maratac AAA
  • Leatherman style CS
  • Zebra F-301
  • Spyderco persistence
  • Citizen BM8180 with Corvus nato strap
  • LG Cosmos

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad you can draw inspiration from it! I know too well the feeling of finally laying out your pockets and thinking “it’s perfect” only to see a new knife or flashlight pop up on the market… It never ends, really! With that said, your setup looks great even down to the carabiner (with no keys on it, lol). It should be perfectly capable for most EDC, so carry well~

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